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Pressure Washer Maintenance for Car Wash Owners

http://www.kleen-ritecorp.com/c-444-pressure-wash.aspx | Pressure washers provide car wash owners with an invaluable cleaning tool. Maintaining and using pressure washers properly will reduce liability and risk, while making them more effective for customers.

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Pressure Washer Maintenance for Car Wash Owners

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  1. Using & Maintaining Pressure Washers For Car Wash Facilities

  2. Pressure washers provide an efficient and helpful service for car wash businesses. Shooting streams of pressurized water, these devices can safely remove dirt and grime from a vehicle. Unlike car washes that use brushes, pressure washers will not leave scratches on vehicles that result in poor customer experiences. Proper settings and maintenance are vital to getting the most out of a pressure washer for car wash facilities.

  3. Car wash owners provide a valuable service to automobile owners. Regular car washes can remove dirt and debris that can damage the vehicle’s paint, reducing its resale value. Cleaning windows and mirrors also helps drivers better see the road and traffic, enhancing safety.

  4. Proper Pressure Washer Use • Because pressure washers direct high pressure streams of water, they can cause damage to vehicles and injury to people if used improperly. Car wash owners can mitigate risk by having proper settings on their pressure washers. Good settings for car wash pressure washers are: • 1200 PSI • 1 GPM • Pressures over 2000 PSI can easily chip paint and cause injury, so be sure your pressure is not too high.

  5. Pressure Washer Safety Employees or customers using a pressure washer at your car wash should be aware of the following safety tips: • Keep the pressure wand at least a foot from the surface being cleaned. • Start with a low setting on the pressure washer and adjust upward as needed. • Pre-rinsing with soap and light brushing will help loosen up dirt and debris, keeping employees from having to use the high settings.

  6. Maintaining Your Pressure Washer Like any piece of machinery, your pressure washer will require regular maintenance to continue optimal function. Car wash pressure washers are subject to quite a bit of wear and tear, so purchasing durable products and keeping them maintained is a must.

  7. Checking The Pump Inlet & Output If your pump is losing pressure, checking the pump’s inlet and output is probably the first bit of troubleshooting you should do. • Clean the pump inlet. • Ensure the line has a clean filter. • Make sure the flow control valve is installed and working properly. • Ensure the temperature valve is installed and working properly. • Replace spray nozzles, if necessary.

  8. Drives & Belts Problems with the pump drive can contribute to pressure loss. • Check your pump drive’s RPMs. • If they’ve decreased, you may need to repair or replace your drive. • Also, check belts on the pressure washer to see if they are worn or slipping. Belt problems can result in loss of pressure.

  9. Regular Service Tasks • Regularly inspect, repair and replace pump packings or seals. • Install a pressure gauge for better monitoring. • Perform maintenance right away if pressure fluctuates. • Regularly service the valve.

  10. About Kleen-Rite Kleen Rite supplies quality commercial car wash products and equipment. In business for 50 years, Kleen Rite has developed a solid reputation for selling pressure washers, cleaning supplies and other car wash equipment at highly competitive prices. Learn more by calling 1-800-233-3873 or visiting www.kleen-ritecorp.com.

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