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The Trio of Self Defense Tactics Every Video Should Have PowerPoint Presentation
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The Trio of Self Defense Tactics Every Video Should Have

The Trio of Self Defense Tactics Every Video Should Have

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The Trio of Self Defense Tactics Every Video Should Have

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    Slide 1:The Trio of Self Defense Tactics Every Video Should Have

    Slide 2:All around the country, there are martial arts schools that conduct active business. But the fact of the matter is that it is possible to learn defensive maneuvers from a self defense video. Enough so that you would have the ability to survive an attack using the skills you have learned.

    Slide 3:Participating in a live class is an excellent way to improve fitness and confidence; but many classes do no compare with instructional videos which are easier to access and cost less time and money.

    Slide 4:The main issue with learning self defense from a martial arts school is that schools often focus mainly on the sport of martial arts – not self defense. If you want to learn to stay safer, what you really need is specific self defense training.

    Slide 5:Every street battle will involve punches and kicks of some sort. In fact, knowing how to use your legs to fight off an attacker is just as important as knowing how to use your hands. The more skilled you are with your limbs, the more you surprise your attacker.

    Slide 6:Good self defense tactics involve swift kicks to your attacker’s knee. Should you connect with one of these blows, their leg will buckle under them making them much less of a threat. It will also open up various opportunities to follow up and end the fight.

    Slide 7: Leg kicks should serve to frustrate your assailant and hopefully result in them making mistakes which can then open the way for an escape.

    Slide 8:No self defense video would be complete without proper instruction in regards to striking with your hands. The reality is that, quite often, an assault will eventually become a close quarters altercation. You therefore need to know how to use your hands to create distance.

    Slide 9:In close quarters, when your attacker is very close to you, it is very important to know what to do to create distance and stop their attack. Most attacks last only a few moments, so using your self defense skills quickly and consistently will help you stay safe.

    Slide 10:Timing is important in an altercation. A good self defense course will show you exactly how and when to strike for the highest degree of efficiency. Too early or too late, and you may miss your window of opportunity to end a fight.

    Slide 11:There is a right time to strike an attacker, and there is indeed a need to do so if you want to get away and get to safety. Certainly, experiencing an attack is a fearful situation. Having the knowledge of what to do and when to do it can lessen fear and allow you to get away.

    Slide 12:A great number of street attacks end up on the floor. There may be many reasons for this, with one being that most attackers really have no actual fighting experience. Because they count on their victim also having no experience, they throw them to the ground to gain control.

    Slide 13:Self defense tactics involving holds and grappling maneuvers are worth their weight in gold. Imagine your attacker’s surprise when they find themselves faced with a victim who knows how to protect themselves by inflicting harm to their assailant!

    Slide 14:There are a wide array of moves one can learn through a reputable self defense video. Using this method of learning, you can observe any specific move, such as a knee kick, as many times as necessary for it to become second nature.

    Slide 15:Not every self defense video covers all angles necessary. In fact, 90% The key to true safety is finding the system that focuses on reality based self defense. This way, you know how to respond aptly to an attack.

    Slide 16:With just a little searching it is possible to find a video that covers many effective techniques for true self defense. Tips to follow: Look for positive feedback and a wide array of techniques taught and demonstrated.

    Slide 17:For more information about self defense tactics and self defense video, please check out