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REALTY. What is Realty?.

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  2. What is Realty? • Investigates the quality of the construction, the overall condition of the property, and its functional design in order to estimate the market value of the property, the insurable value, the investment value, or other kinds of value. Prepares formal written reports of findings that meet the standards of The Appraisal Foundation. May be required to pass a professional certification program.

  3. EDUCATION • Well you don’t have to be a genius to be a realtor. • You need a High school Diploma • After High School you have to take a class that is a few months and you become a realator if you pass the test! That SINCHY!

  4. SALARY • Realty’s don’t make that much money. • Low. 34,858 • Medium. 43,457 • High. 53,956

  5. Where can you get this job? RE-MAX SELBY REALSTATE BUY OWNER

  6. How does this relate to Rose Bay • This job’s relation to Rose Bay is if somebody wanted to buy some property from Rose Bay they would have to go through a Realtor. Also when they went to buy Rose bay they went through a Realtor.

  7. THE END! • WWW.ejobs.com • WWW.Salary.com • WWW.careeradvisor.com

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