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Jaclyn Solomon Reality in Realty PowerPoint Presentation
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Jaclyn Solomon Reality in Realty

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Jaclyn Solomon Reality in Realty - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presented by: Daksh Grotra. Jaclyn Solomon Reality in Realty. Background. Client: Jaclyn Solomon Occupation: Realtor, home décor Background: Interior design, colours Objective: Complete redesign Site:

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Presentation Transcript
  • Client: Jaclyn Solomon
  • Occupation: Realtor, home décor
  • Background: Interior design, colours
  • Objective: Complete redesign
  • Site:
  • Initial Meeting: projected personality, content discussion, workflow
design process
Design Process
  • Colourpaletteswarmcolours, deep shades
  • Grey Boxes Incorporate movement
  • MockupsApplygreybox + colour palettes




grey boxes2
Grey Boxes




design choices changes
Design choices changes
  • 960pxFull screen website
  • Remove picture at top (not supplied) doesn’t flow with website
  • Remove pictures in sub content with floral background (too cluttered)
  • Remove flash element replace with javascript
design choice changes
Design choice changes
  • Small caps font differs greatly in Chrome Firefox and IE (removed)
  • Article formatting (divide longer piece into 2 pages)
  • One size image for all articles
  • HTML5, CSS3
project management1
Project Management
  • Client relationship adult to adult throughout (initial meeting parent to child)
  • Communication almost daily email
  • Deliverables valid code, mockups, finished site working page, articles from blog reformatted
technical issues
Technical Issues
  • Not included at beginning Javascript, PHP, CMS
  • Now has Javascript only, triple constraint for PHP, CMS
  • Article pages (12+pages) reduced time and resources pooled from contact (PHP) forms to this (scope creep)
content image problems
Content/Image problems
  • Content given early however…
  • Didn’t anticipate formatting would be issue, images were supplied but lower quality
  • Images had to searched for home/article pages
  • Navigation formatting for 100% width issues (widescreen)
client issues
Client issues
  • Client was expected to go on vacation (early in project), handled by continuing overall layout ignoring content (bad idea)
  • MAJOR issue during FTP accidently erased other websites on server instead of updating just clients
  • All restored from backups (client site working now)
personal issues
Personal issues
  • Got lazy early on (content given early), forced me to rush at end working 4+ hours after class each time
  • Got wrapped up with minute details early on such as colouring/image positioning
time on task
Time on Task
  • Expected ~125 hours, Reality 160 hours
  • Due to content formating (was smallest required time in WBS ballooned to one of largest)
  • Resource pooling from advanced features (forms, social media interaction)
  • Early milestone were met
  • Initial design and RBA were done exactly on time
  • Content formatting later on caused later milestones to be pushed back
  • However all project was “completed” on time
what i learned
What I learned
  • Designer should ensure time is spent wisely
  • Don’t think you can finish in last week by rushing
  • Triple constraint will almost take place
  • Keep in touch regularly
  • Don’t freak out (ftp problem)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Keep good relation with client for future projects

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