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  1. Islands

  2. What is an island? An island is a piece of land surrounded by water. It may be in a river, a lake or the sea.

  3. Some islands are huge, and are home to millions of people. But most islands are very small. They often lie in groups in the sea.

  4. Cut off by water Some islands, like the British Isles were once joined to larger pieces of land called continents. They were cut off when the sea level rose.

  5. Ferries carry passengers from Britain to the continent of Europe. This one has come from France.

  6. St. Michael’s Mount in the UK is cut off from the mainland at high tides. Some pieces of land are islands only at high tide. People can walk to them when the tide is low.

  7. How are islands made? Some islands are made when a piece of land breaks away from a continent. 50 million years ago, a huge piece of land broke away from the continent of Africa. It became the island of Madagascar.

  8. Volcanoes in the sea Other islands are the top of volcanoes on the sea-bed. When a volcano erupts, hot lava pours out and piles up around it. Slowly, the volcano grows bigger.

  9. After thousands of years, some undersea volcanoes grow so tall that they reach the surface. They stick out of the sea. This makes new islands.

  10. Coral islands Some islands are made of coral. Corals are tiny animals that live in the sea and make rocky reefs. Over many thousands of years the reefs pile up to make islands.

  11. Coral islands are sometimes shaped like a ring. They lie very low in the water, and are often flooded in storms.

  12. New island life There are no plants or animals on a new island. As time passes, birds fly to the island. Other animals swim there or float on logs.

  13. Seeds are blown to the new island on the wind or are washed up by the sea. They start to grow in the sand.

  14. Hot islands Some islands can be found in hot, tropical climates. They are often coral islands and may have palm trees and white sandy beaches.

  15. Cold islands Other islands are in cold climates. The Island of Coll, where Mairi Hedderwick grew up, is in a cold climate.

  16. What is the climate like on Struay? Think about the Katie Morag stories. What is the weather like in the stories? What clothes do the characters wear?