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Pressure Cleaning: The Ultimate Pressure Washer Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Pressure Cleaning: The Ultimate Pressure Washer Guide

Pressure Cleaning: The Ultimate Pressure Washer Guide

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Pressure Cleaning: The Ultimate Pressure Washer Guide

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  2. Pressure Cleaning: The Ultimate Pressure Washer Guide • Pressure cleaning has become quite popular in recent times. • If you have started a new business for power wash,it is necessary to know your machine very well. • If not handled properly a Pressure cleaning machinecan cause serious injuries.

  3. Here is the ultimate pressure washer guide for you. • Check for freight damage: It is necessary to check for freight damage once you receive the pressure cleaning machine. If you are working on a damaged electronic machine, it may be a risky affair. Any damage to the machine should be reported to the manufacturer immediately. • Check for oil level: Always check for the oil level of the pressure cleaning each time you use it. When using the machine for the first time, mostly all the power wash machines are pre-checked on the oil level. In case the oil is delivered separately, it is owner’s responsibility to fill in the oil wherever required.

  4. Check for water supply Gallon Per Minute: Every pressure cleaning machine has a specific requirement of Gallon Per Minute (GPM) of water supply. You can check the GPM rate of your water by using a 5-gallon bucket and a timer. If adequate GPM rate is not achieved it may result in damaging your pump. Never let you pump be dry in any condition. • Check for water quality: Water you are using for pressure cleaning should not contain particles larger than 80 microns. The power washing machine has filters installed but they are not good for the long run. Therefore is necessary to check for sand and scale particles in the water used for pressure cleaning.

  5. Remove Air: It is also very important to remove any vacuum in the power-cleaning machine. Therefore, switch on the water supply and let the water flow from the gun. In this process, also check for any leakage in the pressure cleaning machine. • The Unloaded Valve: You get two options in power cleaning. The first one is Trapped Pressure Unloaded and the other is Flow Actuated Unloaded. These unloaders help in regulating the water flow. In the absence of unloaded a very high pressure of water will be created. This can be very dangerous. The unloaded is a safety device in a broader way.

  6. Hoses and Couplers: Industrial facility supplied hoses are estimated long and width for best operational execution and size inside the weight abilities. Extra hose added to the machine may change the execution of the machine. Whenever supplanting or detaching the snappy couplers makes sure the machine is closed off and pacifies the weight from all hoses.