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Everything you need to Know About

Lapis lazuli <br>is known to facilitate the wearer in overcoming their fears. It is <br>also believed that the stone can help people recover from any traumatic <br>experiences that they might have gone through in the past.

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Everything you need to Know About

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  1. Everything you need to Know About Lapis Lazuli & LOCO LAPIS®

  2. About Lapis Lazuli Lapis Energies: Crystal Energies: Enlightenment, Wisdom, Clarity, Psychic • Healing Energies: MIND:Self-awareness, Enlightenment, lowering anxiety, empowering positive thoughts BODY: Cure for throat disorders, Thyroid, Insomnia, menstruation irregularities, blood pressure, back pain. SPIRIT: Third Eye Activation, clarity of minds, clarity of thoughts, creating link between dreams and reality, psychic energy activation.

  3. About Lapis Lazuli Mental Energies: Lapis lazuli is known to facilitate the wearer in overcoming their fears. It is also believed that the stone can help people recover from any traumatic experiences that they might have gone through in the past. Another common belief that is often heard of is the Lapis stone’s ability to help maintain a close bond between a person’s thoughts and reality, aiding in keeping their concentration and focus levels high. The stone is also associated with the ability to decrease feelings of anxiety and frustration and help people overcome any kind of obstacles they might face in their daily lives.

  4. About Lapis Lazuli Lapis as a Birthstone: A Magnificent Birthstone For Few Blessed People! Lapis Stone as Birthstone Over the course of thousands of years, Lapis has been regarded with holiness and heavenly powers. Ancient civilizations took it as their worship stone and believed in the good luck charm it brings. Even today, the stone is highly adored worldwide and some believers consider it as the chakra opener for “Third Eye”. Here’s the birthstone facts and relevant information for Lapis: • It is the birthstone for December • It is the alternative birthstone for September and January • It is the wedding anniversary stone for 7th and 9th anniversary • Zodiac sign for Lapis is Capricorn Getting Introduced with Lapis Lazuli Here’s what you should know about this exquisite stone. • It is one of the oldest gemstone that has been collected for over 6000 years • The name Lapis Lazuli literally translate into Blue Stone, which represents the magnificent color of the stone • It’s basically a rock and not a mineral • Lazurite – a blue mineral, is primarily responsible for the color of the stone • It’s a semi precious stone • It has been regarded highly in the ancient civilizations of Egyptians, Mayans, Mesopotamians, Romans, and Greeks etc.

  5. About Lapis Lazuli Lapis History A glorious Stone from the Leaf of History! Lapis was the first gemstone in history used as an ornament by humans. The archeologists have repeatedly found grave furnishings, chains, and beads made of lapis while excavating the ancient civilizations near the Mediterranean. That’s a clear indication of presence and regard of stone among the ancient civilizations of Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Romans, Greeks and Persians etc. Earlier Egyptians believe the stone as a symbol of nobility and good luck, whereas, many ancient civilizations took the stone as holy and worthy of worship. History accredited Alexander the Great to introduce this magnificent stone to Europe while returning from his expeditions to Asia. Well, this might explain why the royal blue color of the stone was referred to as Ultramarine or simply translated to “Beyond the sea”. FACT: The royal deep blue color that has given lapis all the fame and magnificence is due to the presence of Lazurite – a deep blue color mineral.

  6. About Lapis Lazuli As Healing Stone Most Amazing healing Properties That Lapis Lazuli Possesses SPIRITUAL HEALING Lapis stones are known to possess properties that provide an extension into the spiritual world. The very same properties have been used by many healers and spiritual leaders to get an increased insight into the spiritual vision. Some practices even relate the stone to being a key to opening the third eye (Chakra). And these are only the known positive cognitive impacts that have been heard of over the years. We would love to go into detail with you about some of the benefits that are associated with the Lapis stone (one of the first rocks used by humankind for its spiritual powers.) If you’re one of those people that suffer from over-stress, then we’d advise that you get yourself one of our products. Because the Lapis stone is known to provide serenity and tranquility to the wearer that will help to calm you down. The Lapis crystal is also accredited with having attributes that can help to increase levels of concentration in a person.

  7. About Lapis Lazuli As Healing Stone Most Amazing healing Properties That Lapis Lazuli Possesses PHYSICAL HEALING Perhaps the most dominant physical healing effect of lapis crystal is its ability to heal the throat area because of its ability to empower the throat chakra. It is known to stable and stimulates endocrine glands, vocal cords, larynx, and thyroid. The stone also facilitates against hearing loss and nose problems. Lapis stone is also recommended for insomniac patients and people suffering from blood pressure problems. Other physical healing benefits of the lapis stone include, stimulation of blood pressure, stabilizing of heart rhythm, healing of menstrual irregularities, stiffness, and cramping. It’s also known to reduce lower back pain, reduce migraine symptoms while also provide a helping hand to people with nervous disorders, autism and Asperger's syndrome. on.

  8. About Lapis Lazuli As Healing Stone Most Amazing healing Properties That Lapis Lazuli Possesses Emotional Healing The Lapis Lazuli grids are also known to bring a sense of calmness to short tempered people - helping them deal with temperamental issues. It’s known to smooth things down especially for young teenagers who find it hard to concentrate on studies. The stone is supposed to help out young people who get consumed by their daily routines and find it hard to appreciate life in itself. The special powers of the Lapis stone allow children to self-express and promote positive vibes. In fact, it can be a great source for encouraging friendship and expanding social circle for repressed children.

  9. About Lapis Lazuli Lapis as Health Benefits A Multi Dimensional Health Preface From the Antiquity! Lapiz Lazuli Health Benefits: Spiritual and Emotional • More often than not, the color Blue has been associated with peace and tranquility. And guess what, the purest form of Lapis Lazuli that we bring to you is the deep blue cover - the very same color that promotes peace of mind and soul for the wearer. • The stone is believed to open the throat chakra or the 5th energy body point. Placing the stone over your throat while meditating (wearing a lapis necklace) can facilitate in unblocking of Throat Chakra – promoting clear communication and self-expression. Numerous texts have promoted the effects of Lapis stone is promoting cleaning and positive communication – opening the barriers for respectful, clear and ingenuous communication. • Apart from the Throat Chakra, some beliefs also associate the stone with the Third-Eye Chakra or the 6th Chakra. While opening the Third-Eye Chakra, it assembles a uniquely strong bond between physical and inner worlds. That’s why it is excessively recommended to unlock forgotten memories. • Lapis has an overall healing effect on humans and is known to bring about positive energies to promote positive emotions at times of despair, apprehension, and restlessness.

  10. About Lapis Lazuli Lapis as Health Benefits A Multi Dimensional Health Preface From the Antiquity! Lapiz Lazuli Health Benefits: Physical • Lapis stone is highly recommended for people dealing with insomnia and depression. It’s known to give off a calming and soothing effect whenever present that promotes peaceful sleep by simulating peaceful thoughts. • Its association with 5th energy Chakra or the Throat Chakra assists in healing any physical problems that you might have related to your throat. The stone is also believed to be a source of positive energy that helps with the clearness of voice and communication channels. • There’s also a belief that the Lapis stone is a great way to help people who have speech disorders. • Lapis beads or necklace can facilitate in relieving patients suffering from Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s Disease.

  11. About Lapis Lazuli Lapis as Massage Stone Immerse In a Spiritually Healing Energy with this Mystic Stone! The best part: There are absolutely no side effects – literally ZERO! Sounds interesting? Well, that’s just the beginning and we have much more to reveal! Stones are made up of different elements combined in unique proportions. There’s a continuous vibration of electrons inside the crystal lattice. It’s this random vibrations that’s responsible for giving these stones their healing properties. Since every stone differs from the other in terms of its crystal structure; every stone has its own unique vibration pattern and characteristic healing property. Throughout history, many past civilizations had relied on stone massages. Even today, therapists continue to use crystals for healing purposes.

  12. About Lapis Lazuli Lapis as Massage Stone - Types of Stone Massage Broadly speaking, stone massage therapists’ use two different techniques that are equally potent and popular. Similar to the hot spa treatment, hot stone massages brings about numerous healing properties. Notably, it’s one of the best therapies you can have right now to promote peace and tranquility. Besides its numerous healing benefits, hot stone massages are also used for relaxation purposes. Also, the physical benefits of using a hot stone massage includes opening up of skin pores, stimulation of blood circulation and removal of toxins from your body.

  13. About Lapis Lazuli Lapis as Massage Stone - Types of Stone Massage Broadly speaking, stone massage therapists’ use two different techniques that are equally potent and popular. Cold stone massages is another powerful therapy that promotes positive energies by suppressing anxieties, negative thoughts; while promoting efficient blood circulation. It is also highly recommended to heal inflamed tissues, reduce swelling (dark circles etc.). And the positive thing about cold stone massage is that it doesn’t desensitize skin in the same manner ice treatment does.

  14. About Lapis Lazuli Lapis as Massage Stone Choosing the right therapy stone You can’t stress on benefits of particular stone as each massage stone comes with its own unique vibrational energy. Therapists often highlight the benefits that can be yielded from each stone, it’s up to you to choose your massage stone depending upon your requirements. Lapis Lazuli as a Massage Stone – The Majestic Beauty you can’t leave out! Lapis lazuli is unique and fascinating in many ways. It’s one of the first stones used by mankind for its healing properties.

  15. About Lapis Lazuli Lapis as Massage Stone The Crystal energy of Lapis Out of all the stones that are used for massage purposes, lapis is one of the very few “enhancer filter” stones. What does that mean? Enhancer filter stones are known for their perfect symmetric lattice that promotes internal harmony. Lapis Crystals are able to transverse through our body while spreading positive energies. They also help to stimulate our minds – creating a strong linkage between mind and soul. They can also be used to filter out negative energies thus increasing positivity. It’s very helpful of people who have focus issues and are constantly troubled by anxiety issues. Once you’re able to see life through a positive sight, you’ll be able to fully connect with yourself and be on your way on the path to enlightenment.

  16. Loco Lapis, bringing to you the finest quality of Lapis Lazuli the planet earth has to offer. Collecting this planet's greatest treasure and bringing it right to your doorstep in our prestigious collections.

  17. About Loco Lapis Our Story ® Because Out every Picture Tells a Story When we embarked on our journey in our search for the Lapis stone, we had no idea where to start. We were mesmerized by the visual appeal of this magnificent object but our knowledge about the many qualities this stone possesses was little to none. We had no idea where to look, how many types of the lapis stone are there and where are they produced. As time passed by, our knowledge about this stone increased. We also came across many ways this stone was being faked and sold for an ample amount around the world. And that is when we decided that we want to become a true resource of the finest quality Lapis stone produced on planet earth. We wanted to help out fellow collectors like ourselves so we searched and searched for the highest quality Lapis mine and started collecting these stones from there. Slowly and steadily we built together a collection we decided to name Loco Lapis which means Crazy Lapis – that is incomparable to any. All of the products that we have on our website have not been tampered with in any way. How We Started We assure you that you’ll have a 100% guarantee of receiving the highest quality Lapis this planet has offer.

  18. For over 6000 years, the Sar e Sang mines located in the current day North Eastern Badakhshan province of Afghanistan have remained and still are the only source for the highest quality of Lapis stone produced on planet earth.

  19. About Loco Lapis Our Pledge ® Authentic: The finest quality stones picked from the mines, delivered right to your doorsteps. Coming right from the source to connect with your soul. Our belief is to deliver 100% authentic products just for you. Each and every one of these stones is of esteemed value and can be a priceless addition to your collection – something you don’t want to miss out on. Never Prior Owned: All stones in our collection are coming straight from the mines. They’re picked right from the source and delivered into our repository. When you make a purchase with us, we absolutely guarantee that you’re the first owner of these valuable items and nobody else has gotten their hands on them before you. Best Price for Same quality: You might be a new collector or have been collecting for a while now. We assure you, you’ll never get a better deal anywhere else. Why so? Because we’re fellow collectors ourselves and know the actual value of these auspicious stones so we offer the best product at the best price possible. Straight from our mines: These products are coming straight from the mines. No treatment of any sort has been performed on them. What we get is what we deliver. No experimental addition of any sort. We’re committed to our cause of delivering true value by delivering the product in its natural form, without any tampering to you.

  20. About Loco Lapis Return Policy ® Our Return and Refund policy is simple as beauty of Lapis Lazuli and we will sum that for you as below. • Valid upto 30 days from your purchase • Must be unused and re-packed in the original packing • Must also provide us with a proof of purchase • Contact us with your order number here In case the returning item has been damaged by you or is not in the original condition. You are subjected to receive only half of your payment back.

  21. About Loco Lapis Inspection Policy ® Any returning item is subject to an inspection before any refunds are made. These inspections will determine whether your payment is to be refunded or not. All returning payments made after the inspection are in accordance with the “return policy”. The refund policy does not apply to any items purchased in “sale”.

  22. About Loco Lapis Return Shipping Policy ® Customers are responsible for paying their own shipping charges for any returning items. Address to send items you want to returns is listed as: Loco Lapis 2 Robert Speck Pkwy, #750 Mississauga Ontario L4Z 1H8 Canada.

  23. About Loco Lapis Shipping Policy ® All orders placed at Loco Lapis are processed and dispatched from our warehouse in Canada as quickly as possible. Although our online store is operational 7 days a week, no delivery shipment is sent out during the weekend. As soon as you place an order, it takes one business day to process and get the order ready to be shipped out. The delivery timings apply as soon as the package is sent out. Delivery Timings > Rates We have a fixed rate policy on our delivery charges and no hidden expenses are thrown upon you while checking out

  24. About Loco Lapis FAQ’s - About Lapis ® What is so special about Loco Lapis? An online store that provides the best Lapis produced on planet earth, there’s nothing more special than that. We have a pledge and we stick to it. No gimmicks. All natural stones, straight from the source. Do I have to wear lapis to have it’s effect? There are many way to embrace the effects of the Lapis stone. But wearing it is often regarded as the best way to get maximum benefits. You can also choose to keep it on your desk or use it as a decor item for your home. Where is the Lapis mine? The mine that we get our stones from are located in the Kokcha river valley of Badakhshan province in Northeastern Afghanistan.

  25. About Loco Lapis FAQ’s - About Lapis ® How can I check if Lapis is authentic? The best method of identifying the originality of a Lapis stone is to either wash it with acetone or alcohol. If the color starts to fade away, it is a fake or a lesser quality lapis has been dyed. But these are not the only methods to identify the authenticity of your stone. The first thing you need to understand is that the high quality Lapis stone is not cheap. Secondly, it will have a uniform blue color which is really hard to artificially manipulate. Thirdly, a real lapis stone will always leave a blue-ish mark on any rough surface that you rub it against. Am I the first owner of this Lapis? The stones that we’re providing have never been previously owned. So Yes. You will be the first owner of these stones and jewellery. Is your product exactly as shown in picture? We believe in delivering a 100% original product. The pictures that we provide on our website is exactly the product we deliver to you. For total clarity, we also provide measurements of weight and size of each of our stones which you can verify on your own as well.

  26. About Loco Lapis FAQ’s - About Jewellery ® Am I the first owner of anything I buy from your store? Yes, all of our jewellery items have never been owned before. Is your jewellry handmade? All of the items that we have displayed on our website have been handmade by local artisans who have been in this business for over 20 years. Where are your artisan’s located? All of our artisans that we have currently employed are located near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  27. About Loco Lapis FAQ’s - About Shipping ® When is my order shipped? Your order will be shipped out within 2 - 5 business days from the date the order is placed. Any orders placed over the weekend or on holidays will be processed the following week. Where do you ship from? We’re an online store based out of Toronto, Canada. How long will it take to get my order? Following your order placement, you have the control over how fast your shipment reaches you. at checkout your can select options to do so. What are the shipping rates? The rates are varying, depending upon your location and calculated and checkout. How do I return an item/receive a refund? If somehow you’re not satisfied with the product you’ve received, there’s a no questions asked policy on return products. Ship us back the original product and you can get a refund, pronto.

  28. About Loco Lapis FAQ’s - Payment ® What are my payment options? We’re currently only accepting Paypal, Visa and Mastercard American Express. If I want to make a bulk purchase can I get a discount? Yes bulk orders can get a discounted price. Do you support wire transfer? No, we do not Other FAQ’s Do you have a wholesale catalog? We don’t have a catalog yet. Arrangements can be made on request. Do you have a local pick up Store? At the moment, we’re operating only as an online store. But there are future plans. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  29. Created By: Patrick Pyne and Danny Morrison

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