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Computers of our time PowerPoint Presentation
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Computers of our time

Computers of our time

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Computers of our time

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  1. Computers of our time By Daniel Guillory

  2. History of Computers • Computers have been an important aspect of our lives for years. One of the first, “top of the line” computers was the Gateway G6-450. Since then, computers have become much more advanced. • The first computer was created during the WWII era, as a use for the military. During the late 70s to early 80s is around the time computers became important for everyday people.

  3. Components Hardware • The parts of the computer that can be seen. ex: case, processor, motherboard, etc. Software • The internal, unseen parts of the computer. Such as the memory. Programs that allows the hardware to work properly.

  4. Hardware The Case • The case is the outward most object of your computer. It holds nearly all of the rest of the hardware inside of it. Motherboard • The motherboard is essentially the nerves of the computer. It connects all of the information and the hardware together. Ex: internal hard drive, RAM, etc. Internal Hard Drive • The memory of your computer is the internal hard drive. It holds all of the information stored in your computer long-term. Save files, music, documents, etc., are saved on this even after you turn your computer off. Processor • The processor is essentially the brain of the computer. Its job is to give instructions to the other parts of your computer. It also sets how fast your computer completes programs.

  5. RAM Ram (random access memory) is the short-term memory of your computer. It stores information that lets you run multiple programs at once. The Ram is deleted after the computer is turned off or reset.

  6. Monitors • The Monitor is an important piece of hardware for the computer. It displays the picture of whatever you are doing on your computer. Without it, you would not be able to view anything you are doing on your computer.

  7. Input Devices Most computers would be difficult to use without certain input devices. Mouse The mouse is one of the most useful tools for any computer. It allows you to point, click, highlight, etc. Any thing that you need. There are many varieties of mouses such as: Usb wireless, Usb wired, and the gaming mouse. All of of which do the are basically for the same thing, except for the gaming mouse.

  8. Keyboards Keyboards are also an important piece of hardware. They are needed to type documents, type in web pages, or for just basically typing something.

  9. USB/Flash Drives Flash Drives are small, USBs built to save data off your computer. The more data one has, the more expensive they generally are. USBs are usually plain black and white, but many are made in different forms, shapes, etc.

  10. USB/Flash

  11. End of Project