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Creative Yogi

Creative Yogi

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Creative Yogi

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  1. Creative Yogi Welcome To

  2. Website Design and Development Create your own web store with easy development When you are thinking to make a good impression about your business through your website, you simply cannot go with a general standard web design or hire any average web development company to design your website. Why web designing is important?It determines how your website will look and function. The process of web design creation and management areas like content, navigation, structure is included into Website design and development. When someone is visiting your website, he is looking for the following things- Information about your business and organization Details about the product and services you offer Staff, infrastructure, accomplishments Contact details Option to give their own opinion and suggestions

  3. Why choose our company?Creative Yogi do not simply design and develop a new website, we build your online presence and brand. We make sure that not only your website is pleasing to the eye and easy to use, but also conforms to the latest internet marketing trends like Search Engine Optimization. Our skilled web developers and designers make sure your website is impressive on all grounds. What sets us apart from the others in this field are as follows- Budget - We can work with different client budgets. The most expensive web designing service is not always the best one.  We determine our prices on the nature of the project and client’s demands. Communication – Clients are paid their due attention. When a project is under way we continuously keep in touch with the client. This helps to sort out any differences in opinion and exchange of ideas and views enriches the project.

  4. CMS website development Get yourself under the perfect Content Management System Content Management System (CMS) is the most popular tool nowadays for developing and maintain a website. With its use any ordinary site can be made to look stylish and custom designed. Not just in terms of looks, as the name suggests this application has made managing your websites content very easy.  Why should you use Content Management System Saves your cost - CMS makes maintenance of a website so easy, web designers work less then before. This means reduced charges for their service. Increases Business opportunities - A website managed with CMS always remain up to date and interesting.  This is a major way to impress your visitors which often influences them to take the next step and become customers. SEO friendly - When managed by CMS, A website becomes perfect for Search Engine Optimization.  Search engines like Google recommends sites which are regularly updated and has fresh, quality content.  Using CMS will give your website high ranks in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s).

  5. Creative Yogi No - 63 (#101), 4th Cross Amar Regency Layout Bangalore - 560043, India Email : +91 9483177117