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"I just want things to work properly" PowerPoint Presentation
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"I just want things to work properly"

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"I just want things to work properly" - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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"I just want things to work properly"
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  1. "I just want things to work properly"

  2. ‘‘I am a designer, and i want to design things. What else would i do, Go fishing?’’Sottsass His designs are meant to make the user think intellectually and emotionally. Memphis… 1981-1985 Born in Innsbruck, Austria in 1917 The Casablanca sideboard was a key piece in the first design collection. Ettore Sottsass 'I don't understand why enduring design is better than disappearing design...'

  3. "Love architecture, be it ancient or modern. Love it for its fantastic, adventurous and solemn creations; for its inventions; for the abstract, allusive and figurative forms that enchant our spirit and enrapture our thoughts. Love architecture, the stage and support of our lives." Gio Ponti

  4. . Jerszy Seymour 1968. “We Have Never Been Modular”

  5. Create with iLife. Share with Mac. Jonathan Ives says: Applereally was born toInnovate By combining what he describes as “fanatical care beyond the obvious stuff” with relentless experiments into tools, materials and production processes, he and the Apple design team have designed and developed a succession of iconic products including the iMac, iBook, Cube, Powerbook G4 and iPod MP3 player. Jonathan Paul Ive CBE was born in February 1967 in London and grew up in Chingford, Essex He is renowned for the products he has created as Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple and he has won the winner of the Design Museum's first Designer of the Year. Grab your iPodand Go!

  6. Designer of the Year 2003 My True Influences Music, Nature And Honesty. Jonathon Ive


  8. “Every time I do a project, I always look around and see if there's anybody else out there who's exciting. And I go see everyone, but nobody has that little gleam in the eye.”

  9. Khodi Feiz clarity, concept, and context. minimalistic