sop use and maintenance of high pressure washer machine n.
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SOP Use and Maintenance of High Pressure Washer Machine PowerPoint Presentation
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SOP Use and Maintenance of High Pressure Washer Machine

SOP Use and Maintenance of High Pressure Washer Machine

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SOP Use and Maintenance of High Pressure Washer Machine

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  1. SOP Use and Maintenance ofHighPressure Washer Machine Market chain cleaning and disinfection training

  2. Using a Karcher High-Pressure Washer(Model HD 6/16-4 M)

  3. Objectives Correct and rapid use and maintenance of electric high-pressure washer To become familiar with the washer equipment To use, maintain and store the washer equipment correctly To ensure that the equipment always works well To know how to use detergent/disinfectant correctly 3

  4. Karcher parts Oil level Cover and Machine Wheel Detergent bottle Water pressure indicator Detergent button deterjen on out off Water filter out in Electric cable “On”/”off” button Water inlet/outlet

  5. Spray Gun Lock Spray Gun High pressure hose Sprayer gun parts O-ring at the end of the spray lance O-ring on the Nozzle CHEM position on NOZZLE Position adjuster for the NOZZLE Pencil Jet Fan Jet position on NOZZLE

  6. Accessories 1 • Plastic hose • Screwdriver • Plastic bottle (600 ml) • Filter for water tank • Hose clamp • Oil (SAE 15W40) 1 2 2 6 3 3 4 5 6

  7. Using the machine Check the sprayer’s oil level. Step 1 • Between the “MIN” and “MAX” marks • Add oil (SAE 15W40) if the level is at “MIN” or below.

  8. Step 2 Check the O-ring at the end of the nozzle and the end of the spray lance Step 3 Attach the high-pressure hose

  9. Step 4a Connect the water supply from a water tap and clamp with the hose clamp ATAU Step 4b Place the filter in a basin of clean water

  10. Step 5 Check the cleanliness of the filter Wash the water filter if it is dirty or at least once a week Step 6 Attach the hose to the machine’s water outlet Make sure there are no air bubbles

  11. Step 7 Fill with detergent solution “Make sure the filter is below the level of the detergent” Step 8 Adjust the detergent valve meter to 3-4% “Turn to the right or left according to the type of detergent hose to be used”

  12. Step 9 Make sure the hose is not tangled or folded Step 10 Connect to an electric socket ( 3200 watt)

  13. Step 11 Remove any air bubbles before using • Remove the nozzle screw • Let water flow until there are no more air bubbles • Turn off the machine and re-attach the spray lance

  14. Step 12 Using the machine for washing • Make sure all workers are wearing PPE • Adjust the “CHEM” end of the spray lance  detergent • Make sure that foam comes out  sign that the detergent pump is functioning normally

  15. Step 13 Using the high-pressure washer for cleaning : • Spray with detergent  leave for at least 1 minute • Adjust the spray lance to high pressure (Fan Jet) • Spray object surfaces at a distance of 20 cm 15

  16. Step 14 After all objects have been cleaned, this equipment must be cleaned properly and stored after the activity is finished • Rinse the detergent hose 2. Switch off the machine and unplug from the electric socket

  17. Release pressure from the spray gun so that pressure is at “0” • Place the end of the spray lance in the nozzle rest and suspend the spray gun 17

  18. Step 15 Turn off the water supply and remove the end of the hose from the water pipe. . Step 16 Roll up the hose and store the equipment

  19. Risks and Prevention : Electric shocks – keep the electronic parts and the cable/electrical outlet far away from water pools. Falling and slipping in vehicle shelters and bays – always take care when working on wet surfaces and always wear appropriate clothing. Infectious diseases – always wear recommended PPE and wash hands and wear clothing that covers completely in the correct way High-pressure washers must not be directed towards people or animals.