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LESSON TWO REIKI. Megan Donahue Unit 5 Kaplan University. LESSON TWO. 10 minutes of sharing essays Assignment from last class. Origins of Reiki (Quest,2007). Pronounced “RAY-KEE” Japanese word “spiritual energy” or “universal life-force energy” Dr. Mikao Usui

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  1. LESSON TWO REIKI Megan Donahue Unit 5 Kaplan University

  2. LESSON TWO • 10 minutes of sharing essays • Assignment from last class

  3. Origins of Reiki(Quest,2007) • Pronounced “RAY-KEE” • Japanese word • “spiritual energy” or “universal life-force energy” • Dr. MikaoUsui • Discovered this energy force • Two stories • Japanese story • Western version

  4. BACKGROUND(www.IHReiki.com,2010) • UsuiMikao • August 15, 1865 • Village of Taniai-mura • Samurai family-’hatamoto’ • A high level within the samurai ranks

  5. JAPANESE STORY • Sensei Usui • Born a Buddhist • Studied in a Tendai Monastery as a child • Age 12, studied martial arts called ‘YagyuRyu’ • One sister, two brothers, one of them studied medicine

  6. WESTERN STORY • HawayoTakata (student who became master) • Hawaii • Had a major illnesses • Was healed and taught by Sensei Usui • She said • He was Christian, which wasn’t true because Christianity was outlawed in Japan by the time he was born • Doctor • President of Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan • Student of University of Chicago • There are no record of the last three accolades being proven true.

  7. REIKI ENERGY The story goes like this….

  8. 9 Elements • An oral tradition • Spiritual Lineage • History • Precepts for daily living • Form of Classes • Three degrees or levels; certification required • Money (exchange) • Initiation • Attunements • Symbols • Energy keys • Treatment • Self treatment and then others

  9. ASSIGNMENT • Google a Reiki meditation • Anything less than 15 minutes unless you have the time to do it longer • Write a one or two page essay on your experience in trying this mediation • Include something about the chakras • Cover page and reference page required • We will share in next class

  10. Dr. Lily Mansi • Chiropractor • Essential Oils • Reiki • Samples of oils to smell or use • Reiki treatment for those who want to try • Questions • Contact: https://www.facebook.com/DrLiliMansi

  11. REFERENCES • Quest, P. (2007). The Basics of Reiki. Penguin Group • www.IHReiki.com. (2010) • Picture of Samurai, www.enworld.org. n.d. • Picture of Usui, www.dragonfly.net, n.d.

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