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Self-Defense. What is self-defense? What is the history and how has it evolved? What are self-defense techniques? Why is knowing self-defense important? How can you get started? . What is self-defense?. Self-defense is protecting yourself from physical harm.

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Self defense


What is self-defense?

What is the history and how has it evolved?

What are self-defense techniques?

Why is knowing self-defense important?

How can you get started?

What is self defense
What is self-defense?

  • Self-defense is protecting yourself from physical harm.

  • You can increase your safety by being cautious of your surroundings and knowing self-defense techniques.

  • Physical harm can include:

    • Rape

    • Robbery

    • Sexual assault, etc.

Where did self defense come from
Where did self-defense come from?

  • Self-defense is derived from Martial Arts

    • Judo-Japanese Martial Art and combat sport that involves throwing opponent to the ground.

    • Karate-Chinese Marital Art that uses striking, punching and kicking, along with knee and elbow strikes.

    • Juijutsu-a Japanese Martial Art using unarmed and armed techniques.


  • The purpose of Martial Arts is to defeat other people and to defend oneself or others from physical threat.

How has self defense evolved
How has self-defense evolved?

  • Self-defense instructors today are taking all kinds of Marital Art techniques and making them simpler in order for others to apply them to everyday harmful situations.

  • The majority of the time self-defense instructors are trained in several different types of Martial Arts which helps them teach their students from different views.

  • Self-defense can be more effective than Martial Arts to a person who is primarily concerned with safety.

  • Marital Arts’ main focus is combat and is labeled as a sport.

What are self defense techniques
What are self-defense techniques?

  • All self-defense academies are different but there are a few basic techniques that you will learn that as a victim will be useful on the streets

    • How to get out of a choke hold

    • How to get out of a rape situation

    • What to do if someone grabs you from behind

    • How to get someone off of you if you are pinned on the floor


  • Not only will you learn the steps to techniques but teachers will make you aware of simple things you can do to keep yourself safe so that you do not get into harmful situations.

Why is knowing self defense important
Why is knowing self-defense important?

  • Everyday our world is getting more and more dangerous so everyone needs to know how to protect themselves.

  • It is important that we all take precautions that will keep us safe but also to know what do if one becomes unfortunate enough and put in a harmful situation.

  • Women especially need to know how to protect themselves in dangerous situations such as being raped.

How can you get started
How can you get started?

  • The best way to know you will be safe in public is to take self-defense classes and study tips on how to stay safe.

  • Martial Art academies are popping up all over the nation so there has to be a place near you where classes are available.

  • If you are not interested in taking classes there are books, DVD’s and videos online that are self teach and can be very beneficial.

  • Besides actually knowing the techniques, there are simple steps everyone can take to remain safe.

Tips to staying safe
Tips to staying safe

  • Understand your surroundings

  • Walk and hang out in areas that are well lit and open

  • Use the buddy system

  • Ask yourself if feel safe and if you don’t then think twice about what you are about to do

  • Stay awake when riding on public transportation

  • Carry your body in a way so that you don’t look vulnerable (walk with confidence)

  • Don’t be afraid to report accidents to police


Interesting facts
Interesting Facts

  • In 2006, about three million women became reported victims of violent crimes that include robbery, rape and sexual assault (don’t fall into this number!)

  • Women ages 12-34 are most at risk of being victims.

  • In cases of rape and sexual assault the victim is almost always female.



  • Self defense experts say…

    • Always stay alert to what is going on around you

    • listening to your intuition

    • acting on your premonitions will help you navigate harmful situations, whether with an attacker, at work or in your social life.

  • Stay Safe!

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