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Lessons Learned from the World of Real-Time Business Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation
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Lessons Learned from the World of Real-Time Business Intelligence

Lessons Learned from the World of Real-Time Business Intelligence

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Lessons Learned from the World of Real-Time Business Intelligence

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  1. Lessons Learned from the World of Real-Time Business Intelligence Welcome Everyone! We will be getting started in just a few minutes.

  2. Lessons Learned from the World of Real-Time Business Intelligence John Crupi, CTO

  3. About JackBe Leading Solution Provider of Real-Time Intelligence Apps. Globally deployed to over 100 enterprise & government agencies. Named to ‘Top 10 Enterprise Products’ in 2010

  4. Today’s Special Guest Chief Technology Officer, Blogger, Author. Formerly, CTO of Sun’s SOA Practice & Sun Distinguished Engineer. Enjoys touring with U2, a good bottle of Burgundy, and catering to his two beautiful daughters.

  5. Today’s Agenda • What does Self-Service BI Really Mean? • What Drives the Need for a Self-Service Environment? • How Can We Deliver on User Demands? • Real-World Customer Case Studies • How Does Presto Provide a Self-Service BI?

  6. What I Learned From the Pacific Northwest BI Summit “To accelerate time to value, one approach involves setting up an environment in which the information workers can create and access specific sets of BI reports, queries, and analytic themselves—with minimal IT intervention—in a self-service BI (SS BI) environment.” --- By Claudia Imhoff & Colin White

  7. What Does Self-Service BI Really Mean? “Information workers become more self-sufficient by having an environment that is easy to use and supplies information that is easy to consume. These two themes are crucial roles in a fully functioning Self-Service BI environment.” –TDWI Research Self-Service Business Intelligence * * *

  8. It’s a Perfect Storm… Real-time Everybody/Everything Connected Mobility Apps Everywhere Hyper Tech-Savviness Social Enterprise 80/20 Self-Service

  9. What is ‘IT’ about Self-Service BI? The 80/20 Rule: Provide the business with ‘content’ and let them easily create (80% of) their own ‘context’.

  10. Experts and Customers Agree…. “ Presto does a good job of putting power users in control of application design without compromising traditional IT-centric controls on information.“ --PJ Connolly, eWeek “…huge amounts of data are available to organizations, but it's not always clear how to make practical use of it. Tools like JackBe can help turn all this data into something end users can work with minimal support from IT.“ --Klint Finley, Read Write Web “With Presto power users and non-developers are able to get up to speed quickly and easily. Presto provides a portable, interoperable and secure platform .” --Lou Sacco, Qualcomm Solutions Architect Self-Service, Ease of Use, Quick and Easy Data Access "Presto is a … self-service, on-demand data integration, mashup-based, dashboard-oriented BI tool. And the fact that it combines all those features makes it a unique product." ----Rick vander Lans, B-eye-Network

  11. Real-Time Business Intelligence Differentiators Self-Service Pervasive Apps Live Situational Data Mashing Multi-Source Portals App Assembly Mobile App Store SharePoint

  12. Self-Service Enterprise App Store Challenge-Qualcomm lacked a self-service information delivery model for business users to have instant access to information to assemble personalized dashboards or portal based applications that host ever-changing departmental data Solution- Qualcomm selected JackBe's Presto to provide the means for users to discover, create and distribute Apps through a secure Enterprise App Store.

  13. Real-Time Stimulus Tracking Apps Challenge- was created to make data available for public use and presented in a way that informs rather than overwhelms people. Solution- JackBe's Presto was used to create the State Data Summary Widget, which allows users to personalize a portable App that shows an overview of data reported by prime and sub-recipients of Recovery Act funds in their local area including congressional district, county and state.

  14. The Pervasive Human Resources Portal Challenge- Dell’s Human Resources was tasked to rewrite their HR systems for their employees and for the HR staff. They needed to rapidly connect Peoplesoft, Oracle OBIEE, Taleo, SharePoint, and other internal and SaaS systems, as well as external networking sources such as FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Solution- Dell was able to connect all of their disparate sources of data without integration - combining data on the fly in real-time. They would be able to surface Apps in Peoplesoft (as portlets) and SharePoint (as WebParts) with no additional effort.

  15. The Difference between and Traditional BI Self-Service BI Traditional BI Self-Service BI Reports Apps ETL Warehouse Mashups Mashups

  16. Faster Time to Value with Presto

  17. Real-time Marketing Effectiveness Demo

  18. What’s Happening Behind the Scenes? Proprietary Marketing SharePoint List Pentaho Data Warehouse Campaigns Post Sales Proprietary Real Time

  19. A Presto Demonstration Developers Business Analysts Power Users 80 20

  20. What are the Benefits for Business Users? • Faster Time-to-Decision: Information is delivered to the business in hours or days, instead of weeks or months. • Fresher Information: Information that is surfaced for business action and decision-making is live, not a stale copy. • Situational Context: The business is able to do 80% of the work themselves, reducing their dependency on IT and eliminating ‘translation’ issues.

  21. What are the Benefits for IT? • Reduced Backlog: With business empowered to do more, IT is able to focus their support on major application development needs. • Reduced Costs: By building upon investments in existing enterprise systems, IT is able to reduce costs while delivering more value. • Improved Governance: Instead of guessing where data is cut-and-paste data is used, RTI lets IT establish a secure, monitored environment for users to create and share.

  22. Recap: What are the ‘Must haves’ for Self- Service BI? • Organizations must look for BI platforms that provide easy access to data and allow for business users to visually assemble reusable BI components • Self-service BI tools must be easy to use and require little or no training to assemble appealing and attractive visualizations • IT must be responsible for monitoring and managing security, governance and usage metrics for all reusable BI components

  23. It’s Back and Better Then Ever!! Register at September Training

  24. Lessons Learned from the World of Real-Time Business Intelligence John Crupi, CTO