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I Want To Work Workbook and Partner Guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I Want To Work Workbook and Partner Guide. PARTNERSHIP FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES MAY 2012. Credits. Primary Contributors Jack Brandt Dawn Machonis Contributors Zak Ford Kit Hammar Shelley Lantz Matt Nigrelli Grace Oswell. Credits.

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I want to work workbook and partner guide

I Want To Work Workbook and Partner Guide


MAY 2012


Primary Contributors

Jack Brandt

Dawn Machonis


Zak Ford

Kit Hammar

Shelley Lantz

Matt Nigrelli

Grace Oswell


The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices

Support Development Associates

Transcen, Inc


Partnership for People with Disabilities/VCU


  • Assist in assembling information they can use to obtain employment

  • Designed for people with intellectual disabilities

  • Designed to complete with a partner

  • Employs person centered concepts & tools

Integrated employment means
Integrated employment means

working in a job

around typical peers

for at least minimum wage

paid by the employer

Person centeredness
Person Centeredness


not a disability concept!

  • Honors the voices of the person and those who know them best

  • Focuses on a person’s gifts and capacities

  • Uses ordinary language

  • Recognizes the importance of relationships

  • Considers what is important to and

    important for the person and

    strives for the balance between them

Important to
Important To

  • Happy

  • Content

  • Fulfilled

  • Comforted

  • Satisfied

Important for
Important For

Health and safety

What helps us be valued members of our community

Our interest in employment
Our interest in employment

Employment is a critical component of most adult’s lives. Work is a means to:

  • Economic self sufficiency

  • Contributing to the community

  • Building a group of social relationships

  • Creating opportunities for life long learning

Workbook design
Workbook Design

  • Organized into 4 chapters

  • Question and answer format

  • Homework in 3 chapters

  • Recommend doing, at most, one chapter at a time

Partner guide design
Partner Guide Design


Roles/responsibilities of partner


‘read’, ‘write’



Sample/resource section

What you get
What you get

By completing the workbook, a person will:

  • Identify 2 areas of interest in which they would like to work

  • Develop a work support document (one page profile)

  • Prepare a resume


1. Great Things About Me

2. The Job I Want

3. How to Best Support Me

4. My Resume

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Recognize great things about self & what others see

Who the important people are in the person’s life

Why people work & why the person wants to work

Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Explore areas of interest

What liked/didn’t like in previous jobs

Identify 2 interests in which the person wants to work

Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Good Day Bad Day

What’s important to a person at work

Identify supports needed to be successful on the job

Chapter 4
Chapter 4

Gathers information for a resume




Dawn s gd bd at work
Dawn’s GD BD at work

Good DayBad Day

being on time being late

having a monthly unprepared for a mtg

parking space cluttered desk

warm in my office my computer tries to

get a lot done think for me

Dawn s support doc
Dawn’s Support Doc

Important to me at work:

  • Being on time

  • Accomplishing work– see the product

  • Feeling comfortable temperature-wise

    Supporter’s Instructions:

  • If I am late, espec for training, please ask how you can help and then forgive my bossiness

  • If I ask about the computer-I am usually frustrated—I would rather you tell me you don’t know then trying to be helpful when you are not sure

Uses support document
Uses Support Document

  • Job coaches

  • Dept of Rehab Services counselors

  • Teachers

  • Anyone who is assisting in finding a job

  • Employer once a relationship is established