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Scheduled Inspections. Procedures for Inspections. All inspections will be carried out during regular working hours.

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Procedures for inspections
Procedures for Inspections

  • All inspections will be carried out during regular working hours.

  • The workplace WSH Employee Representative and the principal or supervisor will be responsible for daily monitoring of safety and regular inspections of their workplace before each quarterly HSD WSH Committee meeting.

Procedures for inspections1
Procedures for Inspections

  • Inspection reports will be forwarded to the Safety Program Coordinator two weeks before the meeting.

  • A committee consisting of the Assistant Safety Officer for Buildings and Grounds, the Assistant Safety Officer for Program and Students, the Safety Program Coordinator and the Employee Co-chair will review the inspection reports and appropriate items will be added to the agenda of the HSD WSH Committee Meeting.

Inspection checklist
Inspection Checklist

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Full inspections by the committee
Full Inspections by the Committee

  • All inspections will be carried out during regular working hours.

  • In addition to workplace inspections by the workplace representatives, the HSD WSH Committee will conduct full site inspections on a rotational basis, to be scheduled in advance of each quarterly committee meeting. Each workplace will be fully inspected once in a two-year rotation.

Full inspections by the committee1
Full Inspections by the Committee

  • Principals and supervisors will be notified in advance of their full inspection date. This will take the place of the regular workplace inspection for that quarter.

Full inspections by the committee2
Full Inspections by the Committee

  • Full inspections at each workplace will be carried out by:

    • Workplace WSH Employee Representative

    • Workplace WSH Employer Representative (Principal or Workplace Supervisor)

    • School Custodian (where applicable)

    • Members of the HSD WSH Committee (Assistant Safety Officer for Buildings and Grounds / Safety Program Coordinator / Employee Rep – others on rotation)

Full inspections by the committee3
Full Inspections by the Committee

  • Inspections shall identify unsafe conditions, unsafe procedures or work habits, health hazards and compliance with all safety laws, regulations and procedures of both the HSD and the province. The inspection team will use the checklist in Appendix B as a reference.

  • The Buildings and Grounds Supervisor will review the inspection report with the principal or workplace supervisor and will provide him\her with a reference copy.

Full inspections by the committee4
Full Inspections by the Committee

  • Upon completion of a full inspection, a completed checklist will be reviewed along with regular workplace inspection reports and appropriate items will be added to the HSD WSH Committee agenda, with the minutes of the meeting identifying appropriate action to be taken, the time frame for completing that action and the person(s) responsible for taking the action.

Inspection areas
Inspection Areas

  • Boiler Rooms

  • Electrical Rooms

  • Loading Areas

  • Custodial Storage Areas

  • Public Areas

  • Classrooms

  • Office Areas

Inspection areas1
Inspection Areas

  • Science Rooms / Labs

  • Tech Labs / Shop Areas

  • Welding Equipment

  • Automotive Shops

  • Woodworking Shops

  • Painting / Printing / Photography

  • Home Economics / Cafeterias

Inspection areas2
Inspection Areas

  • Gymnasiums

  • Building Renovations / Construction Areas

  • Grounds

  • Building Exterior

  • Public Areas

  • Classrooms

  • Office Areas

Working alone
Working Alone

  • Provincial legislation requires the employer to provide and implement a plan for any worker who is required to work alone. This plan must ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare of a worker working alone.

  • In most cases, workers working alone will be performing “low risk” tasks.

Working alone1
Working Alone

  • Workers working alone in HSD must have a buddy system in place. This system requires any worker working alone to have a specified “buddy” and to call that buddy on a regular basis, at least every two hours – higher risk activities will require a shorter interval between calls.

  • Appendix D includes specific work alone guide lines for different employee groups.