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Everything You Need To Know About Garden Sheds PowerPoint Presentation
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Everything You Need To Know About Garden Sheds

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Everything You Need To Know About Garden Sheds - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A garden shed is basically a roofed structure in the garden or yard. It is used for storage, hobbies or as a workshop. There are various types of sheds available in Sydney. You must know which shed is better. Check out this PPT to find out which shed is better and how you can build your own shed at home?

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everything you need to know about

Everything You Need

To Know About

Garden Sheds

purpose of a garden shed

Purpose of a garden shed

The main purpose of erecting a garden shed is to organise your outdoor space. Although their basic aim is storage, many people use sheds as offices.

materials used for shed construction

Materials used for shed construction

You have a variety of options to select the material of construction for your shed. A shed can be constructed using metal, plastic, wood, vinyl, asbestos, etc.

facts to be borne in mind before selecting a shed

Facts to be borne in mind before selecting a shed

You need to be clear about the purpose behind the construction of the shed. This will determine the size, material, whether windows, fans, air conditioning is required or not.

benefits of garden sheds

Benefits of garden sheds

Garden sheds enable storage of yard equipment in one place, easier access, help in controlling clutter, etc. Garden sheds can serve as an office, a TV room, for pursuing hobbies such as painting, carpentry, etc.

types of garden sheds

Types of Garden Sheds

Skillion Roof Sheds

Flat Roof sheds

Gable Roof Sheds


The most widely used ones are Flat roof sheds and Gable roof sheds.

flat roof sheds

Flat roof sheds

Flat Roof Sheds work as an ideal storage for household equipment. They protect them from damage due to rain, wind, snow, etc.

gable roof sheds

Gable Roof sheds

Gable roof sheds have sloping roofs. They are easy to erect. You can DIY with the right tools or seek the help of a professional.