Dialogue and partnership working
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Dialogue and partnership working. Vicky Redding Engagement Development Officer. Compact Voice. Charity representing the voluntary and community sector on Compact Co-signatories on national Compact Membership organisation. www.compactvoice.org.uk. Compact nationally.

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Dialogue and partnership working

Vicky Redding

Engagement Development Officer

Compact voice

Compact Voice

Charity representing the voluntary and community sector on Compact

Co-signatories on national Compact

Membership organisation


Compact nationally

Compact nationally

Has been around for 14 years

Basis for DCLG Best Value Statutory Guidance in 2011

One of 6 cross cutting themes in government departmental business plans this year


Compact locally

Compact locally

182 local Compacts across England

82% agree that effort needs to be made to implement the Compact in full

Public sector is more positive than VCS


How is the compact relevant now

  • Commissioning and decommissioning

  • Ensuring meaningful engagement

  • Localism

How is the Compact relevant now?


What should the vcs expect

What should the VCS expect?

“Localism is a rose with many thorns. Many local organisations are finding councils are reducing their grants and other funding. The reason is because their grants from central government have been slashed, as local government is forced to shoulder a disproportionate share of austerity measures.“

Sir Bert Massie


What should the vcs expect1

What should the VCS expect?

“Expectations need to be two way. Localism requires a different approach to partnership. Each of us has something important to contribute.”

Hilary Benn MP


Helping with cuts

Helping with cuts

Compact sets out a clear framework for how to work in partnership

Early dialogue and shared responsibility is crucial

Ultimate aim is best outcomes for local communities


Birmingham compact principles
Birmingham Compact principles

  • Respect

  • Honesty

  • Independence

  • Diversity

  • Fairness

  • Empowering citizens

  • Valuing volunteering


Priorities for birmingham compact

  • Strong leadership

  • On-going dialogue

  • Alignment of Compact and procurement policies

  • Training and awareness raising

  • Engagement of VCS

Priorities for Birmingham Compact


Compact voice can help

Compact Voice can help...

If you would like more information:

email: [email protected]

Tel: 07432 736961