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The Persuasive Speech PowerPoint Presentation
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The Persuasive Speech

The Persuasive Speech

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The Persuasive Speech

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  1. The Persuasive Speech English 9 Honors Final ProjectMay, 2013

  2. What is it? • For your last major project of the year, you will be researching a topic that relates to one of the issues we read about this year and presenting a persuasive speech to the class for your final exam. • Your speech will be informative, backed up with facts, and will acknowledge and refute counterclaims. We will be discussing how to write and perform an effective speech as we proceed.

  3. Step One: Topic Selection Consider the works that we have read this year: • To Kill a Mockingbird • A Raisin in the Sun • Antigone • Macbeth • Speak What current social issues can be found in those works?

  4. Topics • Issues may fall into two categories: • Directly related—the issue is addressed directly in the work. For example, it is easy to find examples of racial prejudice in A Raisin in the Sun, or genocide in Night. These issues are generally broad and should be narrowed down for the purposes of research. • Indirectly related—the issue stems from an issue in the work, but is not found in the work itself. For example, the theme of the American Dream in Raisin might lead you to look at immigration reform or the Dream Act; Melinda’s struggle with depression in Speak might lead you to look at different kind of Depression treatments, or the effects of peer pressure and bullying. • Your topic selection and parent approval form is due Thursday, May 16th

  5. Step 2: Choose your position. • Decide which side of this debate you will defend and why. Ultimately, this will become your thesis statement or claim. • You must know this before you begin researching, which will be on Monday, May 20th

  6. Step 3: Research • The class will have two days in the computer lab to do research (May 20 and May 22nd). • For your speech, you will need four different sources, all from the databases. Three of these sources will be in support of the side that you are taking; the other will be evidence of a counterclaim. • As you use the databases, be sure that you have read through multiple articles before you select the best ones for your speech. Not everything that comes up on your search will be relevant. • You must bring your four sources (print them out) to class with you on Tuesday, May 28th

  7. What else? • In the next month we will talk about: • How to deliver an effective persuasive speech • How to cite your sources • How to create an annotated bibliography …Questions?

  8. Brainstorming Topics • In a moment, get into groups of 3-4 people. You will be assigned a work or works and in your group you will come up with a list of topics related to your work(s).