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  1. WELCOME TO BRAND PROMOTER • WELCOME TO BRAND PROMOTER Brand promoter company based in the Heart of Rohtak – Haryana, has been growing substantially into many market. Brand Promoters provides advertisers with a unique mix of exciting advertising spaces along with innovations in various Malls and Multiplexes across India. Brand Promoters continues to reach across the country as an ambassador for Advertising Space Planner. Our wide range of advertising spaces, innovative ideas and creativity supports growth through effective advertising for our esteemed clients. Our mission is to continue to reach new audiences and influence their views about products being advertised. Brand Promoters allows you to reach out in a multiple of ways to the consumer so they are surrounded by your message leading them to not only take notice, but not forget what they have seen translating into a campaign for you that carries your message with them all the way to the product decision making moment of purchase. Our innovated techniques and approach have put us at the forefront of Advertising Space Planning; whether it is Malls, Multiplexes or HoardingsBrand Promoters is an open resource for direct clients, agencies and media marketing firms to reach the best advertising locations across India. The media devices used by us have been acknowledged as the best for advertising.

  2. Our Esteemed Clientele

  3. Increasing fragmentation of media is making it more and more difficult for advertisers to communicate with their target audience. Cinemas are an integral part of consumers lives and offers a unique opportunity to reach consumers in a highly effective and integrated way.Big Cinemas is only integrated player in the Movie & Entertainment Arena in India. It holds a dominant position in the business segments of film production, TV Content, animation, film processing & services, domestic & international distribution of content & cinema chain across the country.

  4. Cinema can effectively bridge the gap between traditional advertising and sales. And no other Cinema chain offers the breadth of On-Screen & Off-Screen advertising opportunities, currentlyprovided by Big Cinemas.At Big Cinemas Exhibition Sales, we believe in offering a better, simpler, economic way for you to organize a highly effective advertising campaign.

  5. Advertising Possibilities Off-Screen Options On-Screen Options Other Options Spots Bulk Ticketing / F&B Special Screening/ Premiere Outdoor Unique Concession Branding Slides Washroom LCD Activations

  6. Advertising Possibilities On-Screen Options :-Slides & Commercial Spots are the two most basic forms of on-screen advertising activity. Movie Associations or Festivals are innovative forms of this option & are available at Big Cinemas. Other on-screen Innovations can also be experimented, post operations & legal clearance. both Slides & Commercial Spots can be utilized. Off-Screen options:- Off-Screen options can broadly be divided into five sub-types: 1. Outdoor:-These sub-category options resemble the conventional Outdoor media like Billboards, Wall Branding, etc. Additionally in the theatre space, Audi Doors, Pillar Branding & Poster Boxes (Ambilit & Backlit) are also available. For selection purposes, detailed presentations showing photographs for Billboards & Walls are available with your local sales representative.

  7. Audi Door Branding, Pillar Branding:- Audi Door Branding, Pillar Branding can be found almost across all properties. These conventional options are very well suited for a variety of brands that would tactically fit well. Audi Door Branding Pillar Branding

  8. 2. Unique Options:- Seat Branding:-An innovative form of advertising which can be very effectively used to display effectively various situations. this option can give prominent presence to the brand in the auditoriums. Seat Branding LCD Branding :-

  9. 3. Activations:-Most of the theatre lobbies are spacious and a central point of the theatre, where all the visitors can be found. Essentially the promotions would happen before the movie and during the interval. Engagement:- Weekend promotions at the theatres can be used to engage the customer. A space would be provided at the lobby. An advertiser can have a maximum of 1 Stall/Kiosk, 2 Standees, 2-3 promoters in the specified space in the lobby, to ensure that the visitor experience is not compromised in any way. Exchange:- Theatre Lobby Space can also be utilized to Exchange products and services with the end consumer/ visitor. A space would be provided for the Product Displays. These can also be used to do Sampling in the Lobby/Exit. Engagement (Standee) product Display (Bike)

  10. Washroom Branding:- washrooms are available for branding purposes, equally split equally between the Men & Women. Washroom branding can be done in the form of Mirror Branding, W/C door branding & Floor Stickers (where ever possible) Mirror Branding can be executed in the form of stickers with a uniform creative/s across theatres - quantities & sizes for the same are available with your local sales representative. Other Options:- Bulk Ticketing/F&B, Special Shows, Premiere:- To enhance the brand exposure and experience, Big Cinemas Sales team can also arrange for Bulk ticketing & Special Shows. Bulk F&B can also be arranged with Bulk tickets or Special Shows for any movie across India. Premiere's/Special Events can also be organized at premium Big Cinemas properties to provide Enhanced brand experience to its visitors/customers, in a controlled environment. These could be coupled with exquisite dinning, special content screening and customized interaction points which would create and unparalleled event for the brand. Concession Branding:- Special branding on the F&B containers like Pop-corn or Combo Trays can be used for mass promotion of brand message.

  11. Rate Card On-Screen Rates:- 1 Min. ( Spot Advertisement) 80000/- Per Month 1 Min ( Still Advertisement) 72000/- Per Month 30 Sec. ( Spot Advertisement) 45000/- Per Month 30 Sec. ( Still Advertisement ) 40000/- Per Month 15 Sec. ( Spot Advertisement) 25000/- Per Month 15 Sec. ( Still Advertisement ) 23000/- Per Month Off- Screen Rates:- Standee 15000/- Per Month Leaflet Distribution 50 Paisa per Piece Pillar Branding ( Single Side) 12000/- Per Month Pillar Branding ( Four Sides) 30000/- Per Month Seat Branding 40000/- Per Month Audi Gate ( Single Audi) 25000/- Per Month Audi Gate ( All 3 Audis) 60000/- Per Month Pop Corn Tub Branding 50000/- Per Month Product Display 10000/-( For Weekend . Days i.e. Fri, Sat & Sun)

  12. Terms & Conditions:- Rates:- A minimum rate of 30 sec. will be applicable for a Spot. All Spots with duration below 30 sec. will be charged a minimum rate of 30 sec spot. Selection of any Specific Screen or Movie would attract the Single Screen Rate. 3. Selection of any Specific position would need to be mentioned in the Release Order (RO) and would attract an appropriate premium. Billing:- Billing would be done as per the final RO available/sent for the activity that is sent to BIG Cinemas. All campaigns are subject to advance payment or as per the Payment terms agreed during the deal closure. Any delay in payments beyond the credit period would attract a 2% monthly interest charge. Queries:- For any advertising related queries, please call Mr. PankajVij. 9068686868,9215811440 Or Contact us on