the punk rock movement n.
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The punk Rock Movement!

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The punk Rock Movement! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The punk Rock Movement!. A Brief History. What is punk (rock). Punk:. The look and the sound History. The 1960s: The Birth The 1970s: The Rise The 1980s: The Peak The 1990s: The Death Today: The Aftermath. The 60S: The Birth.

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the look and the sound http www youtube com watch v 0xi85jpbcps
The look and the sound
  • The 1960s: The Birth
  • The 1970s: The Rise
  • The 1980s: The Peak
  • The 1990s: The Death
  • Today: The Aftermath
the 60s the birth
The 60S: The Birth
  • In the late sixties band such as: The Stooges, MC5, and the Velvet Underground, and the Sonics gave birth to what would later be deemed punk rock.
  • These bands broke free from the conventional sounds of rock and experimented with a raw, violent, crude, noisy, and aggressive sound.
  • This unconvential sound would grow and influence the birth of punk rock. It would also spawn off to influence the youth culture of the next thirty years.
the troubled 70s
  • New York in the early seventies was a city heading towards bankruptcy. Industrially the city wasn’t growing, and economically it was in a state of stagnation.
cbgb s in nyc birthplace of american punk
CBGB’s in nyc: Birthplace of American punk


troubled 70s continued across the pond
TROUBLED 70S CONTINUED: Across the pond
  • Inflation in the 70s was a huge problem. Everyone talked about the cost of living. A series of strikes lead to power cuts and the Three Day Week.
god save the queen there s a blitzkrieg bopping her way
God Save the queen, there’s a blitzkrieg bopping her way
  • In the 1970s, especially in the U.K, punk music became a political act, a cure for working class boredom—a spark of courage and camaraderie for a generation out of work, disenfranchised, and angry.
  • A generation that didn’t care about the Beatles.
  • The Ramones and Sex Pistols strip things down
the 70s dirty dangerous and destitute
The 70s: Dirty, Dangerous and Destitute
  • NYC: The New York Dolls; The Ramones; Wayne County; Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers and
  • England: Sex Pistols; The Clash, X-Ray Spexs; The Slits; and Siouxsie and the Banshees
punk goes underground can t live your life by lyrics
Punk Goes underground: Can’t live your life by lyrics
  • Punk Rock bled into 80s America underground scene
  • American Hardcore: At the end of the 1979, punk rock shrunk away from the limelight, jumped across the ocean, and dug itself deep underground in the sands of San Francisco.
  • Black Flag, Circle Jerks, The Dead Kennedys

The sound was quicker, angrier and violent. It was music for the youth, by the youth. It was music with a harder political violence—it poked fun at the system and questioned all values—it became less about economical strife and more about how to survive in a world and country of lying and corrupt politicians

  • American punks of the 80s were kids wanting to express not only their rage but their confusion.
the death swimming in brain stew
The death:Swimming in Brain stew
  • The Last Men Standing: By the end of the 80s, punk again began to become popularized by the music industry.
  • Pop-Punk and Mainstream Radio: Green Day, The Offspring, Rancid, Blink 182 become household names
  • Punk becomes commercial: