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WORLD LITERATURE AUGUST 17, 2012. WELCOME TO FRIDAY!  Please get out yesterday’s “speed befriending” answers. Also, make sure that you have a copy of the syllabus. REMINDERS. Check-system for warm-up grades… If you don’t have a textbook, please obtain one. 

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    1. WORLD LITERATUREAUGUST 17, 2012 WELCOME TO FRIDAY!  Please get out yesterday’s “speed befriending” answers. Also, make sure that you have a copy of the syllabus.

    2. REMINDERS • Check-system for warm-up grades… • If you don’t have a textbook, please obtain one.  • If you’re interested in going to Europe during spring break, see me after class. • For candy… What’s our goal for the year? What does that mean? How does it happen? What’ s the result if it doesn’t happen?

    3. SHARING TIME! • Please get out your “speed befriending” notes from yesterday. • Now that you have had a chance to get to know a few classmates, you will share with the class about what you got to know about one of your partners. We’ll get to know ten classmates now… volunteer to start telling us about a new friend?

    4. SHARING TIME! • What fun things did you do this summer? What was the best part about your summer? • What is interesting or unusual about your family? What do you like most about your family? Are you an only child, the first born, a middle child, or the baby? • What hobby or activity do you like to do in your spare time? Why do you enjoy this hobby or activity? What does it add to your life? • What is the one thing that you are looking forward to this year? Are you excited to be a senior or are your ready to be done with high school? • What do you want to do after high school?

    5. SYLLABUS: COURSE DESCRIPTION • World Literature is a course that explores major literary works from several different periods of time and locations around the world. It is designed to help students understand and appreciate people, cultures and culturally-relevant literature of the world. The course is aligned with the Reading/Language Arts Framework for California Public Schools, the California Language Arts Content Standards and the California English Language Development Standards.

    6. SYLLABUS REVIEW • Please get out your syllabus and follow along.  • Note: My phone number and e-mail address are provided. Contact Do’s and Don’ts: • DO save phone number AND e-mail in your phone. • DO NOT loose/throw away this information. • DO NOT call/text me after 9:30 p.m. • DO be patient in waiting for a reply. I work two jobs & silence my phone, thus may not get a text for hours. • DO NOT text/call me for anything but emergencies or confirmations that I received your work. • DO text/call friends if you can find out the information from them OR consult a handout if it can answer a question. (My pet peeve is providing info. that’s easily obtainable elsewhere.)

    7. MAJOR WORKS COVERED -Genesis -Sindbad the Sailor -BhagavadGita -Metamorphosis -The Epic of Gilgamesh -The Inferno -Oedipus the King -selections from World -Hamlet Literature text

    8. REQUIRED DAILY MATERIALS -Three-ring binder with notebook paper and subject dividers. *Note: Throw nothing away! -Planner or calendar. -Blue or black ink pens and pencils. -Post-its (recommended)

    9. MATERIALS QUIZ! 1. If you do not have a pen, paper, or other vital learning materials, what should you do? a. quietly ask to borrow or bum the necessary materials from a classmate at the beginning of class. b. sit and do nothing, because you think this is an excuse of sorts 2. You should assure that everyday, you write down your assigned homework and due dates… a. in your cellular device. b. on your buttocks. c. in a planner. 3. Ms. Pierce wants you to carry a binder in order to… a. help you with your physical fitness goals. b. assure that you keep ALL returned work/important handouts.

    10. CLASSROOM RULES 1. Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings. 2. Bring all required books, assignments and materials to class. 3. Do your best and actively participate. 4. Follow school rules: • No phones, MP3 players out in class OR on during class. • No eating or drinking in class. • No leaving class without permission. • Dress appropriately (dress code). 5. No sleeping OR resting head on desk at any time during class. 6. RESPECT everyone in the room at all times!!!

    11. NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES I. Warning II. Loss of participation points III. Confiscation of personal property IV. Detention for the period V. Parent contact VI. After school/lunch detention VII. Referral (possible suspension) *Severe disruption during the period will result in immediate suspension from classroom and/or referral to the office.

    12. POSITIVE CONSEQUENCES 1. Positive parent contact (note/call). 2. Good grades/participation points 3. Extra credit points 4. Knowing your teacher is happy

    13. EXPECTATIONS QUIZ! 1. You are not to have any electronic devices ____ or _____. (fill in the blanks) 2. What action is absolutely not permitted in Ms. Pierce’s classroom because it is disrespectful towards Ms. Pierce, disrespectful towards the learning environment and because it inhibits one’s ability to learn? 3. If you are having a bad day, should you: a. act in a rude manner towards your loving teacher and your kind-hearted peers? b. rest your head on the desk and cease to exist? c. let Ms. Pierce know before entering the classroom (so she does not pick on you) and keep on truckin’?

    14. PARTICIPATION POINTS In order to earn participation points, you must: 1. Be present (*Note: Excessive absences will adversely affect a student’s grade). 2. Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings. 3. Bring all required books, assignments and materials. 4. Be on task and PARTICIPATING throughout the class period. 5. Refrain from resting head on desk or using the restroom without a passport.

    15. PARTICIPATION QUIZ! 1. You will lose participation points for all of the following except: • Coming to class late without a pass. • Putting your head down. • Not bringing the required book to class. • Being beautiful.

    16. MAKE-UP WORK AND LATE WORK • It is the student’s responsibility to see the teacher after class or after school (depending on the teacher’s availability) for make-up work, tests and quizzes following an absence. Make up work will be assigned on an individual basis. Generally, students who are absent have one day to make up missed work for each day absent.  

    17. MAKE-UP WORK AND LATE WORK To get make-up work the same day (after 3:15 p.m.) from my webpage: 1) Go to VLHS homepage, 2) click on “Students” tab, 3) click on “classes/homework” tab, 4) click on “English”, 5) click “Ms. Pierce,” 6) click on your class/period, 7) find the day of the PowerPoint that you need to view and associated worksheets.

    18. MAKE-UP WORK AND LATE WORK • If students have been assigned a long-term project or paper that they knew of prior to their absence, it will be due at the same due date that they were originally given; they will not be given any additional time to make up long-term projects/papers. Tests and quizzes will be made up immediately upon return following an absence. • For those students who have not been absent but have chosen not to turn in an assignment on the due date, late homework or class work will not be accepted.

    19. MAKE-UP WORK QUIZ! 1. How should you obtain your make-up work from Ms. Pierce? • Raise your hand in the middle of a discussion to announce that you were absent and need the work you missed. • See Ms. Pierce after class or after school, since she is a busy teacher before and during class OR check her website. 2. You are required to get your make-up work… • About a month after you are absent • Immediately following an absence • You don’t need to get it; Ms. Pierce will remember that you were absent and will personally deliver it to your home the following day.

    20. PLAGIARISM You are to display integrity by following the district’s policy regarding plagiarism. Plagiarism of any sort is strictly prohibited. Plagiarism means using phrases, parts, or the entirety of the written works of other persons without proper citation. This includes not only fellow students, but people with whom you have contact with outside of school, people who have posted work on the internet, or people who have written works that have been published in books, magazines, journals or newspapers. All written work (unless properly cited) must be entirely original.

    21. PLAGIARISM • If you are caught plagiarizing OR assisting someone in plagiarizing, you will receive the following negative consequences: • You will be issued a written a referral • You will be given a zero for the plagiarized assignment, without an opportunity to make up the grade for this assignment • Your parent/guardian will be contacted and explained of your choices. *Note the same plagiarism rules and consequences apply to cheating on a test.

    22. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY QUIZ! 1. What counts as plagiarizing? 2. What will happen to you if you plagiarize?

    23. WARM-UPS Each day when you come in there will be a warm-up on the board. These warm-ups may include: -Reading Analysis -Vocabulary Development -Journals -Grammar Exercises These warm-ups require your full attention and should be done quietly, unless otherwise instructed. Bring warm-ups to class EVERYDAY. Warm-ups will be collected weekly.

    24. WARM-UPS • Each week, warm-ups will be collected as follows: • Monday: 1st period • Tuesday: 2nd period • Wednesday: 3rd period • Thursday: 4th period • Friday: 6th period • If you do not bring your completed warm-ups to class on the collection day, you will have until the end of that same day to turn in your completed warm-ups. After this, no late warm-ups will be accepted without an excused absence. • IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to see me immediately after an absence to make up the missed warm-up. If you come more than one day after your return from an absence, you may not possibly be permitted to make-up the warm-up work.

    25. TARDY POLICY You must be in your seat and ready to work with all required books, assignments and materials when the bell rings. -You may not go to your locker to get anything for any reason. -Tardies are cumulative each quarter. -Two tardies warrant a parent phone call. -If you are tardy more than three times, you may receive a tardy referral and Saturday school. -Tardy sweeps will occur in the hallways randomly; those tardy will receive Saturday school.

    26. TARDIES QUIZ! • You can go to your locker… • Whenever is convenient for you. • Only before class starts; never during class. • After three tardies, what awful fate might await you?

    27. GRADING POLICY Assignments will be weighted as follows: • 25% - Essays, Projects, Tests • 15% - Portfolio (See Department Policy Letter) • 10% - Participation • 15% - Homework • 15% - Class Work • 10% - Warm-ups • 10% - Midterm/Final Exam

    28. GRADE SCALE • A 100% - 89.5% • B 89.4% - 79.5% • C 79.4% - 69.5% • D 69.4% - 59.5% • F 59.4% and below

    29. FINAL THOUGHT • I believe that education is a team effort among students, parents/guardians and teachers. If there is anything you or your parents would like to contribute to class, feel free to contact me. If you have any comments or questions about these procedures, please feel free to ask. • If you have a special need or special circumstances affecting your life please share them with me.

    30. RETURN SLIP Please keep your syllabus and any handouts in your three-ring binder and refer back to them when necessary. Make sure to have your parents fill out all return slip information at the bottom of the syllabus. Returning this means that they have read and agree with the content covered in the syllabus. If you return it by the date specified, you will receive 10 points. After that, it will be worth 5 points.