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Bats. Bats. Bats are flying mammals . They are not birds. Bats have fur, not feathers. Baby bats are born live, not hatched from eggs. What do bats look like?. Most bats have black wings. Their fur can be black, brown, gray, or golden-colored. Most bats have large ears.

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what do bats look like
What do bats look like?
  • Most bats have black
  • wings

Their fur can be black, brown, gray, or golden-colored

Most bats have large ears.

bats have wings
Bats have wings.

2 thin layers of skin stretched over an arm and hand

Used for flying and holding food

how big are bats
How big are bats?

Some bats are tiny.

Some bats are large, with 6-foot wings.

bats are nocturnal
Bats are nocturnal.

They hunt at night.

They sleep during the day, usually in large groups.

bats use echolocation to find food at night
Bats use echolocation to find food at night.

Bats make noises to send out sound waves.

When the sound hits an object, an echo comes back.

Bats can use the echo to tell where an object is. They can even tell the size and shape of a tiny insect!


using sounds to detect objects

bats eat
Bats eat:
  • Ripe fruit
  • Nectar
  • Insects
  • Small animals like mice or frogs
  • Fish
bat myths
Bat Myths:
  • Bats ARE NOT blind. They have good eyesight.
  • Bats DO NOT drink human blood. Vampire bats drink the blood of birds. One type of vampire bat drinks the blood of cows.
  • Bats DO NOT get tangled in hair. They can use echolocation to find tiny insects…that means they can also locate people and stay away.
bats are very helpful animals
Bats are very helpful animals.

When bats eat fruit and nectar, they drop the seeds and pollen to help grow new plants, flowers, and trees.