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State of the Association. Karen Reuter, CPCM President-elect NCMA Leadership Summit 2005 Charleston, South Carolina June 17-18, 2005. Financial Results Have Been Positive Statement of Activities Through May 31, 2005. Bottom line: net profit of $384,294 year-to-date.

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State of the association

State of the Association

Karen Reuter, CPCM


NCMA Leadership Summit 2005

Charleston, South Carolina

June 17-18, 2005

Financial results have been positive statement of activities through may 31 2005
Financial Results Have Been PositiveStatement of ActivitiesThrough May 31, 2005

Bottom line: net profit of $384,294 year-to-date.

Assets are growing statement of financial position as of may 31 2005
Assets Are GrowingStatement of Financial PositionAs of May 31, 2005

Deposited $50,000 into unrestricted reserves in May.

This is the first deposit to ‘savings’ made from operations in at least 5 years.

Financial systems are sound
Financial Systems are Sound

  • FY 2004 audit was completed on schedule with no major findings.

  • Monthly financial reporting has been timely and accurate.

  • Periodic forecasts have been timely.

  • Committees have been engaged:

    • Audit Committee

    • Asset Management Committee

    • Finance and Budget Committee

  • FY 2006 Budget was approved by the Board of Directors.

Ncma is growing revenues by year
NCMA is Growing!Revenues by Year

Membership is holding steady
Membership is Holding Steady

  • As of May 31, 2005, we have 17,365 current members.

  • This is a net decrease of 209 members from the beginning of this program year (June 30, 2004).

  • It is projected that we will have 17,500 members on June 30.  

  • A new membership class for Students was approved by the Board of Directors for implementation July 1, 2005.

E web system is being implemented
E-web System is being implemented

  • E-web implementation has begun.

  • Phasing in over time.

  • Group invitations being issued.

  • Update contact information.

  • Renew membership or join.

  • Register for conferences.

Chapters are reviving
Chapters are Reviving

  • Mid-year leadership conferences were conducted on January 22 in Las Vegas, January 29 in San Antonio, Texas and February 5 in Reston, Virginia. Attendance was >175.

  • The Chapter Rescue Plan was implemented in February 2005.

    • There are 30 chapters remaining that are chartered but inactive.

    • There are now 112 chapters active with leaders identified (up from 105 at last year).

  • More than $12,000 has been awarded in scholarships to attend the Leadership Summit in Charleston.

  • University Relations and Outreach Committee developing Student Chapter plan. First charters expected summer 2005.

Conference revenues are increasing
Conference Revenues are Increasing

  • World Congress 2005 was held April 25-27, 2005 in Phoenix, Arizona.

    • $506,000 net revenue.

    • Attendance 815 paid, .

    • Xxx volunteers.

  • World Congress 2006 @ Hyatt Regency Peachtree, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Conference schedule
Conference schedule

  • The Aerospace and Defense Contracting Conference will be held July 28-29, 2005 at the Hyatt Regency in Long Beach, California.

  • The Commercial Contracting Conference will be held October 17-18, 2005 at the Renaissance Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • The Government Contracting Conference will be held December 5-6, 2005 at the Sheraton Premiere in Tysons Corner.

  • There will be Chapter Presidents Forums at each event.

Nes attendance is increasing
NES Attendance is Increasing

The next program title will be “Performance-Based Acquisition: Pathways to Excellence”, authored by Gregory Garrett, for release in December 2005.

Audio seminars are growing

FY 05

FY 04

TOTAL Seminars



Average # of Sites



TOTAL # sites



Audio-seminars are growing

The June 15 audio-seminar “Global Best Practices” was provided at no cost and had more than 375 sites.

* Does not include free seminar.

On line education launched
On-Line Education Launched

  • Certification prep courses.

    • General Business Module Prep Courses

      1. Management

      2. Marketing

      3. Operations Management

      4. Finance

      5. Accounting and Economics

      6. Quantitative Methods

    • Federal Module Prep Course

    • Commercial Module Prep Course (launch 7/05)

  • New Ethics Certificate program with LRN.

Ncma publishes books
NCMA Publishes Books!

Here are all the text resources NCMA offers you—some books we publish and others we distribute. Some of these books are associated with National Education Seminars, our certification program, or are in general book circulation.

Coming Soon!

Ncma recommended reading
NCMA Recommended Reading

These are some additional relevant books that NCMA recommends, excellent resources as you build your professional library and expand your contracts knowledge and business skills. All books may be ordered directly from

Contract management magazine continues to improve
Contract Management Magazine continues to improve

  • New Chapter Profile section (April 2005).

  • New series on university relations, starting the series with an article on the postgraduate naval program, written by Rene Rendon.

  • New member profile section (Fall 2005).

Ncmajobs com continues to grow continues to grow

  • New contracting intern job connection added.

  • Currently has ~2,000 registered employers, 125 active job postings, and 1,400 searchable resumes.

New board members

Mary Beth Lech, CPCM, Fellow, National Vice President and Treasurer

Ronald L. Smith, CPCM, Fellow, At-Large

Richard L. Ferro, CPCM, Fellow, North Eastern Region

Victor M. Ramos, CPCM, CFCM, Fellow, Mid-Atlantic Region

Catherine M. Dixon, CPCM, South Eastern Region

Joan F. S. Wysoske, CPCM, Fellow, North Central Region

Jack R. Hott, CPCM, Fellow, North Central Region

Mark W. Chavez, CPCM, Fellow, South Central Region

Dr. James F. Nagle, J.D., S.J.D., Fellow, North Western Region

Ronald E. Hill, CPCM, Fellow, South Western Region

New Board members

Returning board members

Karen H. Reuter, CPCM, National President Treasurer

Leonard (Lenn) Vincent, Fellow, National President-Elect*

Charles "Chuck" Woodside, CPCM, CFCM, Past National President

Terry L. Brewer, CPCM, Fellow, National Vice President and Secretary*

Gary Poleskey, CPCM, At-Large*

Sandra O. Sieber, CPCM, At-Large

Paul L. Robert, Esq., At-Large

Laura O. Doyle, Esq., South Western Region

Rose Gazarek, CPCM, North Eastern Region

Samuel Morthland, CPCM, Col, USAF, (Ret.), South Central Region

Kathryn Powers, South Eastern Region

Philip Salmeri, CPCM, Mid-Atlantic Region

Lynn E. Rippe, North Western Region

Neal J. Couture, CPCM, Executive Director

Returning board members

Departing board members

Gary B. Zura CPCM TreasurerPast President

Michelle M. Currier, CPCM, CFCMSecretary

James Haugen, CPATreasurer

Willard "Bill" B. Avedovech, II, North Western Region

Edward J. Kinberg, Esq., South Eastern Region

Thomas Reid, CPCM, South Central Region

Edward Velasquez, CPCM, South Western Region

Joseph J. McGrenra, CFCM, Mid-Atlantic Region

Jim Kirlin, CPCM, CFCM, North Central Region

James D. Alstott, CPCM, North Central Region

Departing Board members



Neal J. Couture, CPCM, Executive Director


Steve Boshears, CPCM, CFCM, Chief Knowledge Officer

Natalie Vien, Program Administrator (starts 6/21)


Michelle Bourke, CMP, Director of Meetings

Denise Richards, Program Administrator


Amy Miedema, Director of Communications

Kathryn Mullan, Assistant Editor

David Danner, Senior Graphic Designer

Ioana Condrut, Junior Graphic Designer

Jessa Foor, Marketing Administrator (starts 6/27)


Wendy Murrah, Acting Supervisor

Patrick Bayne, Customer Service Representative

Bryan Murphy, Customer Service Representative

Jim Thomas, Customer Service Representative


Sam Smith, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Eve Khin, Accounting Manager


Wendy Murrah on maternity leave until ~7/31.

Upon her return, she assumes position of Chapter Relations Specialist in the Executive Office.

Customer Service Supervisor being hired now.