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  1. Pledge

  2. DOL level 4 week 1 • Analogy • hospital : patient - prison:________ • knit: yarn - sew: ________ 1. i had gave him to quarters 2. sally doesn’t want to read anns book inmate thread

  3. Word Structure • The words in this line have a common root, or base word. • What is the root word in Line 1? • A root word is the word that has the main meaning, which can be changed by adding prefixes (beginnings) or suffixes (endings).

  4. idly tides The cat sat idly on the porch. They strolled along the beach watching the tides. Vocabulary lesson 1 not doing anything the rise and fall of the sea deserted dozed The beach was deserted at this early hour. They dozed under the shade of the tree. having no people to sleep lightly

  5. lacking fiber The empty container is lacking food. The fiber of the coat feels soft. Vocabulary lesson 1 to be without a piece of cloth pursued cover I can’t cover enough ground fast enough to catch it. The tiger pursued its prey. to chase to travel over

  6. Build Background • How do dogs behave when they live in the wild? • What would it be like to live on an island with no other people? • How can sailors tell which direction they are going without a compass? • What do you know about dolphins? What do they look like?

  7. Background information • This story, although not true, is based on a true story of a Native American girl who was left on an island near the coast of southern California and lived there alone for eighteen years. • An island is an area of land completely surrounded by water but not large enough to be called a continent • Sailors who travel the sea usually used a compass to help them navigate their ships. Before the compass was invented, sailors used the stars, especially the North Star, to help them find their way.

  8. Comprehension Strategies • Making Connections • Visualizing • Predicting • Summarizing • pg 22A or • page 1 reddish purple appendix

  9. Preview and PrepareThink about what this story has to do with the theme Risks and Consequences. Karana takes the canoes east. Companions? Why is Karana alone on the island? Why do people take risks? What risks will Karana take? What will be the consequences of those risks?

  10. Inquiry Process Risks and Consequences • How is the story “island of the blue Dolphins” related to the theme Risks and Consequences? • What major risk did Karana take, and why does she take it? • Interview a family member about a time when he or she took a risk or decided not to take a risk. (As a class, create some interview questions.) • What were the consequences? • What did they learn from the experience?

  11. Fluency 6 min. reading solution

  12. Vocabulary Game

  13. Reading and RespondingGenre • What is the genre of “Island of the Blue Dolphins?” Realistic Fiction • Characters do things that real people and animals might do in real life. • Places in the story are real or seem real. • The story tells about things that could happen. • The story can be based on an event that really happened.

  14. Language Arts. • Writing realistic fiction • select a topic and identify a purpose and an audience. • Brainstorm ideas using familiar people, places, and events. (pick a couple of ideas and discuss what the purpose and audience for them might be. • Students write ideas for characters, plot, and setting in your Writer’s Notebooks. (include a problem they might face.

  15. Comprehension Strategies • Making Connections • Visualizing • Predicting • Summarizing

  16. Grammar • Give me some words for a person, place, or thing. These words are nouns common nouns

  17. Grammar Apply • Write a couple of sentences using common nouns and exchange the sentences with a partner to identify the common nouns.