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The Best Games for The Coming of Nintendo Wii U PowerPoint Presentation
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The Best Games for The Coming of Nintendo Wii U

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The Best Games for The Coming of Nintendo Wii U
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The Best Games for The Coming of Nintendo Wii U

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  2. An Introduction To The Coming Wii U Games Nintendo enthusiasts will be receiving a new gaming system from their favorite video game company. The brand new Wii U will be ready to launch by the fall of this year. It is not a secret that Nintendo is introducing many features within this gaming console to replicate the achievements of its earlier units. All of the gamers appear quite thrilled regarding the new Wii U. Hence, we decided to examine the latest game titles for Nintendo Wii U: • Let's start our overview with the discussion about the most popular Nintendo game. You got it right! We are speaking about the FIFA series. The new FIFA game for Wii U is referred to as FIFA 13. With the leading-edge controllers of Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo gamers will enjoy the brand new skills and moves of the game. The touch-screen option will also give enhanced control to the gamer. You'll get the capability to set the direction and weight of the moves and control the pace of your game. You could also execute the offside trap and interact with game officials and other players. This and lots of latest features make FIFA 13 a ‘must have’ for your games selection. Our discussion can't be complete without the overview of the 'Tekken'. The stylish video game will be produced by Namco and it promises to surpass the expectations. The game is expected to include numerous customization options for the very first time. The artificial intelligence engine of the game won't let you utilize approaches for unfair gain. Only good abilities and comprehension of the overall game will help you do well in the brand new edition of the game. Since its start, Assassin’s Creed has amazed game enthusiasts around the world. This particular game provides a detail oriented setup of old time, which makes it interesting for gamers. Improved visual effects along with superior controller of Wii U is likely to make the game even more appealing. The most up-to-date installment also promises more depth in the background stories of the relevant characters and allows game enthusiasts to better understand the game play. Finally, we wish to take a look at a traditional shooter game for Nintendo Wii U. Battlefield is probably one of the extremely popular war time games out there today. Providing excellent details in battle techniques, Battlefield 3 allows players increased freedom to manipulate player. Either blend in your surroundings and take a more cautious approach or head out all guns blasting. The famous developer of this particular game, Electronic Arts, has promised to offer fresh and exciting features in this game. These and other Nintendo Wii U games have raised the curiosity of video game community. With these appealing game titles, the way forward for Wii U looks really bright. To get a free Wii U, you must have a look at Wii U Site.