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  1. Sustainability Why it’s relevant to you.

  2. Roadmap • My background and contact information • Definition of sustainability • Goals of Office of Sustainability that may be relevant to you • Why is sustainability relevant to you? • UAA pledges – “external” • Carbon footprint • UAA pledges – internal • Energy policy • Discussion of implementing the energy policy and other sustainable actions

  3. Paula Williams • • 786-1515 • 602-0292

  4. What is sustainability? Definitions: 1. Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs                              -UN World Commission onEnvironment and Development2. The long-term health and vitality of economic, ecological, and social systems. -Sustainability Communities Network3. The ability of a system (society, ecosystem, business) to continue functioning into the indefinite future without being forced into decline through exhaustion of key resources.                             - The Context Institute

  5. Office Mission • Mission • The Office is a hub and catalyst for sustainability leadership, coordination, support and study, and is the medium to increase understanding of sustainability at UAA and across Alaska. Through support of teaching, research, service, and administration, the Office engages the UAA community in long-range planning to sustain social-ecological systems, educate campus citizens, promote and reward local sustainability initiatives, support sustainable business practices, and encourage global thinking. The Office will promote and establish a social, ecological and economic legacy for future generations.

  6. Office Goals • To implement and support Sustainability Coordinator’s Network (SCN) • To reduce the carbon footprint of the University • Advance acceptance and enforcement of UAA’s Energy Plan

  7. Job description: why is this relevant to you? • Building and Safety Coordinators (09/19/08) • The appointment of Building and Safety Coordinators (BSCs) is intended to assist with coordinating some safety, sustainability, and building issues between service departments and occupants within their buildings. While they do not need to have specific subject expertise, they can adequately serve to facilitate communications between the service departments and building occupants. In other words, BSCs serve as additional eyes and ears for the service departments. Some of the service departments who may make use of the BSCs are: Facilities Maintenance Services (FMS), Facilities Planning and Construction (FP&C), Environmental Health and Safety/Risk Management Support (EHS/RMS), Custodial Services, Information Technology Services (ITS), University Police Department (UPD), General Support Services (GSS), Sustainability Office, etc. . . . • 22) coordinating and monitoring sustainability activities (recycling, energy conservation, postings, etc.)

  8. UAA Sustainability Pledges Pledges generated externally Talloires Declaration – 1) Increase awareness of Environmentally Sustainable Development 2) Create an Institutional Culture of Sustainability 3) Educate for Environmentally Responsible Citizenship 4) Foster Environmental Literacy For All 5) Practice Institutional Ecology 6) Involve All Stakeholders 7) Collaborate for Interdisciplinary Approaches 8) Enhance Capacity of Primary and Secondary Schools 9) Broaden Service and Outreach Nationally and Internationally 10) Maintain the Movement

  9. Pledges 2 ACUPCC – • Initiate the development of a comprehensive plan to achieve climate neutrality as soon as possible. • Initiate two or more of the following tangible actions to reduce greenhouse gases while the more comprehensive plan is being developed. LEED silver buildings, green star appliance purchasing policy, offset greenhouse gases emitted by travel, public transportation, 15% of electricity consumption from renewable sources.

  10. Internal Policies Internal policies • Strategic Plan • Energy Policy

  11. Strategic Plan 2017 UAA Vision for 2017 UAA will be a university of first choice distinguished for: •• Commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. UAA Core Values Sustainability and Stewardship

  12. Carbon Footprint

  13. Energy Policy •

  14. Energy Policy 2 ENERGY CONSERVATION 1] Switch off lights when they are not needed. 2] Call Maintenance to remove excess light tubes and ballasts. 3] Switch off computers when they are not being used within two hours. 4] Upgrade computer displays with LCD flat screens instead of old-style CRTs. 5] Use electronic equipment that goes into an energy saving mode when not being used. 6] Don’t use electric space heaters... call Maintenance to fix heat problems. 7] Centralize and share beverage and food machines (microwave ovens, coffee makers, blenders, etc.) rather than having duplicate equipment in each office. 8] If chilly and the current office temperature is between 68° F and 75° F, consider wearing more or heavier clothing rather than turning up the heat. MATERIAL CONSERVATION 1] Make double-sided copies whenever possible or practical. 2] Use the backs of single-sided copies for scratch paper prior to recycling. 3] Avoid making copies by using electronic distributions. 4] Make good use of scanning technology and e-mail attachments instead of faxing. 5] Use paper with high post-consumer content.

  15. Energy Policy 3 6] Avoid using Styrofoam and plastic products... substitute with green paper or reusable products whenever possible. 7] Don’t print draft materials... proofread off of your computer monitor. 8] Encourage the use of online forms rather than paper forms. hard copy format... only print them as needed. 10] Recycle office paper, cardboard and newsprint. 11] Use re-usable containers and utensils rather than single-use items. 12] Don’t discard paperclips and rubber bands... reuse them or give them to others who might need them. 13] Recycle toner cartridges by returning them to the purchase point or to General Support Services. WATER CONSERVATION 1] Don’t run water to get a cooler drink... use ice cubes or refrigerated water. 2] Don’t run water continuously when brushing teeth or washing. Only run the water when actually using it. 3] Use cold water instead of hot water whenever possible. TRANSPORTATION CONSERVATION 1] Ride U-Pass, Seawolf Shuttle or carpool. 2] Use engine block heaters when the temperature drops below 20° F. 3] Consolidate and coordinate supply trips. 4] Commit to one or two days per week of not using your car. 5] Don’t leave vehicles idling for excessive periods. 6] Walk, bike, skate or ski if practical rather than drive.

  16. SCN PURPOSE: • Increase resilience and sustainability on campus and community-wide • Provide a forum for sustainability-minded employees to pursue sustainability, network and exchange ideas with each other, and incorporate sustainability concepts into daily pursuits at the University for themselves and others • RESOURCES NEEDED: • Employees who are interested in participating spend 1 to 4 hours per month, if authorized by their supervisor and dean • All departments need not participate. Some may be able to allow more than one employee to dedicate some amount of time

  17. Discussion About Strategies • How do we get the word out? • What strategies would work best to change behaviors?