the end of the cold war n.
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THE END OF THE COLD WAR. Main Idea: President George Bush’s foreign policy commanded broad support BUT his domestic agenda did not. George Bush Takes Office. His Resume…. 1940s Navy pilot

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the end of the cold war

Main Idea: President George Bush’s foreign policy commanded broad support BUT his domestic agenda did not

george bush takes office
George Bush Takes Office

His Resume….

  • 1940s Navy pilot
  • During the 70s Bush was an ambassador to the UN & was the 1st diplomatic envoy to the People’s Republic of China
  • From ’76-’77 he headed the CIA
  • ’81-’89 Vice President to Reagan
  • Reagan leaves office – Americans wanted a continuation of his domestic policies (low taxes + little gov’t action)
george bush takes office1
George Bush Takes Office
  • Republican nomination: George Bush
  • - “Read my lips: No new taxes!”
  • - Continued Reagan’s domestic policies
  • Democratic nomination: Michael Dukakis
    • - Pushed to help minorities & the poor
    • - Liberal
  • Bush wins the election of ’88 (against Dukakis) on his platform of foreign policy.
    • 54% of the popular vote
the cold war ends gorbachev s reforms
The Cold War EndsGorbachev’s Reforms
  • Bush continued Reagan’s policy of cooperation with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev
  • The Soviet’s economy was struggling from a lack of planning/ $$ spent on arms
  • Gorby ordered a PERESTROIKA: restructuring of the economy & allowed some private enterprise & profit-making
  • He also called for GLASNOST: openness allowing more freedom of religion & speech, allowing people to discuss politics openly

Revolution in Eastern Europe

  • Glasnost was now spreading as an ideology throughout Eastern Europe
  • In 1989 peaceful revolutions replaced Communist rulers with democratic gov’ts in Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania & Bulgaria
revolution in eastern europe
Revolution in Eastern Europe
  • Soon glasnost spread to E. Germany
  • Midnight: November 9, 1989 guards at the Berlin Wall opened the gates
  • Bulldozers leveled the symbol of Communist repression & within 1 year, East & West Germany reunited
the soviet union collapses
The Soviet Union Collapses
  • Gorbachev faced a ton of criticism from opponents/ traditionalists at home
  • August 1991 – a group of Communist officials/ army officers staged a coup: overthrow of the gov’t & arrested Gorbachev, sending troops into Moscow
the soviet union collapses1
The Soviet Union Collapses
  • In Moscow, Russian president Boris Yeltsinpushed back these troops & was supported by Bush & the U.S., collapsing the coup. Gorbachev returned to Moscow.
  • All 15 Soviet republics declared their independence from the Soviet Union!!!
    • Yeltsin outlaws the Communist Party in Russia
    • December 1991 = the end of the Soviet Union
revolution in eastern europe1
Revolution in Eastern Europe
  • P.882 in your book

1. Fill in the 6 speech bubbles accordingly

2. Find/ label the territories listed in the box

3. Use the book or your phone to draw where the Berlin wall WAS