when did the cold war end n.
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When did the Cold War end? PowerPoint Presentation
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When did the Cold War end?

When did the Cold War end?

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When did the Cold War end?

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  1. What was the Cold War? • How long did it last? • What type of political and economic systems did the Soviet Union have during the Cold War? • What did each country begin to stockpile during the Cold War? When didthe Cold War end?

  2. Cold War System- Bi- Polar System Soviet Union & the United States were the two main power centers after WWII .


  4. Propaganda in America Duck & cover drills Bomb Shelters

  5. Both the U.S. and U.S.S.R had enough bombs to destroy the world many times over! What stopped the superpowers from using their weapons…..Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) • The Soviet threat was weak, destroying America would not have benefited the Soviets!!! • More of a threat in Europe. Fear against communism in U.S. helps to fund defense budget. Was the Soviet Union really a threat!

  6. What was it like for the average Soviet living under communist rule? • What does the government control in a communist economic system? • Who the Soviet Leader that expanded the Soviet Union by taken over much of Eastern Europe? When didthe Cold War end?

  7. Joseph Stalin, after WWII controls Eastern Europe. Stalin installs communist leaders and communist economy in Eastern Europe.

  8. Living Under Soviet Communism Advantages Disadvantages Lack of Information No Religion Government control of most aspects of life Purge of dissidents Ultimate collapse of the economy! • Free Healthcare • Jobs for life • Free Education • Housing was provided • Security

  9. Communist government owns the Means of Production… In communist system there is no profit for capitalist/individuals.

  10. Why did the Soviet Union collapse? • What events mark the end of the Cold War? • Who where the leaders of the U.S. & the Soviet Union when it ended? • What happen to the countries that were part of the Soviet Union? When didthe Cold War end?

  11. If guaranteed a job, nobody is inspired to work, production of faulty goods • Corruption in system • Emphasis on military and defense spending over consumer goods- bread lines and food shortages • Soviet Afghan War- economically drains “satellite nations” country • Supporting “satellite nations” drains economy • Hatred among different nationalities (ethnicities) in empire. Why did the Soviet Union collapse in 1989?

  12. Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989

  13. Mikhail Gorbachev reforms leads to collapse of U.S.S.R Glasnostliterally openness- “opening to the press” Perestroika was the policy of restructuring or reforming the economic and political system The Soviet economy had been in a period of stagnation for two decades and was in desperate need of reform.

  14. Commonwealth of Independent States • 1990, the (CCCP) Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union agreed to give up its monopoly of power. • Over the next several weeks, the 15 republics of the USSR held their first competitive elections.

  15. Common wealth of Independent States CIS

  16. How will the political system change in Russia and the ex-Soviet countries? • How will the economic system change in Russia and the ex-Soviet countries? • Will these changes be difficult? Explain? When didthe Cold War end?

  17. It is very difficult to change from a state controlled economy to capitalist…. China is able to change to capitalist system… In Russia the rich buy up the Means of Production..

  18. Changing to multiparty elections & capitalist economy.