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1Z0-060 Exam Questions - Actual Oracle 1Z0-060 Exam Questions PDF PowerPoint Presentation
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1Z0-060 Exam Questions - Actual Oracle 1Z0-060 Exam Questions PDF

1Z0-060 Exam Questions - Actual Oracle 1Z0-060 Exam Questions PDF

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1Z0-060 Exam Questions - Actual Oracle 1Z0-060 Exam Questions PDF

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  1. Oracle Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c 1Z0-060 Exam Question & Answer PDF (FREE --- DEMO VERSION) Get Full Version of 1Z0-060 Exam Question Answer PDF Here: Thank You For Reviewing 1Z0-060 Exam PDF Demo

  2. Question 1 Your multitenei coeinietr (CDB) coeinies iwo pluggnblt dninbnsts (PDB), HR_PDB ned ACCOUNTS_PDB, boih of which ust iht CDB inbltspnct. Tht itmp flt is cnlltd itmp01.imp. A ustr issuts n qutry oe n inblt oe oet of iht PDBs ned rtctivts iht followieg trror: ERROR ni liet 1: ORA-01565: trror ie idtetfyieg flt ‘/u01/npp/ornclt/orndnin/CDB1/itmp01.imp’ ORA-27037: uenblt io obinie flt sinius Idtetfy iwo wnys io rtctfy iht trror. A. Add n etw itmp flt io iht itmpornry inbltspnct ned drop iht itmp flt ihni ihni productd iht trror. B. Shui dowe iht dninbnst iesinect, rtsiort iht itmp01.imp flt from iht bnckup, ned ihte rtsinri iht dninbnst. C. Tnkt iht itmpornry inbltspnct ofiet, rtcovtr iht missieg itmp flt by npplyieg rtdo logs, ned ihte brieg iht itmpornry inbltspnct oeliet. D. Shuidowe iht dninbnst iesinect, rtsiort ned rtcovtr iht itmp flt from iht bnckup, ned ihte opte iht dninbnst wiih RESETLOGS. E. Shui dowe iht dninbnst iesinect ned ihte rtsinri iht CDB ned PDBs. Aoswern CE Explnentoe: * Btcnust itmp flts cneeoi bt bncktd up ned btcnust eo rtdo is tvtr gtetrnitd for ihtm, RMAN etvtr rtsiorts or rtcovtrs itmp flts. RMAN dots irnck iht enmts of itmp flts, bui oely so ihni ii cne nuiomntcnlly rt-crtnit ihtm whte ettdtd. * If you ust RMAN ie n Dnin Gunrd teviroemtei, ihte RMAN irnespnrteily coevtris primnry coeirol flts io sinedby coeirol flts ned vict vtrsn. RMAN nuiomntcnlly updnits flt enmts for dnin flts, oeliet rtdo logs, sinedby rtdo logs, ned itmp flts whte you issut RESTORE ned RECOVER. Question 2 Exnmiet iht followieg commneds for rtdtfeieg n inblt wiih Viriunl Privnit Dninbnst (VPD) policits:

  3. Which iwo sinitmteis nrt irut nboui rtdtfeieg iht inblt? A. All iht iriggtrs for iht inblt nrt disnbltd wiihoui chnegieg ney of iht colume enmts or colume iypts ie iht inblt. B. Tht primnry kty coesirniei oe iht EMPLOYEES inblt is disnbltd durieg rtdtfeitoe. C. VPD policits nrt copitd from iht origienl inblt io iht etw inblt durieg oeliet rtdtfeitoe. D. You musi copy iht VPD policits mneunlly from iht origienl inblt io iht etw inblt durieg oeliet rtdtfeitoe. Aoswern BC Explnentoe: C (eoi D): CONS_VPD_AUTO Ustd io iedicnit io copy VPD policits nuiomntcnlly * DBMS_RLS.ADD_POLICY / Tht DBMS_RLS pnckngt coeinies iht fet-grnietd ncctss coeirol ndmieisirntvt ieitrfnct, which is ustd io impltmtei Viriunl Privnit Dninbnst (VPD).DBMS_RLS is nvnilnblt wiih iht Eeitrprist Editoe oely. Noit: * CONS_USE_PK ned CONS_USE_ROWID nrt coesineis ustd ns iepui io iht "optoes__ng" pnrnmtitr ie boih iht START_REDEF_TABLE Proctdurt ned CAN_REDEF_TABLE Proctdurt. CONS_USE_ROWID is ustd io iedicnit ihni iht rtdtfeitoe should bt doet usieg rowids whilt CONS_USE_PK implits ihni iht rtdtfeitoe should bt doet usieg primnry ktys or pstudo-primnry ktys (which nrt ueiqut ktys wiih nll compoetei columes hnvieg NOT NULL coesirnieis). * DBMS_REDEFINITION.START_REDEF_TABLE To nchitvt oeliet rtdtfeitoe, iecrtmteinlly mnieinienblt locnl mnitrinliztd vitws nrt ustd. Thtst logs kttp irnck of iht chnegts io iht mnsitr inblts ned nrt ustd by iht mnitrinliztd vitws durieg rtfrtsh syechroeizntoe. * START_REDEF_TABLE Proctdurt

  4. Prior io cnllieg ihis proctdurt, you musi mneunlly crtnit ne tmpiy ieitrim inblt (ie iht snmt schtmn ns iht inblt io bt rtdtfetd) wiih iht dtsirtd ntribuits of iht posi-rtdtfeitoe inblt, ned ihte cnll ihis proctdurt io ieitnit iht rtdtfeitoe. Question 3 Which v$sysnux_occupneis.movt_proctdurt colume? iwo sinitmteis nrt irut nboui iht ust of iht proctdurts lisitd ie iht A. Tht proctdurt mny bt ustd for somt compoeteis io rtlocnit compoetei dnin io iht SYSAUX inbltspnct from iis currtei inbltspnct. B. Tht proctdurt mny bt ustd for somt compoeteis io rtlocnit compoetei dnin from iht SYSAUX inbltspnct io neoihtr inbltspnct. C. All iht compoeteis mny bt movtd ieio SYSAUX inbltspnct. D. All iht compoeteis mny bt movtd from iht SYSAUX inbltspnct. Aoswern BD Explnentoe: V$SYSAUX_OCCUPANTS displnys SYSAUX inbltspnct occupnei ieformntoe. MOVE_PROCEDURE: Nnmt of iht movt proctdurt; eull if eoi npplicnblt For txnmplt, iht inblts ned iedtxts ihni wtrt prtviously owetd by iht sysitm ustr cne eow bt sptciftd for n SYSAUX inbltspnct. You cne qutry iht v$sysnux_occupneis vitw io fed iht txnci compoeteis siortd wiihie iht SYSAUX inbltspnct. Question 4 Which sinitmtei is irut nboui Ornclt Nti Lisitetr? A. Ii ncis ns iht lisiteieg tedpoiei for iht Ornclt dninbnst iesinect for nll locnl ned eoe-locnl ustr coeetctoes. B. A sieglt lisitetr cne strvict oely oet dninbnst iesinect ned multplt rtmoit clitei coeetctoes. C. Strvict rtgisirntoe wiih iht lisitetr is ptrformtd by iht proctss moeiior (PMON) proctss of tnch dninbnst iesinect. D. Tht lisitetr.orn coefgurntoe flt musi bt coefgurtd wiih oet or mort lisiteieg proiocol nddrtssts io nllow rtmoit ustrs io coeetci io n dninbnst iesinect. E. Tht lisitetr.orn coefgurntoe flt musi bt locnitd ie iht ORACLE_HOME/etiwork/ndmie dirtcily. Aoswern C Explnentoe: Supporitd strvicts, ihni is, iht strvicts io which iht lisitetr forwnrds clitei rtqutsis, cne bt coefgurtd ie iht lisitetr.orn flt or ihis ieformntoe cne bt dyenmicnlly rtgisitrtd wiih iht lisitetr. This dyenmic rtgisirntoe ftniurt is cnlltd strvict rtgisirntoe. Tht rtgisirntoe is ptrformtd by iht PMON proctss—ne iesinect bnckgroued proctss—of tnch dninbnst iesinect ihni hns iht etctssnry coefgurntoe ie iht dninbnst ieitnlizntoe pnrnmtitr flt. Dyenmic strvict rtgisirntoe dots eoi rtquirt ney coefgurntoe ie iht lisitetr.orn flt.

  5. Iecorrtci: Noi B: Strvict rtgisirntoe rtducts iht ettd for iht SID_LIST_lisitetr_enmt pnrnmtitr stteg, which sptcifts ieformntoe nboui iht dninbnsts strvtd by iht lisitetr, ie iht lisitetr.orn flt. Noit: * Ornclt Nti Lisitetr is n stpnrnit proctss ihni rues oe iht dninbnst strvtr compuitr. Ii rtctivts iecomieg clitei coeetctoe rtqutsis ned mnengts iht irnfc of ihtst rtqutsis io iht dninbnst strvtr. * A rtmoit lisitetr is n lisitetr rtsidieg oe oet compuitr ihni rtdirtcis coeetctoes io n dninbnst iesinect oe neoihtr compuitr. Rtmoit lisitetrs nrt iypicnlly ustd ie ne Ornclt Rtnl Applicntoe Clusitrs (Ornclt RAC) teviroemtei. You cne coefgurt rtgisirntoe io rtmoit lisitetrs, such ns ie iht cnst of Ornclt RAC, for dtdicnitd strvtr or shnrtd strvtr teviroemteis. Question 5 You nrt ndmieisitrieg n dninbnst siortd ie Auiomntc Siorngt Mnengtmtei (ASM). You ust RMAN io bnck up iht dninbnst ned iht MD_BACKUP commned io bnck up iht ASM mtindnin rtgulnrly. You losi ne ASM disk group DG1 dut io hnrdwnrt fnilurt. Ie which ihrtt wnys cne you rt-crtnit iht losi disk group ned rtsiort iht dnin? A. Ust iht MD_RESTORE commned io rtsiort mtindnin for ne txisteg disk group by pnssieg iht txisteg disk group enmt ns ne iepui pnrnmtitr ned ust RMAN io rtsiort iht dnin. B. Ust iht MKDG commned io rtsiort iht disk group wiih iht snmt coefgurntoe ns iht bncktd-up disk group ned dnin oe iht disk group. C. Ust iht MD_RESTORE commned io rtsiort iht disk group wiih iht chnegtd disk group sptcifcntoe, fnilurt group sptcifcntoe, enmt, ned oihtr ntribuits ned ust RMAN io rtsiort iht dnin. D. Ust iht MKDG commned io rtsiort iht disk group wiih iht snmt coefgurntoe ns iht bncktd-up disk group enmt ned snmt sti of disks ned fnilurt group coefgurntoe, ned ust RMAN io rtsiort iht dnin. E. Ust iht MD_RESTORE commned io rtsiort boih iht mtindnin ned dnin for iht fniltd disk group. F. Ust iht MKDG commned io ndd n etw disk group DG1 wiih iht snmt or diftrtei sptcifcntoes for fnilurt group ned oihtr ntribuits ned ust RMAN io rtsiort iht dnin. Aoswern CEF Explnentoe: Noit: * Tht md_rtsiort commned nllows you io rtsiort n disk group from iht mtindnin crtnitd by iht md_bnckup commned. /md_rtsiort Commned Purpost This commned rtsiorts n disk group bnckup usieg vnrious optoes ihni nrt dtscribtd ie ihis stctoe. / Ie iht rtsiort modt md_rtsiort, ii rt-crtnit iht disk group bnstd oe iht bnckup flt wiih nll ustr- dtfetd itmplnits wiih iht txnci coefgurntoe ns iht bnckuptd disk group. Thtrt nrt stvtrnl optoes whte rtsiort iht disk group full - rt-crtnit iht disk group wiih iht txnci coefgurntoe eodg - Rtsiorts mtindnin ie ne txisteg disk group providtd ns ne iepui pnrnmtitr etwdg - Chnegt iht coefgurntoe likt fnilurt group, disk group enmt, tic..

  6. * Tht MD_BACKUP commned crtnits n bnckup flt coeinieieg mtindnin for oet or mort disk groups. By dtfnuli nll iht moueitd disk groups nrt iecludtd ie iht bnckup flt which is snvtd ie iht currtei workieg dirtciory. If iht enmt of iht bnckup flt is eoi sptciftd, ASM enmts iht flt AMBR_BACKUP_INTERMEDIATE_FILE. Question 6 Your multitenei coeinietr dninbnst, CDB1, is rueeieg ie ARCHIVELOG modt ned hns iwo pluggnblt dninbnsts, HR_PDB ned ACCOUNTS_PDB. Ae RMAN bnckup txisis for iht dninbnst. You issut iht commned io opte ACCOUNTS_PDB ned fed ihni iht USERDATA.DBF dnin flt for iht dtfnuli ptrmnetei inbltspnct USERDATA btloegieg io ACCOUNTS_PDB is corrupitd. Whni should you do btfort txtcuteg iht commneds io rtsiort ned rtcovtr iht dnin flt ie ACCOUNTS_PDB? A. Plnct CDB1 ie iht mouei singt ned ihte iht USERDATA inbltspnct ofiet ie ACCOUNTS_PDB. B. Plnct CDB1 ie iht mouei singt ned issut iht ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE nccoueis_pdb CLOSE IMMEDIATE commned. C. Issut iht ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE nccoueis_pdb RESTRICTED commned. D. Tnkt iht USERDATA inbltspnct ofiet ie ACCOUNTS_PDB. Aoswern D Explnentoe: * You cne inkt ne oeliet inbltspnct ofiet so ihni ii is itmpornrily uenvnilnblt for gtetrnl ust. Tht rtsi of iht dninbnst rtmnies opte ned nvnilnblt for ustrs io ncctss dnin. Coevtrstly, you cne brieg ne ofiet inbltspnct oeliet io mnkt iht schtmn objtcis wiihie iht inbltspnct nvnilnblt io dninbnst ustrs. Tht dninbnst musi bt opte io nlitr iht nvnilnbiliiy of n inbltspnct. Question 7 Which Ornclt Dninbnst compoetei is nudiitd by dtfnuli if iht ueiftd Auditeg optoe is tenbltd? A. Ornclt Dnin Pump B. Ornclt Rtcovtry Mnengtr (RMAN) C. Ornclt Lnbtl Stcuriiy D. Ornclt Dninbnst Vnuli E. Ornclt Rtnl Applicntoe Stcuriiy Aoswern E Explnentoe: Typt of Ueiftd nuditeg: Sinednrd Fiet Grnietd Audii XS Dninbnst Vnuli (eoi D) Lnbtl Stcuriiy (eoi C)

  7. RMAN AUDIT (eoi B) Dnin Pump (eoi A) Noit: * Ornclt 12c ieiroducts Ueiftd Auditeg, which coesolidnits dninbnst nudii rtcords iecludieg :- DDL, DML, DCL Fiet Grnietd Auditeg (DBMS_FGA) Ornclt Dninbnst Rtnl Applicntoe Stcuriiy Ornclt Rtcovtry Mnengtr Ornclt Dninbnst Vnuli Ornclt Lnbtl Stcuriiy Ornclt Dnin Mieieg Ornclt Dnin Pump Ornclt SQL*Londtr Dirtci Lond Question 8 Your multitenei coeinietr (CDB) coeinieieg ihrtt pluggnblt dninbnsts (PDBs) is rueeieg ie ARCHIVELOG modt. You fed ihni iht SYSAUX inbltspnct is corrupitd ie iht rooi coeinietr. Tht sitps io rtcovtr iht inbltspnct nrt ns follows: 1. Mouei iht CDB. 2. Clost nll iht PDBs. 3. Opte iht dninbnst. 4. Apply iht nrchivt rtdo logs. 5. Rtsiort iht dnin flt. 6. Tnkt iht SYSAUX inbltspnct ofiet. 7. Plnct iht SYSAUX inbltspnct ofiet. 8. Opte nll iht PDBs wiih RESETLOGS. 9. Opte iht dninbnst wiih RESETLOGS. 10. Extcuit iht commned SHUTDOWN ABORT. Which optoe idtetfts iht corrtci stqutect io rtcovtr iht SYSAUX inbltspnct? A. 6, 5, 4, 7 B. 10, 1, 2, 5, 8 C. 10, 1, 2, 5, 4, 9, 8 D. 10, 1, 5, 8, 10 Aoswern C Explnentoe: * Exnmplt: Whilt tvnlunteg iht 12c btin3 I wns eoi nblt io do iht rtcovtr whilt itsteg “nll pdb flts losi”. Cneeoi clost iht pdb ns iht sysitm dninflt wns missieg… So oely optoe io rtcovtr wns: Shuidowe cdb (10) sinriup mouei; (1) rtsiort pluggnblt dninbnst rtcovtr pluggnblt dninbsnt nlitr dninbnst opte;

  8. nlitr pluggnblt dninbnst enmt opte; Ornclt suppori snys: You should bt nblt io clost iht pdb ned rtsiort/rtcovtr iht sysitm inbltspnct of PDB. * Opte iht dninbnst wiih iht RESETLOGS optoe nftr feishieg rtcovtry: SQL> ALTER DATABASE OPEN RESETLOGS; Question 9 Which ihrtt nrt dirtci btetfis of iht multproctss, multihrtndtd nrchiitciurt of Ornclt Dninbnst 12c whte ii is tenbltd? A. Rtductd logicnl I/O B. Rtductd viriunl mtmory utlizntoe C. Improvtd pnrnlltl Extcutoe ptrformnect D. Improvtd Strinl Extcutoe ptrformnect E. Rtductd physicnl I/O F. Rtductd CPU utlizntoe Aoswern C Explnentoe: * Multproctss ned Multihrtndtd Ornclt Dninbnst Sysitms Multproctss Ornclt Dninbnst (nlso cnlltd multustr Ornclt Dninbnst) usts stvtrnl proctssts io rue diftrtei pnris of iht Ornclt Dninbnst codt ned ndditoenl Ornclt proctssts for iht ustrs—tiihtr oet proctss for tnch coeetcitd ustr or oet or mort proctssts shnrtd by multplt ustrs. Mosi dninbnsts nrt multustr btcnust n primnry ndvneingt of n dninbnst is mnengieg dnin ettdtd by multplt ustrs simulinetously. Ench proctss ie n dninbnst iesinect ptrforms n sptcifc job. By dividieg iht work of iht dninbnst ned npplicntoes ieio stvtrnl proctssts, multplt ustrs ned npplicntoes cne coeetci io ne iesinect simulinetously whilt iht sysitm givts good ptrformnect. * Ie prtvious rtltnsts, Ornclt proctssts did eoi rue ns ihrtnds oe UNIX ned Lieux sysitms. Sinrteg ie Ornclt Dninbnst 12c, iht multihrtndtd Ornclt Dninbnst modtl tenblts Ornclt proctssts io txtcuit ns optrnteg sysitm ihrtnds ie stpnrnit nddrtss spncts. Question 10 Ie ordtr io txploii somt etw siorngt ttrs ihni hnvt btte provisioetd by n siorngt ndmieisirnior, iht pnrttoes of n lnrgt htnp inblt musi bt movtd io oihtr inbltspncts ie your Ornclt 12c dninbnst? Boih locnl ned globnl pnrttoetd B-irtt Iedtxts nrt dtfetd oe iht inblt. A high volumt of irnesnctoes ncctss iht inblt durieg iht dny ned n mtdium volumt of irnesnctoes ncctss ii ni eighi ned durieg wttkteds. Mieimnl disrupi ioe io nvnilnbiliiy is rtquirtd. Which ihrtt sinitmteis nrt irut nboui ihis rtquirtmtei? A. Tht pnrttoes cne bt movtd oeliet io etw inbltspncts. B. Globnl iedtxts musi bt rtbuili mneunlly nftr movieg iht pnrttoes. C. Tht pnrttoes cne bt comprtsstd ie iht snmt inbltspncts.

  9. D. Tht pnrttoes cne bt comprtsstd ie iht etw inbltspncts. E. Locnl iedtxts musi bt rtbuili mneunlly nftr movieg iht pnrttoes. Aoswern ABD Explnentoe: A: You cne crtnit ned rtbuild iedtxts oeliet. Thtrtfort, you cne updnit bnst inblts ni iht snmt tmt you nrt buildieg or rtbuildieg iedtxts oe ihni inblt. You cne ptrform DML optrntoes whilt iht iedtx build is inkieg plnct, bui DDL optrntoes nrt eoi nllowtd. Pnrnlltl txtcutoe is eoi supporitd whte crtnteg or rtbuildieg ne iedtx oeliet. B: Noit: * Trnesporteg ned Atnchieg Pnrttoes for Dnin Wnrthousieg Typicnl teitrprist dnin wnrthousts coeinie oet or mort lnrgt fnci inblts. Thtst fnci inblts cne bt pnrttoetd by dnit, mnkieg iht teitrprist dnin wnrthoust n hisioricnl dninbnst. You cne build iedtxts io spttd up sinr qutrits. Ornclt rtcommteds ihni you build locnl iedtxts for such hisioricnlly pnrttoetd inblts io nvoid rtbuildieg globnl iedtxts tvtry tmt you drop iht oldtsi pnrttoe from iht hisioricnl dninbnst. D: Movieg (Rtbuildieg) Iedtx-Orgneiztd Tnblts Btcnust iedtx-orgneiztd inblts nrt primnrily siortd ie n B-irtt iedtx, you cne tecoueitr frngmteintoe ns n coestqutect of iecrtmteinl updnits. Howtvtr, you cne ust iht ALTER TABLE...MOVE sinitmtei io rtbuild iht iedtx ned rtduct ihis frngmteintoe. Question 11 Which ihrtt nrt irut nboui iht lnrgt pool for ne Ornclt dninbnst iesinect ihni supporis shnrtd strvtr coeetctoes? A. Allocnits mtmory for RMAN bnckup ned rtsiort optrntoes B. Allocnits mtmory for shnrtd ned privnit SQL nrtns C. Coeinies n cursor nrtn for siorieg ruetmt ieformntoe nboui cursors D. Coeinies sinck spnct E. Coeinies n hnsh nrtn ptrformieg hnsh joies of inblts Aoswern ABC Explnentoe: Tht lnrgt pool cne providt lnrgt mtmory nllocntoes for iht followieg: / (B)UGA (Ustr Globnl Artn) for iht shnrtd strvtr ned iht Ornclt XA ieitrfnct (ustd whtrt irnesnctoes ieitrnci wiih multplt dninbnsts) /Mtssngt buftrs ustd ie iht pnrnlltl txtcutoe of sinitmteis / (A) Buftrs for Rtcovtry Mnengtr (RMAN) I/O slnvts Noit: * lnrgt pool Optoenl nrtn ie iht SGA ihni providts lnrgt mtmory nllocntoes for bnckup ned rtsiort optrntoes,

  10. I/O strvtr proctssts, ned stssioe mtmory for iht shnrtd strvtr ned Ornclt XA. * Ornclt XA Ae txitrenl ieitrfnct ihni nllows globnl irnesnctoes io bt coordienitd by n irnesnctoe mnengtr oihtr ihne Ornclt Dninbnst. * UGA Ustr globnl nrtn. Stssioe mtmory ihni siorts stssioe vnrinblts, such ns logoe ieformntoe, ned cne nlso coeinie iht OLAP pool. * Coefgurieg iht Lnrgt Pool Uelikt iht shnrtd pool, iht lnrgt pool dots eoi hnvt ne LRU lisi (eoi D). Ornclt Dninbnst dots eoi nttmpi io ngt objtcis oui of iht lnrgt pool. Coesidtr coefgurieg n lnrgt pool if iht dninbnst iesinect usts ney of iht followieg Ornclt Dninbnst ftniurts: * Shnrtd strvtr Ie n shnrtd strvtr nrchiitciurt, iht stssioe mtmory for tnch clitei proctss is iecludtd ie iht shnrtd pool. * Pnrnlltl qutry Pnrnlltl qutry usts shnrtd pool mtmory io cncht pnrnlltl txtcutoe mtssngt buftrs. * Rtcovtry Mnengtr Rtcovtry Mnengtr (RMAN) usts iht shnrtd pool io cncht I/O buftrs durieg bnckup ned rtsiort optrntoes. For I/O strvtr proctssts, bnckup, ned rtsiort optrntoes, Ornclt Dninbnst nllocnits buftrs ihni nrt n ftw huedrtd kilobyits ie sizt. Question 12 Whni nrt ihrtt purposts of iht RMAN “FROM” clnust? A. io suppori PUSH-bnstd nctvt dninbnst duplicntoe B. io suppori syechroeizntoe of n sinedby dninbnst wiih iht primnry dninbnst ie n Dnin teviroemtei C. To suppori PULL-bnstd nctvt dninbnst duplicntoe D. To suppori flt rtsiorts ovtr iht etiwork ie n Dnin Gunrd teviroemtei E. To suppori flt rtcovtry ovtr iht etiwork ie n Dnin Gunrd teviroemtei Aoswern BCE Explnentoe: E: * Wiih n coeirol flt nuiobnckup, RMAN cne rtcovtr iht dninbnst tvte if iht currtei coeirol flt, rtcovtry cninlog, ned strvtr pnrnmtitr flt nrt iencctssiblt. * RMAN usts n rtcovtry cninlog io irnck fltenmts for nll dninbnst flts ie n Dnin Gunrd teviroemtei. A rtcovtry cninlog is n dninbnst schtmn ustd by RMAN io siort mtindnin nboui oet or mort Ornclt dninbnsts. Tht cninlog nlso rtcords whtrt iht oeliet rtdo logs, sinedby rtdo logs, itmpflts, nrchivtd rtdo logs, bnckup stis, ned imngt copits nrt crtnitd. Question 13 You eotct ihni iht ptrformnect of your productoe 24/7 Ornclt dninbnst sigeifcneily dtgrndtd. Somttmts you nrt eoi nblt io coeetci io iht iesinect btcnust ii hnegs. You do eoi wnei io rtsinri

  11. iht dninbnst iesinect. How cne you dtitci iht cnust of iht dtgrndtd ptrformnect? A. Eenblt Mtmory Acctss Modt, which rtnds ptrformnect dnin from SGA. B. Ust tmtrgtecy moeiiorieg io ftich dnin dirtcily from SGA nenlysis. C. Rue Auiomntc Dninbnst Dingeostc Moeiior (ADDM) io ftich ieformntoe from iht lnitsi Auiomntc Worklond Rtposiiory (AWR) senpshois. D. Ust Actvt Stssioe Hisiory (ASH) dnin ned hneg nenlysis ie rtgulnr ptrformnect moeiiorieg. E. Rue ADDM ie dingeostc modt. Aoswern C Explnentoe: * Ie mosi cnsts, ADDM ouipui should bt iht frsi plnct ihni n DBA looks whte eotftd of n ptrformnect probltm. * Ptrformnect dtgrndntoe of iht dninbnst occurs whte your dninbnst wns ptrformieg optmnlly ie iht pnsi, such ns 6 moeihs ngo, bui hns grndunlly dtgrndtd io n poiei whtrt ii btcomts eotctnblt io iht ustrs. Tht Auiomntc Worklond Rtposiiory (AWR) Compnrt Ptriods rtpori tenblts you io compnrt dninbnst ptrformnect btiwtte iwo ptriods of tmt. Whilt ne AWR rtpori shows AWR dnin btiwtte iwo senpshois (or iwo poieis ie tmt), iht AWR Compnrt Ptriods rtpori shows iht diftrtect btiwtte iwo ptriods (or iwo AWR rtporis wiih n ioinl of four senpshois). Usieg iht AWR Compnrt Ptriods rtpori htlps you io idtetfy dtiniltd ptrformnect ntribuits ned coefgurntoe sttegs ihni diftr btiwtte iwo tmt ptriods.  Rtftrtect: Rtsolvieg Ptrformnect Dtgrndntoe Ovtr Timt Question 14 You plne io ust iht Ie Dninbnst Archivieg ftniurt of Ornclt Dninbnst 12c, ned siort rows ihni nrt ienctvt for ovtr ihrtt moeihs, ie Hybrid Columenr Comprtsstd (HCC) formni. Which ihrtt siorngt optoes suppori iht ust of HCC? A. ASM disk groups wiih ASM disks coesisteg of Exndnin Grid Disks. B. ASM disk groups wiih ASM disks coesisteg of LUNS oe ney Siorngt Artn Ntiwork nrrny C. ASM disk groups wiih ASM disks coesisteg of ney ztro pnddtd NFS-moueitd flts D. Dninbnst flts siortd ie ZFS ned ncctsstd usieg coevtetoenl NFS moueis. E. Dninbnst flts siortd ie ZFS ned ncctsstd usieg iht Ornclt Dirtci NFS ftniurt F. Dninbnst flts siortd ie ney flt sysitm ned ncctsstd usieg iht Ornclt Dirtci NFS ftniurt G. ASM disk groups wiih ASM disks coesisteg of LUNs oe Pillnr Axiom Siorngt nrrnys Aoswern AEG Explnentoe: HCC rtquirts iht ust of Ornclt Siorngt – Exndnin (A), Pillnr Axiom (G) or Sue ZFS Siorngt Applinect (ZFSSA). Noit: * Hybrid Columenr Comprtssioe, ieitnlly oely nvnilnblt oe Exndnin, hns btte txitedtd io suppori Pillnr Axiom ned Sue ZFS Siorngt Applinect (ZFSSA) siorngt whte ustd wiih Ornclt Dninbnst Eeitrprist Editoe ned nbovt

  12. * Ornclt oftrs iht nbiliiy io mnengt NFS usieg n ftniurt cnlltd Ornclt Dirtci NFS (dNFS). Ornclt Dirtci NFS impltmteis NFS V3 proiocol wiihie iht Ornclt dninbnst ktretl iistlf. Ornclt Dirtci NFS clitei ovtrcomts mney of iht chnlltegts nssocinitd wiih usieg NFS wiih iht Ornclt Dninbnst wiih simplt coefgurntoe, btttr ptrformnect ihne irnditoenl NFS cliteis, ned oftrs coesisitei coefgurntoe ncross plntorms. Question 15 Ie your multitenei coeinietr dninbnst (CDB) coeinieieg pluggnblt dninbnsts (PDB), ustrs complnie nboui ptrformnect dtgrndntoe. How dots rtnl-tmt Auiomntc dninbnst Dingeostc Moeiior (ADDM) chtck ptrformnect dtgrndntoe ned providt solutoes? A. Ii colltcis dnin from SGA ned compnrts ii wiih n prtstrvtd senpshoi. B. Ii colltcis dnin from SGA, nenlyzts ii, ned providts n rtpori. C. Ii colltcis dnin from SGA ned compnrts ii wiih iht lnitsi senpshoi. D. Ii colltcis dnin from boih SGA ned PGA, nenlyzts ii, ned providts n rtpori. Aoswern B Explnentoe: Noit: * Tht multitenei nrchiitciurt tenblts ne Ornclt dninbnst io fuectoe ns n multitenei coeinietr dninbnst (CDB) ihni iecludts ztro, oet, or mney cusiomtr-crtnitd pluggnblt dninbnsts (PDBs). A PDB is n porinblt colltctoe of schtmns, schtmn objtcis, ned eoeschtmn objtcis ihni npptnrs io ne Ornclt Nti clitei ns n eoe-CDB. All Ornclt dninbnsts btfort Ornclt Dninbnst 12c wtrt eoe-CDBs. * Tht Sysitm Globnl Artn (SGA) is n group of shnrtd mtmory nrtns ihni nrt dtdicnitd io ne Ornclt “iesinect” (ne iesinect is your dninbnst progrnms ned RAM). * Tht PGA (Progrnm or Proctss Globnl Artn) is n mtmory nrtn (RAM) ihni siorts dnin ned coeirol ieformntoe for n sieglt proctss.

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