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  1. REALTY ADDING VALUE THROUGH AT LandSmithsProjects Pvt. Ltd. KNOWLEDGE ARBITRAGE Credentials Statement

  2. STRUCTURE – SCOPE OF WORK - INDIA SCOPE OF WORK Project advisory and syndication Private equity Placement and debt based funding Integrated Facility management Land Acquisitions Land conversions Due diligence/ Feasibility Studies Due diligence/ Feasibility Studies Property Assessment and evaluation Work Flow and cash flow assessment

  3. REALTY Advisory Role: Project Conceptualization Joint- Venture Partner Identification Innovate Bankable Products/ Strategies Legal Advise and Tax Guidance Private Equity stakes at project/ group level Fund Raising for future and current projects Financial Role: Construction Finance Project Finance Take out Finance Project Loan Syndication Lease – Rental Securitization Mortgage Back Securities / Cash- Flow Financing

  4. REALTY :IDENTIFICATION OF INVESTMENTS At Land Smiths we have a structured investments opportunity identification and due –diligence process. Key Parameters for Investment Identification Developer Project Structure Track Record Other Projects 1.Back ground 2. Reputation 3. Net worth • Sell Ability • Level Of construction • 360 degree customer appraisal • Security • Future Receivables • Viability • 2. Locality

  5. Developer Back Ground: Total years of experience Time taken to complete projects Reputation: Bankers / Lenders past record Past legal clearances / approvals received Construction Quality Satisfaction of past clients/ customers Transparency of operations Net Worth: Total value of developer /group Land Bank Project Viability: Market demand for project Comparison of selling price of project compared to other projects in market Locality: Other projects in region Quality of Infrastructure Development of trade & finance in region

  6. Structure Security: Promoters contribution Time line schedules Approvals/ legal clearances Future Receivables: Projections of project Exit options Technical feasibility Track Record Other Projects Sell Ability: Market demand for past projects Time taken to completely sell – out past constructions Level of Constructions: Quality of projects Amenities & facilities offered Structures of redevelopment projects 360° Customer satisfaction: Market feedback Customer feedback Supplier feedback Competition reviews

  7. REALTY :DUE – DILIGENCE PROCESS • At Land Smiths we undertake a thorough due- diligence process after identification of Investments. Title Search: Undertaken by external legal counsels to ensure that clear land titles and existence of required ownership documentation Approvals: Check for all legal clearances and government approvals Field Survey: Senior member of Realty team and manager along with potential investors conduct visit to pre- identified past completed and other under going projects of developer Site Visit: Arrange investment project visit for investors along with Realty Representative Financials: Check on past income – tax returns of developer Valuation of other developments and properties

  8. REALTY :MAXIMIZING INVESTOR RETURNS • Investments Project Level: • Targeting projects that realize value in three to five years • Investing in spaces kept for last stage sale • Investing in distressed assets with clear risk identifications • Using existing contacts to identify high potential projects and investing before launch • Targeting cities with higher returns Investments Developer/ Group Level: Pre- IPO Funding Pre-launch investments Exit Options: Strategic Sale Sale to other equity funds Divesting through public offering Listing of REIT