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Introduction to Climate Change Study Cell

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Introduction to Climate Change Study Cell - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Launching Ceremony of climate change study cell, BUET on March 08, 2009. Introduction to Climate Change Study Cell. Dr. A.K.M. Saiful Islam. Coordinator, Climate Change Study Cell. Bangladesh University of Engineer and Technology (BUET). Presentation Outline. Climate Change & global warming.

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Presentation Transcript
introduction to climate change study cell

Launching Ceremony of climate change study cell, BUET on March 08, 2009

Introduction to Climate Change Study Cell

Dr. A.K.M. Saiful Islam

Coordinator, Climate Change Study Cell

Bangladesh University of Engineer and Technology (BUET)

presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • Climate Change & global warming.
  • Climatic Conditions of Bangladesh & impact.
  • Introduction of Climate Change Study Cell at BUET
    • Background
    • Mission, Vision, Scope
    • Institutional Framework
    • Activities in the past
    • Future Roadmap
global warming
Global Warming

Temperature rises of 0.74 0C per century

ice melting
Ice melting
  • Images gathered from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program of NASA show the minimum Arctic sea ice concentration 1979 (left) and 2003 (right).



sea level rise 1980 2000
Sea Level Rise (1980-2000)

20 cm rise of Global Sea Level in last century.

Prediction of another 80 cm rise by 2100.

increase of green house gases
Increase of Green house gases
  • Green house gases – Co2, CH4, NO
emission of green house gases
Emission of Green house gases
  • Emission of Co2 Bangladesh < 0.2 ton/yr
climatic condition of bangladesh
Climatic Condition of Bangladesh
  • Mean daily temperature of Bangladesh has increased with a rate of 1.03 0C per 100 years
impacts of climate change on bangladesh
Impacts of climate change on Bangladesh
  • Human Health impacts
    • Increase of vector born diseases
  • Ecosystem Impacts
    • Coastal wetland loss from sea level rise
    • Increase of salinity
  • Agriculture Impacts
    • Adverse effect on wheat, potato, Boro yield
    • Loss of agricultural lands
  • Water Resources Impacts
    • Increase of drought, intensity of flood and cyclone
  • Market Impacts
    • Increase energy demand in winter for heasting and summer for cooling
impact on agriculture
Impact on Agriculture
  • Wheat and Boro coverage area of Bangladesh
  • September 2007:
    • Climate Change Cell of Department of Environment requested Director, Institute of Water and Flood Management (IWFM) to coordinate climate change related activities.
    • A meeting was held in the Vice Chancellor’s office with representative of IWFM, Climate Change Cell of DOE, DFID.
    • Vice Chancellor of BUET request director IWFM to establish a climate change study cell.
  • February 2008:
    • The cell was formally approved by the meeting (No.62) of the Board of Governess of IWFM held on February 24, 2008.
  • September 2008:
    • Advisory Committee of the CCSC has been formed by the meeting (No.63) of the Board of Governors of IWFM .
    • Cell is approved by the Syndicate(No. 426) on September 24, 2008.

The vision of the Climate Change Study Cell is to establish itself as the premier knowledge center on climate change risk and adaptation for Bangladesh.

  • To improve knowledge about climate change and associated risk to Bangladesh;
  • To increase awareness of the planners, policy makers about the effects of climate change;
  • To become institutional home for climate modeling and predicting future scenarios;
  • To strengthen capacity of professionals in climate change modeling; and
  • To share knowledge and expertise with other organizations.
  • Research
  • Short courses
  • Workshop
  • Seminar
  • Advisory Services
  • Conference
  • Journal publications
  • Climate change Database
  • Digital and web based dissemination of information
institution frameworks
Institution Frameworks



Advisory committee


Liaison Committee


Research Teams



advisory committee
Advisory Committee
  • Chairman

Dr. A.M.M. Safiullah, Vice-Chancellor, BUET

  • Members from BUET
  • Prof. Jahir Uddin Chowdhury
  • Prof. M. Mirjahan
  • Prof. Md. Hossin Ali
  • Prof. Md. Mujibur Rahman
  • Prof. Ijaz Hossain
  • Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam
  • Member-Secretary

Director, IWFM, BUET

  • External Members
  • Prof. Ainun Nishat, IUCN
  • Dr. Atiq Rahman, BCAS
  • Dr. Asaduzzaman, BIDS
  • Director General, BWDB
  • Director General, WARPO
  • Director General, DOE
  • Chairman, SPARRSO
  • Director, BMD
multidisciplinary liaison committee
Multidisciplinary Liaison Committee
  • Chairman: Director, IWFM, BUET
  • Member-Secretary: Coordinator, CCSC
  • Members from 10 departments of BUET
    • Prof. Md. Monowar Hossain, WaterResources
    • Prof. Md. Elias, Mathematics
    • Prof. Khandaker Shabbir Ahmed, Architecture
    • Mrs. Fahima Khanam, Physics
    • Dr. G.M. Tarekul Islam, IWFM
    • Dr. Syeda Sultana Razia, Chemical Engineering
    • Dr. Ishrat Islam, Urban and Regional Planning
    • Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam, Chemistry
    • Dr. Zia Wadud, Civil Engineering
    • Mr. Md. Rafiuz Zaman, Humanities
working teams
Working Teams

Three working teams are formed to address various issues related to climate change.

  • Modeling and Scenario Development Team
  • Data Acquisition Team
  • Adaptation, Impact Assessment and Mitigation Team
activities in 2008
Activities in 2008

Short courses

  • Two short courses on "Climate Change Training for Water Professionals”, were held on 17-19 November and 18-20 October of 2008 at DCE, BUET.
  • Short Course on "Climate Change Risks and Adaptation in Water Sector" held on 10-11 February, 2008 at DCE, BUET.
activities in 20081
Activities in 2008

Regional Climate Change Modeling

  • Various regional climate change models such as PRECIS, RegCM3, MM5 etc. are now running at this study cell to predict future scenarios of climate.

PRECIS domain over Bangladesh

25 km x 25 km

web based knowledge dissemination
Web based knowledge dissemination
  • Sharing of data and model output
  • Publication of Research Report
  • Information about short courses
  • Useful links related to climate change related activities in Bangladesh
  • News of all the upcoming events
  • Start of Climate Change Study Cell.
  • Become a Center in BUET.
  • Become an Institute in BUET.