framework for interoperable media services fims n.
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Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS) PowerPoint Presentation
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Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS)

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Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS)
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  1. Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS) NAB 2012

  2. The Problem(s) • IT-based media technologies have arrived • Proprietary solutions exist • Could be free and still cost more than hardware with standards!! • Media Interfaces tightly coupled / complex • Little process management in media • Little / no KPIs • Poor visibility of work in progress

  3. Tight versus Loose Coupling Changing a Tool is EASY! Changing a Tool is Difficult (Disruptive)

  4. After SOA Middleware Common I/F for Capture Common I/F for Transform Common I/F for Transfer Transfer Service Capture Service Transform Service Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Before SOA Transform Function Capture Function Transfer Function In order to maximize the potential of SOA, standardization of the Industry common interfaces is essential.

  5. What is the FIMS Activity? Media Orchestration System FIMS I/F for Capture FIMS I/F for Transform FIMS I/F for Transfer Media Service (Capture) Media Service (Transform) Media Service (Transfer) • Defines interoperable media service interfaces between • Media Orchestration Systems • Media Services

  6. FIMS is the Solution for Media • FIMS is a SOA framework applied to Media • FIMS works more at the business or workflow level • FIMS specifies the interfaces (“work orders”) between services • FIMS has support across the industry (users and vendors) • FIMS understands media • High-bandwidth, large file media • Codec and wrapper independent • Human-oriented, collaborative, craft environments • Distributed (cloud) architectures

  7. FIMS – NAB 2012

  8. The FIMS 1.0 specification • Three services • Acquisition • Transfer • Transform • SOAP / RESTful, object refactoring • Next steps • Software reference implementation • AMWA and EBU technical review • Formal AMWA and EBU release • Extension with more services FIMS NAB Download link

  9. FIMS Business Board • A group of users • Ad-Id, AMWA, BBC, Bloomberg, CBC, EBU, HBO, ITV, MLB, MTV, NBC, NFB, RAI, RedBee Media, Turner, Viacom • Scope • Identify business needs • Prioritise FIMS work • What is on the radar? • MAM/repository services • Quality control services

  10. Other fields under investigation • Who responded to the initial RfP? • BBC, Bloomberg, HessischeRundfunk, IRT, NBCU, RAI, RedBee Media, Sony, Tosca-MP, TBS, Wells Fargo • What proposals have been made? • resource estimation/reservation, IP stream capture, forensic marking, media asset registration / discovery / update service, proxy browsing, editing distribution, metadata enrichment, customisation • And also set as priorities: MAM/repository, Quality Control New suggestions can be forwarded to the Business Board

  11. Demonstrations on the FIMS booth Bloomberg powered by IBM and Triskel • FIMS Real World Implementation at Bloomberg (framework, dashboard) • FIMS Compliance Best Practices (transcoding, data mover, orchestration) Cube-Tec • One step into FIMS future: Quality Control Services for Media Factories • Workflow engine, framework for multiple QC-Engines, BPMN 2.0 Sony • Interoperability demonstrated, a continuation from 2011 • The Sony dashboard interconnecting services from different vendors

  12. Where else can you find FIMS at NAB? • IBM, booth Number • Sony, booth Number

  13. Addyouownmaterialhere • Guidelines: • FIMS shouldbe the main subject • FIMS in perspective of your business • Why FIMS is important? • The positive impact of FIMS on the marketbased on your observations NO SALES PITCH !!

  14. FIMS provides the onlyseriouspossibility for

  15. FIMS is an Opportunity • System Designers • Standards for interoperability, SOA value and benefits – agility! • Simplified upgrades, maintenance, multi-vendor selection benefits, no lock-in • Service Providers/Vendors • Leverage the FIMS ecosystem – standards, interoperability, re-use • Vendors can design ‘best of breed’ products with a FIMS interface • Engineering, marketing, sales focus with FIMS, faster time to market • For Management/Owner • Employ media services with ease; loose coupling benefit • Media workflows integrate more easily with the business workflow • Less manual intervention, more reliable, reduced risks • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)