five steps towards great event s website l.
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Five Steps towards great event???s website PowerPoint Presentation
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Five Steps towards great event???s website

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Five Steps towards great event???s website - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Website is an important part for any business in today’s market. Creating a website for your new event or business is the best way to promote your event to your audience.

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Five Steps towards great event???s website

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five steps towards great event s website

Five Steps towards great event’s website

Five Steps:

Write basic information of your event.

Make Easy Buying Options.

Add social tool to your website.

Keep a track of audiences.

Use of event marketing tool.

write basic information of your event
Write basic information of your event:

Whenever people come to visit your event website, they first check about what your event is, where is it held and when is it going to be held? And, as per proven survey results, 85% of people discuss event’s schedule with their friends or family after getting the information from the website.

make easy buying options
Make Easy Buying Options:

Next important part in your website is to make it easy to buy the event tickets. Make sure that the ‘Buy’ button is easy to find in your website. When people would have made the decision to attend the event, they will want to check the prices and other options. Always give the list of special offers, packages, family or group tickets, discounted tickets.

add social tool to your website
Add social tool to your website:

Most people never go alone to events. They always ask their friends or family to join them. Provide social media button like Facebook or Twitter to facilitate the visitors of the website to inform their friends for attending events.

Social media is easy to use and the best way to share your event with thousand of people all over the world. Ultimately, this will help you in your event promotion as well.

keep a track of audiences
Keep a track of audiences:

There are several events, which happen on annual basis. For e.g. mega annual events, handicrafts and handlooms events, festivals, etc. However, the event manger never gets to know the exact number of people who attended event nor even their feedbacks and suggestions for the same.

Creating a mail list, use of social networking sites can help you in promotion of your event and also get you feedback and new ideas.

use of event marketing tool
Use of event marketing tool :

There are many tools available on internet to help you in the marketing or promotion of your event worldwide. One of the most popular is Facebook event, which allows any Facebook user to give feedback on your event and allow sharing it with friends as well. You can even try the services, which share your event information to thousand of other blogs and services worldwide.

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