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Applying scientific thinking in the service of society PowerPoint Presentation
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Applying scientific thinking in the service of society

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Applying scientific thinking in the service of society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Applying scientific thinking in the service of society. Annual Performance Plan 2013/2014 Presentation to Science and Technology Parliamentary Portfolio Committee. 18 April 2013. ASSAF Mandate. Dual Mandate To honour distinguished scholars in all fields of scientific enquiry

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Presentation Transcript

Applying scientific thinking

in the service of society

Annual Performance Plan 2013/2014Presentation to Science and Technology Parliamentary Portfolio Committee

18 April 2013

assaf mandate
ASSAF Mandate

Dual Mandate

  • To honour distinguished scholars in all fields of scientific enquiry
  • To generate evidence-based solutions to national and global challenges
assaf goals
ASSAf Goals
  • Recognition and reward of excellence
  • Promotion of innovation and scholarly activity
  • Promotion of effective, evidence-based scientific advice
  • Promotion of interest in and awareness of science education
  • Promotion of national, regional and international linkages
alignment with government goals
Alignment with Government Goals
  • Strengthening skills and resource base
  • Regional development, African advancement and international cooperation
  • Improvement of the health profile of society
  • Improvement of rural development and food security
  • Improvement of environmental assets and natural resources
key achievements of governance administration in 2011 2012
Key Achievements of Governance & Administration in 2011/2012
  • Appointment of Council advisor – Prof Daya Reddy
  • Appointment of new NACI representative to Council
  • Four Council meetings held
  • Unqualified audit achieved
  • Member elections – 35 new Members elected →total of 368 Members
governance and administration 2013 2014
Governance and Administration2013/2014
  • Promote good governance

- Compliance, audits, financial and HR management

  • Promote recognition of Members & participation in ASSAf activities

- Annual Awards, AGM, Member Election, ASSAf Panels, Member Database, Scholarly Lectures

  • Pursue closer alignment of ASSAf activities & DST goals
  • Coordinate discussions on ASSAf strategic goals

- Membership - representation wrt race, gender, science discipline, innovative Membership models

- Sustainability of ASSAf

- Enhanced role of ASSAf

key achievements of scholarly publishing programme in 2011 2012
Key Achievements of Scholarly Publishing Programme in 2011/2012
  • National Scholarly Editors’ Forum (NSEF)
    • Aimed at enhancing quality of editing of scholarly journals
    • Hosted fifth annual meeting
  • National Scholarly Book Publishers’ Forum
    • Finalisation and presentation of recommendations pertaining to ‘National Scholarly Books Fund’
    • Hosted two meetings
  • Discipline-grouped peer review of SA scholarly journals
    • 4 reports nearing completion
key achievements of scholarly publishing programme in 2011 20121
Key Achievements of Scholarly Publishing Programme in 2011/2012
  • Open Access Platform
    • Continued uploading of journals on to OA platform (SciELO SA) – 22 titles
    • Daily visits to SciELO SA were 1500 in Feb 2012
  • Online scientific writing – IAMP funding
    • Completion of modules for 4-tiered modular system
    • Hosted workshop for young medical science graduates
  • Access to core commercial databases
    • Presentation of report to stakeholders and implementation of recommendations
scholarly publishing programme 2013 2014
Scholarly Publishing Programme2013/2014
  • Promote Access to Knowledge Resources

- Increase number of titles on Open Access platform

- Optimise research access through visibility, usage, uptake and impact

  • Undertake Quality Assurance (journals, books & collected works)

- Establish peer-review panels

- Publication of discipline-grouped peer-review panel reports

- Coordinate activities of National Scholarly Publishers’ Forum

- Coordinate activities of National Scholarly Editors’ Forum

  • Enhance Scientific Writing for Scholarly Publishing
    • A nationally coordinated, low cost-to-user online course system
    • Aimed at enhancing the quality of scientific writing for emerging researchers

Volume 109 (Volume 1: 1905)

  • 2011 ISI impact factor = 0.78
  • New design and branding (Jan 2013)
  • New website (Dec 2012) – 5000 visits to date
  • New Editor-in-Chief (Nov 2012)– John Butler-Adam
  • New submission site (Sep 2012)

– 125 submissions (±1 per day)

– 24% acceptance

key achievements of policy advisory programme in 2011 2012
Key Achievements of Policy Advisory Programme in 2011/2012
  • Completion of two consensus studies
    • “Towards a Low Carbon City: Focus on Durban”
    • “The State of the Humanities in South Africa”
  • Hosted workshop on “Pathways towards a Low Carbon City” at COP-17 meeting in Durban – Nov 2011
  • Launch of joint IOM/ASSAf report on “The Emerging Threat of Drug-resistant TB in Southern Africa”
  • Hosted workshop with IOM on “Envisioning a Strategy to prepare for Long-term Burden of HIV/AIDS”
key achievements of policy advisory programme in 2011 20121
Key Achievements of Policy Advisory Programme in 2011/2012
  • M&E of consensus study report on “Clinical Research in SA” – contributed to DoH plan to strengthen health research in SA
  • Hosted workshop and published policymakers’ booklet together with NASAC academies on “Science, Water & Sanitation: Supporting Equitable and Sustainable Development in Southern Africa”
  • Hosted symposium on “Nuclear Energy Safety”
  • Hosted workshop with Mauritius Academy of Science & Technology on “Agricultural Genetic Modification Policy in Africa”
key achievements of policy advisory programme in 2011 20122
Key Achievements of Policy Advisory Programme in 2011/2012
  • Launched policymakers’ booklet on “Inquiry-based Science Education: Increasing Participation of Girls in Science in sub-Saharan Africa” – produced together with NASAC academies
  • Established Standing Committee on Health and obtained Council approval for Standing Committee on Humanities

Policy Advisory Programme2013/2014

  • Initiate and facilitate evidence-based projects on Health, Education, Humanities, Biosafety & Biosecurity, Environment & Energy Studies
  • ReconceptualiseASSAf Forum Studies
  • Increased generation of Assessment Studies on national priority areas
  • Conduct commentaries on government policies
  • Localisation/domestication of evidence-based reports
policy advisory programme 2013 2014
Policy Advisory Programme2013/2014
  • Health
    • Publication & dissemination of consensus study on “Improved Nutritional Assessment of Micronutrients”
    • Workshop on National Health Insurance
    • Planned consensus study on “Reproductive Health in SA Schools”
    • Planned consensus study on “Training of Health Professionals”
    • Monitoring implementation of recommendations of “Clinical Research” consensus study

Policy Advisory Programme2013/2014

Humanities Studies

  • Organise an international conference on Humanities
  • Engage with key stakeholders to promote Humanities in SA

Education Studies

-Promote Inquiry-Based Science Education in South Africa

  • Implementation of La Main a la Pâte pilot study in Gauteng
  • Source financial support for a Consensus Study on Revitalising Agricultural Education and Training

Policy Advisory Programme2013/2014

  • Environment Studies
  • - Publish Proceedings Report - Technologies for a Low Carbon Society
  • - Assessment Study on State of Green Technologies in South Africa
  • Launch Policymakers’ Booklet Science, Water, Sanitation in Zimbabwe
  • Energy Studies
  • Disseminate Proceedings Report on Nuclear Energy Safety
  • Assessment study on State of Energy Research in South Africa
  • Biosafety
  • - Consensus Study on the State of Biosafety & Biosecurity in SA
  • Launch Policymakers’ Booklet on GMOs in Kenya
key achievements of liaison programme in 2011 2012
Key Achievements of Liaison Programme in 2011/2012
  • Awarded Sydney Brenner postdoctoral fellowship
  • Awarded 2 Science-for-Society Gold Medals
  • Hosted Distinguished Visiting Scholar – Prof Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker
  • Hosted annual Young Scientists’ Conference – “Changing Lives through Chemistry”
  • Launched SA Young Academy of Science (SAYAS) in Sept 2011
    • provide secretariat support
key achievements of liaison programme in 2011 20121
Key Achievements of Liaison Programme in 2011/2012
  • Continued presidency of NASAC
  • Engaged in Academy capacity building initiatives with Mauritus and Zimbabwe
  • Signed MoU with Mauritius Academy of Science and technology (MAST)
  • Completed study on State of Women in S&T in SA as part of Organisation of Women in Science in Developing Countries (OWSD) study – launched at AAAS meeting in Vancouver in Feb 2012
  • Completed study on State of Women in S&T in Swaziland for UNESCO
liaison programme 2013 2014
Liaison Programme2013/2014
  • Strengthen Relations with International Science

Academies & Networks

  • Participate in global scientific meetings - IAP, G Science, IAC, TWAS, OWSD, STSf & IAMP

- Provide capacity building & support to African national science academies & NASAC

  • Coordinate participation of SA scientists in global science activities
  • Host IAMP General Assembly & scientific conference
liaison programme 2013 20141
Liaison Programme2013/2014
  • Strengthen Relations with National Stakeholders in NSI

- Increased engagement with government departments

  • Increased engagement with PPC
  • Pursue multi-governmental cooperation in identifying & providing

evidence-based solutions to critical societal challenges

  • Establish collaborative links with stakeholders i.e. business, embassies & research &technology institutions

- Host & serve as secretariat for COHORT

liaison programme 2013 20142
Liaison Programme2013/2014
  • Promote young scientists’ activities

- Organise & host Annual Young Scientists’ Conference

- Identify & nominate young scientists for international activities

- Promote participation of young scientists in national scientific activities

  • Collaborate with and support SAYAS
  • Recognise, reward and promote excellence in science

- Award Science-for-Society gold medals to distinguished scientists

- Facilitate recruitment of Sydney Brenner postdoctoral fellows

- Identify & facilitate lectures by the Distinguished Visiting Scholar(s)

- Coordinate Regional Scholarly Lectures with science academies

key achievements of comms publications in 2011 2012
Key Achievements of Comms. & Publications in 2011/2012
  • 4 issues of Quest published – print run of 25 000
  • Quest was marketed at 14 science events
  • Advertising in Quest increased by > 50% compared with previous year
  • 26 media statements released
  • South African Journal of Science
    • 6 issues published
    • Completed report on SAJS Business Strategy → greater emphasis on News & Views (analysis of S&T policy)
communication and publications 2013 2014
Communication and Publications2013/2014
  • Initiate a campaign to raise Academy’s Profile
  • Production & dissemination of ASSAf Policy Advisory Reports
  • Monitoring the impact & uptake of evidence-based reports
  • Production & dissemination of SAJS
  • Production & dissemination of Quest magazine
  • Promote usage of Quest Interactive Website
  • Monitor usage & impact of Quest magazine in schools and other learning institutions
  • Raising science awareness & engagement through cooperation with government, learning institutions, science advancement entities & business
  • Quest:Science for South Africa - full-colour, quarterly, popular science magazine, supported by DST, endorsed by DoE.
  • Print-run 25 000 per issue
  • Aimed at learners, educators, scientific community, academics, decision-makers and public
  • Distributed to Dinaledi & public high schools with science departments & at national science events

Improve Quest Impact

  • Targeted distribution strategy
  • Formalise cooperation DoE, University Education Departments, SAASTA, science centres

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