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  1. Euromoney ConferenceChongqing: Gateway to Western ChinaPresented by Derek WongVice Chairman, Dah Sing Banking Group Ltd.14 June 2011

  2. Agenda • Dah Sing Group • Why Chongqing • Why Bank of Chongqing • Business Cooperation • Conclusion

  3. Company Information • Dah Sing Group provides a full range of banking services and insurance products in Hong Kong, Macau and China. • Dah Sing Bank was founded in 1947. • Dah Sing Financial Holdings Limited and Dah Sing Banking Group Limited are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. • In 2005, DSBG acquired Pacific Finance and Banco Comercial de Macau. • DSB acquired a 17% interest in Bank of Chongqing in 2007, and acquired an additional 3% in 2008. • In 2008, DSB (China), a wholly owned full licensed bank, was established for the businesses in the PRC.

  4. Company Information (Cont’d) • Financial Highlights of Dah Sing Banking Group Limited:For year ended 2010Total Assets: HKD131,839 millionTotal Deposits: HKD102,027 millionAdvances to Customers: HKD 72,749 millionShareholders’ Funds: HKD 13,528 millionProfit Attributable to Shareholders: HKD 1,074 millionCore Tier 1 Capital Adequacy Ratio: 10.2%Capital Adequacy Ratio: 16.3%

  5. Shareholding Structure Mr. David Shou-Yeh Wong (Chairman) and his associates The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Limited General Public 15% 40% 45% 26% Dah Sing Financial Holdings (Stock Code: 0440) 74% Dah Sing Banking Group (Stock Code: 2356)

  6. Group Structure Dah Sing Financial Holdings (Stock Code: 0440) 100% 74% Life assurance and general insurance business in Hong Kong and Macau Dah Sing Banking Group (Stock Code: 2356) 100% 100% 12% Dah Sing Bank (48 branches in HK) MEVAS Bank Great Wall LifePRC 20% 100% 100% Bank of Chongqing PRC (87 branches / sub-branches) Banco Comercial de Macau, S.A. (15 branches) Dah Sing Bank (China) (4 branches + 1 sub-branch in China)

  7. Agenda • Dah Sing Group • Why Chongqing • Why Bank of Chongqing • Business Cooperation • Conclusion

  8. Chongqing • Chongqing is one of the 4 direct municipalities reporting directly to State Council. • Unlike Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, Chongqing is the only direct municipality in western China. • Chongqing is a traditional manufacturing base with strong R&D capabilities. • Population is over 32 million in Chongqing. Over 300 million inneighbour provinces.

  9. Strong Support from the Central Government • 2000: Western Development (西部大开发) • More policy supports after DSB’s investment in 2007: • 2007: 314 Overall Strategy (314总体部署) by General Secretary Hu Jintao (胡锦涛总书记): Accelerate the development of Chongqing to be the important growth pole (西部地区的重要增长极), the economic centre in upper Yangtze river region (长江上游地区的经济中心) and the municipality of coordinated urban and rural reform and development (城乡统筹发展的直辖市) • 2009: State Council No.3 Document – “Several Opinions on Accelerating the Urban and Rural Reform and Development of Chongqing” • 2010: Liangjiang New Area (两江新区) - After Shanghai Pudong New Area and Tianjin Binhai New Area, China’s only inland and third municipal-level new area • 2011: Chengyu Economic Zone (成渝经济区)

  10. Economy “Chongqing is the model city for China’s future.” The New York Times • A business friendly and efficient local government • Rapid economic growth: • More than 154 Fortune 500 companies are in Chongqing now, e.g. GE, BP, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NTT, Oracle, Honeywell, Ford, Cannon, etc. ,

  11. Agenda • Dah Sing Group • Why Chongqing • Why Bank of Chongqing • Business Cooperation • Conclusion

  12. Bank of Chongqing • Bank of Chongqing (BOCQ) was founded by consolidating 37 city credit unions in 1996. • Non-Performing Loans Ratio reached 22.6% in 2003. • With the support of the local government to implement the restructure program (龙虾三吃), the bank issued new shares and sold non-performing loans. NPL% dropped to 5.0% as of the end of 2005. • Over 20 foreign banks were interested in acquiring BOCQ shares as strategic investor in 2006.

  13. The Deal • BOCQ and DSB found common in areas such as business culture, management philosophy, retail banking, etc. • No language barrier. Strong affinity (缘份) does matter. • Both banks signed “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” and “Business Cooperation Agreement” on 4 April 2007. • DSB acquired a 17% interest in BOCQ in April 2007 and additional 3% in Oct 2008.

  14. Agenda • Dah Sing Group • Why Chongqing • Why Bank of Chongqing • Business Cooperation • Conclusion

  15. Business Cooperation • Board Level • DSB nominated 2 representatives as BOCQ directors (one as Vice Chairman and the other as Executive Director) and 1 independent individual as Independent Non-Executive Director. • In addition to the board meetings, DSB representatives have actively participated in different board committees, including Strategy Development Committee, IT Guidance Committee (as committee chairman) and Risk Management Committee. • Staff Secondment • DSB has seconded 3 executives (one is BOCQ’s Executive Director) to BOCQ to strengthen the management capabilities in risk management, retail banking and financial management.

  16. Corporate Governance Development in Recent Years • A. Corporate Governance (Board Level Committees) • Strategy Development Committee (战略发展委员会) • Risk Management Committee (风险管理委员会) • Audit Committee(审计委员会) • Related Party Transactions Committee (关联交易控制委员会) • Remuneration and Nomination Committee (薪酬及提名委员会) • IT Guidance Committee (信息科技指导委员会) • B. Internal Audit • Independency of IA functions • Made recommendations on the reporting line of IA • Proposed a new IA organization structure • C. Risk Management • Established Risk Management Department • Developed Strategic Risk Management Plan • Submitted Risk Appetite and Risk Policy to the Board for approval

  17. Corporate Governance Development in Recent Years • D. IT Governance • Recommended IT Advisor and Chief Information Officer to BOCQ. • Conducted IT Gap Analysis, IT Vision and IT Policies and Procedures • Kicked off 12th Five-Year IT Development Plan

  18. Business Support and Cooperation • Credit Card • BOCQ is the first city commercial bank in western China issuing credit card • 2. Financial Planner Training • Worked with Hong Kong Institute of Bankers to train 100 BOCQ front line staff to be qualified Certified Financial Management Planner • 3. Overseas Training • Supported overseas training for BOCQ directors, supervisors, senior/middle management

  19. Financial Figures BOCQ Business Growth in Recent Years: Before DSB Investment After DSB Investment

  20. Key Indicators BOCQ Key Indicators in Recent Years: Before DSB Investment After DSB Investment

  21. Agenda • Dah Sing Group • Why Chongqing • Why Bank of Chongqing • Business Cooperation • Conclusion

  22. Conclusion • Given the financial performance, BOCQ is now among The Banker Top 1000 World Banks. (2010 Overall Ranking: 690) • To DSB, the BOCQ investment is a very positive and good experience. • While participating in the board of BOCQ, DSB can learn how to compete and operate a retail and commercial banking business in China, which will benefit the development of DSB (China). • Through BOCQ investment, DSB can contribute to the development of city commercial banks in China.

  23. Thank You