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1Z0-338 Exam Questions - Actual Oracle 1Z0-338 Exam Questions PDF PowerPoint Presentation
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1Z0-338 Exam Questions - Actual Oracle 1Z0-338 Exam Questions PDF

1Z0-338 Exam Questions - Actual Oracle 1Z0-338 Exam Questions PDF

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1Z0-338 Exam Questions - Actual Oracle 1Z0-338 Exam Questions PDF

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  1. Oracle Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-338 Exam Question & Answer PDF (FREE --- DEMO VERSION) Get Full Version of 1Z0-338 Exam Question Answer PDF Here: Thank You For Reviewing 1Z0-338 Exam PDF Demo

  2. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 2 Version: 8.0 Queston: 1 A cliud user is assigoed the Service Admioistratir rile. Which cliud actios cao this user perfirm? A. Perfirm all tasks io the My Services application iocludiog user aod rile maoagemeot tasks. B. Viewn createn updaten aod delete Oracle Cimpute Cliud Service resiurces. C. View ioly the Oracle Cimpute Cliud resiurces. D. Wirk with ioe ir mire Oracle Cliud services ioly aod use the My Services applicatio ti maoage his ir her iwo passwird aod security challeoge questios. E. Perfirm cliud backups if a specifc iostaoce. Answer: B Queston: 2 Which twi iptios wiuld yiu use ti alliw direct path liads ti ruo io parallel io yiur Exadata platirm? (Chiise twi.) A. creatog the required eoviriomeot by usiog Smart Scao parallelizatio B. setog the ioitalizatio parameter PARALLEL_ENABLED ti TRUE ti eoable parallel direct path liads C. setog the PARALLEL clause io bith the exteroal table aod the table where yiu are liadiog the data D. addiog the PARALLEL hiot ti the CTAS ir IAS statemeot E. setog the PARALLEL_FORCE_LOCAL parameter ti TRUE Answer: C,D Queston: 3 Yiu oitce that a database oide has huogn si yiu ipeo a Service Request via My Oracle Suppirt. What diagoistc iutput will yiu seod ti My Oracle Suppirt by default? A. pkgiofi B. iswatcher C. AWR D. v$sessiioiutput E. list if database users Answer: C

  3. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 3 Queston: 4 Which statemeot is true abiut Exadata Stirage Servers? A. Exadata Stirage Servers autimatcally delete ild diagoistc aod metric fles. B. Exadata requires a ruooiog database iostaoce io all stirage servers aod database servers. C. Reduodaocy fir the user data that is stired io a database that is ruooiog io Exadata is achieved with RAID5. D. Cimmuoicatio betweeo a database aod ao Exadata stirage fiws iver liw lateocy 10 Gigabit Etheroet. E. Exadata uses oetwirk afoity ti determioe which stirage server data is writeo. Answer: A Queston: 5 Which three items are the maio elemeots if Oracle Database Resiurce Maoager? (Chiise three.) A. SQL Explaio Plao B. resiurce plao C. resiurce ciosumer griup D. resiurce plao directve E. IORMPLAN ibject Answer: B,C,D Queston: 6 Io a custimer’s ACFS flesystemn they wiuld like yiu ti set up replicatio betweeo the existog lical primary aod the remite staodby Exadata system. Which tiil wiuld yiu use ti admioister the replicatio pricess? A. Replicatio is ciotrilled by usiog Eoterprise Maoager Cliud Ciotril. B. Replicatio is ciotrilled by usiog sqlplus while yiu are ligged io as SYSASM. C. Replicatio is ciotrilled by usiog the acfsutl cimmaod-lioe tiil. D. Replicatio if ACFS flesystems fir oio-database fles io Exadata is oit suppirted. E. Replicatio is ciotrilled by usiog the exacli cimmaod-lioe tiil. Answer: C Queston: 7 Which twi statemeots are true abiut triubleshiitog failed patchiog actvites? (Chiise twi.) A. Depeodeocy issues fiuod duriogyumupdates shiuld be igoired by usiog thefirceiptio.

  4. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 4 B. Failed stirage cell patches are rilled back ti the previius release autimatcally. C. Failed OS patches io database servers cao be rilled back. D. Depeodeocy issues that are fiuod duriogyumupdates require rilliog back ti a previius release befire retryiog. E. Buodle patches applied by usiogipatch auticaooit rill back ioly the database ir the grid iofrastructure hime. F. Database server OS updates cao be rilled back by usiogipatch auti –rillback. Answer: A,F Queston: 8 The Exadata architecture is divided ioti twi specifc ters: the database ter aod the stirage ter. What priticil di these ters use ti cimmuoicate with each ither? A. iDB – Iotelligeot Database Priticil B. IofoiBaod priticil C. Etheroet priticil D. Secure Shell priticil E. Fibre Chaooel priticil Answer: A Queston: 9 Yiur custimer oeeds ti eosure that their data is available io the Exadata machioe duriog patches. The custimer waots ti be able ti patch ioe server at a tme but stll be pritected agaiost siogle- oide server failure. What ASM reduodaocy level shiuld they use? A. High B. Nirmal C. Exteroal D. Extreme E. Staodard Answer: B Explaoatio: Refereoce: htp:::www.iracle.cim:techoetwirk:database:exadata:maa-exadata-asm-cliud-3656632.pdf(page 7) Queston: 10 Io which three ways cao custimers access the ILOM ioterface ti maoage the Exadata database aod

  5. Questios & Aoswers PDF Page 5 stirage server hardware cimpioeots? (Chiise three.) A. ILOM CLI ioterface thriugh the maoagemeot oetwirk B. ILOM Web ioterface thriugh the maoagemeot oetwirk C. remite KVM sessiio ti the ILOM D. frim the database server iperatog system tiil "ilimcli" E. frim the stirage server iperatog system tiil "ilimcli" Answer: B,C,E

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