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Presentation Slides Preparation PowerPoint Presentation
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Presentation Slides Preparation

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Presentation Slides Preparation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation Slides Preparation. You may delete this slide once you have read and followed the below instructions.

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Presentation Slides Preparation

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    1. Presentation Slides Preparation You may delete this slide once you have read and followed the below instructions. • Template: Please use this template, as it is important to keep the conference look consistent. Place the session title, the session number and your name prominently at the beginning of the slide deck. • Fonts: Please use standard fonts in your presentations. Some examples are Arial, Times New Roman and Century Gothic. We want to avoid the possibility of some attendees not being able to view your slides because of the font used. • Company Logo: Is permitted on the Title Slide and the Closing Slide. No company logos are to be included in the body of the presentation. • Content: The content of your slides will depend on the format of your actual presentation. Ideal material includes, but is not limited to, general overviews, notes, diagrams, and problem solving exercises. • Slides must be submitted for all classes: • Please submit your presentation in both PDF and PowerPoint. The PowerPoint version will not be distributed or posted. • When you save as PDF or print to PDF, please do so as Handout View, two slides per page. • File Naming: Please use the following format for labeling your class notes: “Session NumberSlides_TheFirstFiveWordsHere.ppt” For example, for Session 12-TA4 with title “Presentation About Test and Measurement…” should be named as follows: “12-TA4Slides_PresentationAboutTestAndMeasurement.pdf”