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F orestry. Objective 28.01 Describe the impact of forests, their products, and their effect on the economy. Forests: Past and Present. Trees provided Native Americans and early settlers with shelter, fuel, medicines, shade and tools.

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f orestry


Objective 28.01 Describe the impact of forests, their products, and their effect on the economy

forests past and present
Forests: Past and Present

Trees provided Native Americans and early settlers with shelter, fuel, medicines, shade and tools.

Today our country is dependent on over 10,000 products provided by forests

Trees have been used for rafts, boats, cabins, sheds, fences, blockades, fuel, warmth, food, clothing, and medicines.

nc forests
NC Forests

19.3 million acres of forests in NC

Almost 97% of NC forests used for timber

77% privately owned

13% owned by forest industries

important roles of forestry overview
Important Roles of Forestry: Overview

Economic value

Removal of air and soil pollutants

Wildlife habitat

Water Quality and Fish Environment

Noise Abatement

Greenbelts for Moisture Storage Zone

Reduction of Wind Erosion, Glare and Reflection

Social, Recreational, and Aesthetic Value

important role economic value
Important Role: Economic Value

Forests provide 300 billion dollars worth of goods

important roles removal of pollutants
Important Roles: Removal of Pollutants

Leaves exchange gases removing pollutants

Roots circulate nutrients, toxins, and other pollutants in the soil; removing them

important role wildlife habitat
Important Role: Wildlife Habitat

Just like with Native Americans and early settlers, trees provide shelter and food for Smokey the Bear and all his friends

Forests provide habitat for more species than any other biome in the world

important roles water quality and fish environment
Important Roles: Water Quality and Fish Environment
  • Shade regulates water temperatures
      • Example: trout cannot tolerate warm waters
  • Help prevent erosion, keeping streams free of pollutants and sediment
important role noise abatement
Important Role: Noise Abatement

Natural barriers for noise pollution

A belt of trees 98 ft wide and 49 ft tall have proven to reduce highway noise by 6-10 decibels

important role greenbelts moisture storage zone
Important Role:Greenbelts- Moisture Storage Zone

A mature oak tree pumps water from the soil and can transpire 100 gallons of water or more into the atmosphere during a hot summer day allowing the soil to store additional runoff

important role reduction of wind erosion glare and reflection
Important Role: Reduction of Wind Erosion, Glare, and Reflection

A row of trees, with dense foliage, 20 ft high can reduce the speed of wind up to 400 ft

Trees are effective barriers to excessive glare and reflection from surfaces like concrete and glass

important role social recreational and aesthetic value
Important Role:Social, Recreational, and Aesthetic Value


Nature study




Hunting/ fishing


Bird watching

ecological benefits of trees
Ecological Benefits of Trees

Control Runoff

Leaves absorb raindrop impact and roots prevent soil erosion

Dead leaves and limbs enhance soil development

Flood prevention and water flow control

Keeps areas cool in summer and warm in winter (climate influence)

Trees serve as nutrient Recyclers

ticket out the door
Ticket Out The Door:

3 things you learned

2 things you still are confused about

1 thing that interested you the most