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The Persuasive Introduction. Remember:. Leave out “I think,” “maybe,” and any other words that make you sound uncertain. Consider the format of the question. For this one, a persuasive essay, you should pick ONE side and stick with it.

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  • Leave out “I think,” “maybe,” and any other words that make you sound uncertain.

  • Consider the format of the question. For this one, a persuasive essay, you should pick ONE side and stick with it.

  • This is a FORMAL essay. Refrain from using slang terms and informal words/phrases.

  • Don’t tell me that you are going to tell me the reasons why you feel the way you do regarding a topic. JUST SAY IT!

Scenario 1
Scenario 1:

You’re thinking about buying a used car. The salesman Jeff wants to PERSUADE you to purchase the car. Jeff says, “It might be a good car because it is kind of new, but it could also be a bad car to buy because it has a lot of miles and there might be an oil leak.” Did Jeff effectively persuade you to buy that car? NO!!

Scenario 2:

  • You are interviewing for a highly coveted job as a legal assistant at a prestigious law firm. During your interview, your employer asks why you want work for his company. You respond with, “I like the company and stuff, but it would be really awesome to make a lot of money so I could do lots of stuff like go to the mall, hang with my crew, and buy some shoes and stuff.” Do you think you’d get the job? NO!!! This response is too informal. Think of your AIMS writing as a job interview. If you wouldn’t say it in an interview, don’t write it on your paper!

Thesis statement

  • What is a thesis?

    • A sentence that says what you believe and what you are going to prove.

  • Purpose: keeps you focused.

    • writing an essay without a thesis is like driving in a new city without a map or GPS.Where are you going? How will you get there?

  • Helps you identify supporting evidence BEFORE you start writing.

Thesis Statement

Thesis statement1
Thesis Statement

AKA “What you really want to say about your topic.”


+ what you want to say about it



It is

Topic + opinion = Thesis

It IS…


Topic: Metal detectors at school

Opinion: create hostile environment

Thesis: Metal detectors in schools breed hostility between students and faculty members.

It is1
It IS…

  • Something arguable.

  • One sentence.

  • An opinion.

  • Capable of being supported with arguments.

    • EX: Joe Montana is the best NFL quarterback of all time.


  • A statement of fact.

    • EX: Joe Montana played for the San Francisco 49ers.

  • A simple value judgment.

    • EX: Joe Montana is a good football player.

Persuasive Prompt

  • Do you agree or disagree that school uniforms should be required?

    Write a thesis for this prompt.

    Complete the persuasion map with the arguments you would use in an essay on this topic.


  • As we watch the video, complete the notes on your handout. If you are unsure about what to write, be sure to ask questions. You will need to know how to do this later.

  • EngVid lesson on essay introductions


  • Name three of the five “grabbers” that were talked about in the video.

  • How many main ideas should you have? What order should you put them in?

  • In your own words, explain the three steps of forming an effective thesis statement.


  • On the back of your handout, organize an introduction for an essay response to this prompt:

    Technology is advancing rapidly. Do you agree or disagree that technology has improved your life? Write a persuasive essay in which you convince the reader of your position.

    (Look familiar?)