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Welcome to The UNCW Staff Forum

Welcome to The UNCW Staff Forum. Sponsored by the Staff Senate March 14, 2012. Forum Agenda. Meet Your Senators Staff Senate Overview Announcements Accomplishments Current Top Ten List & Chancellor ’ s Response Open Floor on Top 10 – feedback, discussion Senate Bill 575

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Welcome to The UNCW Staff Forum

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  1. Welcome to TheUNCW Staff Forum Sponsored by the Staff Senate March 14, 2012

  2. Forum Agenda • Meet Your Senators • Staff Senate Overview • Announcements • Accomplishments • Current Top Ten List & Chancellor’s Response • Open Floor on Top 10 – feedback, discussion • Senate Bill 575 • Open Floor on SB575 – feedback, discussion • What’s next

  3. Meet Your Senators

  4. Academic Affairs Representatives Ben Brown Watson School of Education WSE Tammi Emeka Diversity & Inclusion FUU 2021 Patty Fox Research Services McNeill Hall 3074

  5. Academic Affairs Representatives Mark Gallovic International Programs 118 Friday Annex Kelley Harts Admissions James Hall Jeannine Leary Cultural Arts Kenan Auditorium

  6. Academic Affairs Representatives Daniella Polich Registrar’s Office James Hall Debra Simpson School of Nursing McNeill Hall

  7. Academic Affairs Representatives CMS & ITS Jarrett Piner Tech Research Assessment & Services Hoggard Yvonne Brown Network & Communications Telecommunications Bldg Brandon Thigpen CMS CMS

  8. Advancement Representative Jordan Gruber Alumni Relations Wise Alumni House

  9. Business Affairs Representatives Lisa Laverick Payroll Hoggard 160 Stephanie Herring University Police University Police Dept Charles Bey Motor Pool Physical Plant

  10. Business Affairs Representatives Ashley Navarra Facilities Administration Warehouse Cindy Retchin Financial Systems Hoggard 167 Jennifer Schacher Controller Hoggard 146

  11. Business Affairs Representatives Darrell Stutson Landscaping Physical Plant Ed Shuford Project Design & Mgmt Facilities

  12. Chancellor’s Division Representatives Amanda Fisher Athletics Hanover Gym William Davis Marketing & Communications 737 St. James Dr.

  13. Student Affairs Representatives Terry Ismert Health Center DePaolo Hall 2nd Floor Glenda Pate Dean of Students FUU 2017 Carol Porter University Learning Center DePaolo Hall 1056

  14. Ex-Officio Representatives Sissy Hendricks Student Accounts Warwick Lori Preiss Human Resources Airlie Commons Ricky Thompson Printing Services FUU 1043

  15. Staff Senate Overview

  16. Senate Mission The UNCW Staff Senate was established to foster a spirit of unity, pride and cooperation among staff members by recognizing the leadership role staff play in the daily work of the university. The council advises the chancellor and senior officers on issues and concerns that are important to staff and supports the administration in the achievement of the university’s mission.

  17. Announcements

  18. Nominations & Elections NominationsApril 16 – April 30 ElectionsMay 21 – May 31 *Those elected will be notified by June 8th

  19. Nominations & Elections Nominate yourself NEW!Nominate other staff! NOTE: Supervisor approval required;Each senator serves a 2-year term www.uncw.edu/staffsenate

  20. Staff Senate Scholarship • $500 scholarship awarded during Fall and Spring Semesters • Application for Fall 2012 Scholarship available March 15 through April 15 • Selection based on need, academic merit, and campus involvement • Eligibility guidelines • Permanent non-teaching EPA and SPA staff working at least ¾ time • Minimum of 1 year employment at UNCW • Immediate family members of eligible staff • Accepted to UNCW and pursuing a degree • Minimum GPA of 2.5 for continuing students • Learn more and apply online at • www.uncw.edu/staffsenate/StaffSenateScholarship.html

  21. Accomplishments

  22. Scholarship Endowment • Endowed in 2011 with $25,000 • 13 given since 2006 for a total of $6,500 Scholarship Awardees Alisha Sue, 2006 Bonnie Monteleone, 2007 Elizabeth James, 2007 Patti Fox, 2008 MJ Giammaria, 2008 Linda-Jean Jay, 2008 Pamela Thurston, 2009 Jennifer Abernathy-Messer, 2009 Melinda Miles, 2010 Carol Page, 2010 Carole Wilson, 2011 Chardon Murray, 2011 Amy Howell, 2012

  23. Annual Food Drive • Part of the state-wide Staff Assembly “Have a Heart” Campaign • Every February • Over 7,000 lbs of food donated over the last 3 years to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina

  24. Global Staff Travel Grant • Joint initiative with the Office of International Programs • Supports strategic goal #4: “to create an educational environment that encourages our students to become global citizens.” • Support for international travel that will contribute to one’s global professional development • Applications are due by October 15

  25. Top Issues Addressed

  26. Current Top Ten List

  27. Top 10 – Feedback & Discussion

  28. New Top Ten List Discussion of Ideas Next Steps: Survey Development of List Timeline

  29. Senate Bill 575

  30. Senate Bill 575 What is it? - Senate Bill 575 (S575) is legislation introduced last year during the “long session” of the legislature to provide flexibility to the Community College System and the University of North Carolina. What does it do? – Section 18 of S575 would transfer responsibility for management of the personnel system for SPA employees of the UNC system from the State Office of Personnel Management to the UNC Board of Governors. What is the status? – S575 was referred to the Committee on Education and Higher Education in April 2011 where it remains. Language is not specific. General Administration of the UNC System (GA) is interested in moving the legislation forward, and will likely develop modifying language. GA has developed a set of guiding principles which would be followed in the implementation of a unified personnel system. These principles demonstrate the commitment of the UNC system to act in the best interests of all of its employees.

  31. Senate Bill 575 - Concerns Would SPA employees become “at will” under the unified system? – No, the legislation as written requires a unified system to retain the protections offered under the current state personnel system. Adverse actions would continue to require “just cause.” Would RIF rights be changed? – Possibly, details would have to be defined under the unified system. However, our current RIF rights were reduced by the legislature last year, and are subject to future revisions. Would it be possible for University employees to receive increases in pay when state employees do not? - While not a certainty, it would be possible, subject to the availability of funding. What about health care coverage? - University employees would remain eligible to continue coverage under the state health care program unless the UNC system decided to establish an independent program. Are there current examples within North Carolina of such a separate system? Yes, the Community College personnel management system is separate from the state system.

  32. Senate Bill 575 – discussion, feedback, next steps What should you do? – Educate yourself. Read Section 18 of S575 and the Guiding Principles. Both documents are on the website for the Staff Senate. There have been concerns raised about the legislation. Read some of those concerns. Form your own opinion about the legislation and express that opinion to your state representatives. Also, communicate your thoughts to the Staff Senate. Here is the bottom line question for your consideration – Who do you trust more to oversee your personnel matters, the legislature or the UNC system?

  33. What’s Next

  34. Staying involved • Attend meetings • Read the newsletter • Make suggestions – • through Senators • suggestion boxes • Top 10 survey Thank you • www.uncw.edu/staffsenate • Email staffsenate@uncw.edu or ramseya@uncw.edu

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