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News for Nintendo Wii U Games PowerPoint Presentation
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News for Nintendo Wii U Games

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News for Nintendo Wii U Games
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News for Nintendo Wii U Games

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  2. Just What Does Brand-new Wii U Game Titles Offer Nintendo Fanatics? Nintendo is back and back with a bang! The new unit from Nintendo is called Wii U and it will add spice to the rivalry between Nintendo, Play Station and X-Box. Nintendo has revealed a lot of information about its new gaming console. The gaming system will possess a number of high-tech attributes like touch screen gamepad as well as FWGA graphics to boost the gameplay. The games community is desperately looking forward to this fresh treat from Nintendo. Thus, we thought of expressing our opinion about a few of the very best game titles for Nintendo Wii U. Let us begin our overview with the discussion about the best Nintendo game. The game is none other than the EA Sports' FIFA series. The upcoming FIFA game for Wii U is known as FIFA 13. The Wii U controllers are believed to add a whole new dimension to the FIFA gameplay, introducing new variety of competencies and moves to the game enthusiasts. The touch-screen option will increase the excitement of the game. The track as well as weight of the ball may be manipulated in a better way as you will have much more control. You will also take pleasure in overall flexibility to interact with referees as well as other players. These options make FIFA 13 a great video game for Wii U purchasers. Tekken is another game which is well worth referring to in any overview of Wii U game titles. Once again, Namco promises to make this particular game a fun filled treat for arcade games' lovers. The game will include a lot of new features such as the ability to produce custom made combos and attacks, which will help to make it much more exciting. The enhanced ‘Artificial Intelligence Engine’ ensures fair game play and you can no longer knock out opponents with a random kick here and a punch there. Only great skills and perception of the game will help you do well in the new edition of the game. The next Wii U game that will amaze the Nintendo lovers is Assasin's creed. With a wonderful setup of the medieval era combined with a good attention to detail, Assassin’s Creed is among the finest video games of its genre. Avid gamers can get even much more pleasure with the brand new graphics and controllers of Wii U. The new release of the game is expected to have fascinating tales and feature rich gameplay, which will attract a variety of gamers. Finally, we want to take a look at a conventional shooter game for Wii U. Battlefield is probably one of the extremely well-known war time games out there today. This game is expected to include its modern war strategies and better control for players. You can use your own approach and make use of the features of the game to devise your approach in battle field. The famous designer of this particular game, Electronic Arts, has promised to provide new and appealing features in this game. The coming Wii U game titles are the talk of the town. These types of games are set to be accepted with wide open arms. To obtain a free Nintendo Wii U, you should look at Wii U Site.