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Odin – Smart Middleware for Mobile Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Odin – Smart Middleware for Mobile Services

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Odin – Smart Middleware for Mobile Services
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Odin – Smart Middleware for Mobile Services

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  1. Odin – Smart Middleware for Mobile Services Andrew Meads amea020@aucklanduni.ac.nz

  2. Overview • Background • Motivating Examples • Challenges • Odin Middleware • Odin-Based Service Examples

  3. Background • Traditional mobile app: Request Response

  4. Background • Today’s smartphones are: • Ubiquitous • Powerful • “Always” Connected What novel mobile apps can we come up with that make use of this?

  5. Background • Mobile service: Context

  6. Motivation: Patient Monitoring • Location from GPS • Contact medical professionals in emergency • Vital Signs from BAN • Monitor in real-time • Control & give Feedback

  7. Motivation: Mobile Media • Synchronize with external repository • Media tagged with Context data • Consumers obtain media from any source

  8. Motivation: Social Networking • Friends share data real-time in a P2P fashion

  9. Challenges • All these motivating examples sound cool, but: • How do we discover mobile services? • How do we connect to them? • How do we remain connected? • How does a smartphone handle excessive demand? • What happens when the battery runs low? • Etc…

  10. Challenges: Mobility

  11. Challenges: Reachability • Service reachability is an issue where a device’s connection is via a mobile (e.g. 3G) network • Mobile network operators (MNOs) sometimes discard traffic that originates outside of the mobile network • MNOs typically do not assign well-known addresses to devices, or charge a premium for this service • Service doesn’t receive message • MNO Firewall blocks request • Client sends message

  12. Challenges: Scalability • Smartphones and 3G networks don’t scale to meet the demands of large numbers of clients

  13. Challenges: Availability • A mobile service’s availability is affected by both its hosting device’s power and network status =

  14. Odin • How does Odin help solve these issues? • Compare this…

  15. Odin • How does Odin help solve these issues? • Compare this… to this. • Odin introduces the concept of a Surrogate, which provides addionalcomputational powerand manages device – client communication.

  16. Odin: Overview • Middleware, in general, is a layer of software that sits between the application and platform (OS + hardware) • Middleware promotes reuse, portability, and interoperability Application Middleware Platform Application Application Application Odin (device) Odin (intermediary) Jini Mobile device Jini Mobile service Intermediary Client

  17. Odin: Jini Foundation • Jini is a service-oriented architecture specification and implementation • Jini offers a programming model that leverages Java and extends it to address the “eight fallacies of distributed computing” • Logically centralised, physically distributed lookup service • Protocol independent • Mobile code • Leasing mechanism • Distributed event mechanism • Discover • Register Registry • Consume Client Service http://www.jini.org

  18. Odin: Jini Surrogate Architecture • The Jini Surrogate Architecture (JSA) specification arose to allow devices that cannot run Jini to expose their services to Jini clients • Surrogate Registration • Discover • Register Registry Interconnect • Consume Surrogate Client Surrogate Host Device

  19. Odin: Surrogate and Interconnect • Odin’s primary benefits over stock JSA include: • A multi-channel interconnect • A smart Surrogate cloud Registry Surrogate Device Surrogate Host Client

  20. Odin: Reachability over 3G Networks HTTP Keep-Alive Request Response (client request attached) Response Keep-Alive (response attached) Device Firewall Surrogate Host Client

  21. Odin: Vertical Handover • Proactive (in response to the detection of a superior network) Interconnect Surrogate Host Device

  22. Odin: Vertical Handover • Reactive (in response to failure) Interconnect Surrogate Host Device

  23. Odin: Surrogate Migration Device Surrogate “Migrate” C1 C2 C3 C3 C4 Surrogate Host One Surrogate Host Two

  24. Odin: Context Awareness

  25. iStalker: A Mobile Social Networking Service Main Menu Can view friends, locations, etc. Each “friend” has their own service providing info. Details Can view details for all friends, even when their phones are off. Their Surrogate will still exist. Map Can view friend’s locations on a map. Location data is provided as a service. iPhone Processes Background process communicates with the Surrogate.

  26. Health Monitoring Service Vital Sign Monitorprovided by Zephyr Group AwarenessView health, status, and location of multiple people Detailed Health MonitorView vital sign informaion