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Getting started with Internet2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting started with Internet2

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Getting started with Internet2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting started with Internet2
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  1. Getting started with Internet2 • Marla Davenport, TIES • Larry Gallery, New York • Kathy Kraemer, TIES • Jennifer Oxenford, MAGPI

  2. Getting Started • Background on Internet2: Jennifer • K12 applications: Jennifer, Larry, Marla • Basic setup: Marla • Lessons Learned: Kathy, Larry and Jennifer • Resources: Jennifer

  3. Internet2 Mission and Goals • Internet2 Mission = Develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies, accelerating the creation of tomorrow’s Internet. • Internet2 Goals • Enable new generation of applications • Re-create leading edge R&E network capability • Transfer technology and experience to the global production Internet

  4. Internet2 Mission and Goals

  5. K20 Initiative • Connect and engage K-12s, museums, libraries, science and cultural centers, aquariums, community colleges, etc. • Increased opportunities for joint funding, collaboration with Higher ed, student attraction, enhanced learning and education

  6. Sponsored Education Group Participants

  7. Internet2 K20 Connectivity Survey

  8. K12/Higher Ed Relationship

  9. K12/Higher Ed Relationships

  10. Changing Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Classroom • What Internet2 Offers: • Real Time Collaboration • Immediate Access to Expertise and/or Audiences • Geographical Distribution • High Quality, Real-Time Audio and Video Interaction => Engagement

  11. Internet2 Capacity Internet2 6 Seconds 56 kbps ISDN DSL/Cable T1 25 Hours 6.4 Hours 168 Hours 74 Hours Time Required to Download2-hour Course Lecture DVD

  12. What is an Education & Research Network? • A dedicated network for exclusive use of colleges, • universities, K-12 schools, museums, libraries and other • non-profits to enable applications and services to support • educational programming and research activities Other eligible entities include government agencies, and any for-profit that has an education or research agreement with an eligible member institution and that institution agrees to sponsor that for-profit entity Does not peer with the commercial Internet at any point, but you can use commercial Internet applications such as AIM, email and web browsing among Internet2 members

  13. Jason

  14. Teachers’ Domain - WGBH Tour

  15. K-12 Internet2 Activities IDEAS provides Wisconsin educators access to high-quality, highly usable, teacher-reviewed web-based resources for curricula, content, lesson plans, professional development and other selected resources. These resources help Wisconsin educators use technology to meet the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards and create the foundation for a statewide knowledge management system.

  16. Internet2 Activities Camera

  17. Lehigh University Remote Scanning Electron Microscopy

  18. Megaconference Jr. Start Video Student-led international Megaconference Focus on Language, Culture, Regional Issues International Distributed Teams of students in program content, developing partnerships, and technical support 12 countries and 32 states participated

  19. Class to Class Collaborations Virtual Reading Group Twice-weekly, distributed reading comprehension instruction for sixth graders using videoconferencing and email. This instruction employed shared-evaluation pedagogy. The AP Mixer Project This project plans to bring together AP classes across the country for interactive learning and project collaboration. This project was developed by Joyce Valenza, Librarian at Springfield Township High School in Pennsylvania.

  20. Inner World Discovery • Partnership between MAGPI and Inner World Discovery • Multimedia Exploration of the Immune System and HIV/AIDS • Videoconference Program geared toward High School Students • Created by Phil Silverstein, ER doctor at St. Joseph’s Medical Center Next Sessions: April 7, May 5

  21. K12 Applications: Virtual Surgery • Virtual Surgery - “Bleeding edge technology” • TIES Partners: Rhode Island Hospital, RINET, 12 Rhode Island Schools and 2 Minnesota schools.

  22. Virtual Surgery Quotes: “It was amazing. It makes me want to work on a surgical team” Amy K, Cambridge , MN student “This was a phenomenal experience for the students. Most are going into the health fields, so seeing the surgical staff and hearing from them about how vital their jobs are was incredibly valuable” Stephanie Windschill, Health Occupations Teacher, Cambridge, MN

  23. Virtual Surgery movie • The patient: A 60 year old man that had a calcified heart valve that needed to be replaced. • The team: Dr. Singh and nine surgical staff members

  24. TVbyGirls Created by women TV/Movie producers Explore how women and girls are portrayed in the media Build awareness as well as visual literacy and visual arts skills

  25. Created by women TV/Movie producers • Explore how women and girls are portrayed in the media • Build awareness as well as visual literacy and visual arts skills

  26. Minnesota Governor’s Trade Mission to China • Videoconference Series • Chinese Dance • Chinese History, Culture and Arts • Emerging Medicine • Conversation with the Governor

  27. Chinese Dancers

  28. Chinese History, Culture and Arts

  29. Conversation with the Governor

  30. International Wolf Center • Programming starting in 2006 •

  31. In classrooms, plug and play….almost! What you need: Codec(enCOder/DECcoder)Camera & MicMonitor Ethernet and IP network(firewall permissions) Kids Someone at the other end!

  32. Lessons Learned: Getting Started • Step 1: • Find out what others are doing via Internet2: • visit the Internet2 website • call the project leaders directly on the phone

  33. Lessons Learned: Build your community • Step 2: • Build community with other Internet2 members -”Have a virtual beer together”

  34. Lessons Learned: Class Online • Step 3: Start with a small project that fits with the curriculum. • A driving question will help focus your videoconference. • What does the “day in the life of a pinniped” look like? vs. What are marine mammals?

  35. Lessons Learned: Logistics • Every task takes time: • Finding partners for collaboration • developing content • recruiting students • coordinating sites • testing the equipment

  36. Lessons Learned: Logistics • Every task takes time: • rehearsing • creating a back-up plan • promoting the event • building confidence

  37. Lessons Learned: Building support • Overall, you need to find at least one Internet2 “Evangelist” in your organization • creates interest and enthusiasm • helps to build collaborations

  38. Lessons Learned: Building support • Once you have one evangelist, their job is to create a network of evangelism: • Internet2 listserv, My K-20

  39. Get Involved! Here’s how: • My K20 Database • Part of the Internet2 K20 Initiative • “Matchmaking Service” for K20 Community • All projects use Internet2 CILC • Search for Virtual Field Trips • Find collaborative partners • Internet2/Commodity Internet Projects

  40. Tips for getting students involved • Email call for participation • Alert other evangelists to get the word out • Let the students spread the word

  41. Resources • Internet2 website • • PACBell Videoconferncing Website • • Iowa Public Television •

  42. Resources • Vanderbilt University • • RINET Rhode Island Network for Educational Technology • • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration •

  43. Resources • NASA virtual visits • • St. Clair County Learning Net • • PacBell Videoconference Listserv •

  44. Resources • Videoconferencing • The Manhattan School of • JASON

  45. Resources • MAGPI K20 Programs • • My K20 Database • • CILC Database • • Research Channel •

  46. Keep in touch! • Marla Davenport, • Larry Gallery, • Kathy Kraemer, • Jennifer Oxenford,