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Small Islands PowerPoint Presentation
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Small Islands

Small Islands

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Small Islands

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  1. Small Islands VOICE & THE MALDIVES csiaov cscDcneliawa clOmcs Abdullah Shakir Mohamed

  2. THE MALDIVES Geographical location Lattitude 7°6’35”N to 0°42’24”SLongitude 72°33’19”E to 73°46’13” Census Population: 285 066 GDP per capita (US$ 2261) 2003 Literacy rate (2001) 98.4% Mother Language: Dhivehi Religion: Islam Main Economic activities:Tourism and Fisheries

  3. Small Islands Voice Activities in the Maldives The Small Islands Voice project activities were initiated in the Maldives on the 15th of June 2003.

  4. Opinion on Social, Environment and Economical Issues An opinion survey at B.Eydhafushi was conducted in order to acquire public views on development, environment and social issues and concerns. Major Issues Identified through the Survey are:- Opinion Survey Social issues Lack of team work and increasing conflicts Increased drug abuse Environmental issues Garbage disposal Beach erosion Economy Lack of Banking Facilities

  5. 3 Schools were selected from Southern, Northern and Central Atolls of Maldives • Desktop Computers provided, and Internet Connections were established • From each school a Group of 10 Students from Gr.9 and Gr.10 were selected for SIV activities. • A teacher was assigned from every school to facilitate the students SIV Internet Youth Forum Promoting participation in the SIV Internet Youth Forum by school groups

  6. Exchange Visits Seychelles and Maldives student exchange visits. • An exchange trip was organized between the Prasling Secondary School of Seychelles (04-12th January) and Madhrasathul Ahmadiyya of Maldives to Seychelles (11-19th Decemeber) Opinion Survey • Prasling Secoundary School Students Visit to Maldives • Students were hosted by the students of Ahmadiyya School. Study visits • Waste management and Industrial Development • Thilafushi island – an industrial site reclaimed by dumping waste • Villa Gas, Maldives Cement Factory, Dhivehi Meysthiri, Gulf Craft Ship Yard.

  7. Exchange Visits • Prasling Secoundary School Students Visit to Maldives (Cont…) • Study visits (Cont…) Opinion Survey • Hulhumale’ • Students were guided through this island which was a vast reclaimed land for providing housing facilities. • Newly built Flats, Mosques, School, and industrial zone. • Villingili – 5th ward of male’ • Creative crafts and art centre – A centre where young people were trained for making creative crafts and artwork.

  8. Exchange Visits • Prasling Secoundary School Students Visit to Maldives (Cont…) • Study visits (Cont…) Opinion Survey • Island life • Huraa, Himmafushi and Maafushi Island • Students were guided through a tour to places of interest and also information were provided on Islands education, youth camp, drug rehabilitation centre, waste management mechanisms • Maldivians Social life and culture were also explored in this visit

  9. Exchange Visits Sharing the culture Opinion Survey • Students enjoyed the culture of both countries

  10. SIV workshop • SIV Workshop • Following the youth exchange visit of Seychelles students to Maldives a workshop to discuss on major developments, social and environmental problems were organised Opinion Survey • Two Students from each secondary schools of Male’ and from GDh. AEC and BAEC participated in this workshop. • Major Problems were identified through a participatory method. • Most common issue identified was waste management. • Students discussed about different activities conducted for waste management within their islands

  11. SIV Worhskop • Specific activities carried out by Ahmadiyya School students based on the workshop activities. Opinion Survey • School cleaning programs were conducted • Posters and signboards were prepared and kept in the school compound. • Advocacy programs were conducted by the SIV students with the association of environment club students.

  12. On the ground activities • Waste characterization survey • SIV committee in B Atoll Eydhafushi recommended on an activity related to waste management and came up with the idea of waste characterization survey in island homes Opinion Survey • Survey was aimed to collect data on types of waste being disposed everyday by island homes • Survey participants and interested students were given a lecture on survey methodology, importance of waste management, minimizing waste. • Resource person from the Environment Ministry also demonstrated the survey for the students

  13. On the ground activities Opinion Survey

  14. On the ground activities • Reef Monitoring for Management Opinion Survey • The SIV Committee in B. Atoll Eydhafushi agreed that the coastal resources, such as reef resources can be managed sustainably,If the local communities are well informed and agree. AND • In this regard there is a greater need to educate and train local communities in self assessment and use the out come of these assessments for self management, particularly to understand the benefits of good management as well as the consequences of no action.

  15. On the ground activities • Reef Monitoring for Management Opinion Survey • A Reef Monitoring survey was conducted to address the matter • The survey was adopted for community (School environment club) Level monitoring • The methodology for this program was adopted from the Reefcheck coral reef monitoring protocol ( which has been specifically designed to provide scientifically robust information on the status of the reefs, at the same time this methodology was easy and practical to carry out by people who has limited knowledge on the biology and ecology of the reefs.

  16. On the ground activities • Reef Survey Opinion Survey • Collect data on main groups of reef organisms and substrate in a specific location. The area used was a 100 m. transaction. • The survey was adopted for community (School environment club) Level monitoring • students were given a lecture session on the importance of the reefs, it’s management and also on the survey methodology by a resource person from the Marine Research Centre • Students were guided through a demonstration program by the nearby reef of GDh. Thinadhoo.

  17. Opinion Survey THANK YOU For your Keen Interest