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Extensive reading

Extensive reading. Revision. 1 一篇 800 字的文章 _______________________ 2 一个热爱和平的国家 ____________________ 3 一个新建的网站 ___________________ 4 一份全职的工作 _________________. an 800-word composition. a peace-loving country. a newly-built website. a full-time job. Pre-reading.

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Extensive reading

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  1. Extensive reading

  2. Revision 1 一篇800字的文章 _______________________ 2 一个热爱和平的国家 ____________________ 3 一个新建的网站 ___________________ 4 一份全职的工作 _________________ an 800-word composition a peace-loving country a newly-built website a full-time job

  3. Pre-reading Journey to the solar system Pulled into a Black Hole

  4. Surviving an air crash

  5. Would you like to take a journey deep into the sea? Why?

  6. Undersea trip

  7. Joining in car racing Skiing on the most difficult mountain

  8. Meeting face to face with a dinosaur

  9. Futuroscope provides an educational adventure for the whole family. This hi-tech park offers breathtaking imagery and incredible architecture. Try out the many spectacular 3D films and exciting rides , which uses the very latest technology to take you on a journey deep into the ocean. Everyone will love it with its video games and virtual worlds.

  10. What can you do in Futuroscope?

  11. Reading Task 1:Main topic of each paragraph. Para 1. What I did at Futuroscope. Para 2. A general description of the park. Para 3. General information about how to visit the park.

  12. Task 2:Read the text and do the exercises. Tick the experiences visitors can have at Futuroscope. A. Taking a journey deep into space, to the end of the solar system, and be pulled into a Black Hole.

  13. B. Taking a trip to Brazil to experience surviving an airplane crash in the jungle. C. Going with the divers to the bottom of the ocean and seeing mysterious, blind creatures that have never seen the sunlight. D. Car racing or skiing on some of the most difficult mountains in the world.

  14. E. Meeting face to face with a dinosaur. F. Living on the other planets. Answers:_____________ A B C D E

  15. True or False questions 1. Futuroscope is a theme park that uses the most advanced technology to take people out of the earth and the present time. ( ) 2. Futuroscope is a theme park that provides only fun and excitement for people. ( ) F F

  16. 3. Future theme parks allow people to see and do things without danger but with much money. ( ) 4. Futuroscope can provide people with up-to-date information and lot of fun and excitement. ( ) 5. Future theme parks are places for fun and excitement but not for learning. ( ) F T F

  17. 6. Most of us will go to the bottom of the ocean, flying through the jungle or visiting the edges of the solar system. ( ) F

  18. The trip of Futuroscope meet a dinosaur solar system Brazil car racing and ski down the mountains the bottom of the ocean

  19. Explanation 1. experience: Tell me what you’ve experienced there. Getting caught in the flood was an experience. (v&n) to suffer or feel 经历 (n.) knowledge of skills from practice 经验 have experience in sth./doing sth. have much/ a lot of experience learn from experience

  20. experienced (adj.) 有经验的 be/ get/become experienced at/in… He is much experienced in teaching.

  21. 2.Last week I took a journey deep into space , …上周我去太空旅行,…… journey可作名词,意为“旅行;行走;行使”, take a journey为固定搭配, 与其同意的词有voyage, travel , trip.

  22. 例如: 长途旅行时你晕船吗? Do you become seasick during the long voyage ! 去上海旅行会花很多钱。 A trip to Shanghai will cost much . 你想到德国旅行吗? Do you want a travel to Germany ! 祝你一路顺风! I wish you a good journey !

  23. Then I took a trip to Brazil and experienced surviving an airplane crash in the jungle . 然后我到巴西旅行,并感受了坠机后在丛林逃生的滋味。 take a trip 进行旅行, 还可以表达为have a trip , make a trip , go on a trip.

  24. 3. survive vt. 幸免于,从......中生还;vi. 幸存。 例如: 在发生车祸的四个人中,只有一个人幸存。 Of the four people in the car accident , only onesurvived . 经历那场战争后能幸存下来他感到幸运。 He felt lucky to have survived the war .

  25. 4.Its 3-D cnema and giant movie screens provide brand new experiences of the earthand beyond . 它的立体电影以及那巨大的电影屏幕能为(人们)提供在敌情上以及超越恶劣地球的全新体验.

  26. . provide v. 提供.例如: 他还说服其他人提供钱或给予帮助 He also persuaded other people to provide money or to give help . 拓展: provide sth for sb / provide sb with sth 为某人提供某物; supply sb with sth / supplysth to/for sb 为某人提供某物; offer sb sth / offer sth to sb 向某人提供某物; provided that... 假如,在......条件下.

  27. 例如: 你的商店能为二十个露营的人提供帐篷么? Can your shop provide tents for 20 campers ? 倘若无人反对,我将担任本班代表。 Provided thatthere is no opposition, I will act as the representative of our class. 他们给他提供钱和衣服。 They provided him with money and clothes .

  28. 5. up-to-date: This factory uses the most up-to-date methods to make machines. out of date 过时的, 废弃的 up to the minute 最现代的, 最时新的 date from / back to… 追溯到; 开始于 It was a modern factory-everything was really up to date. (adj.) modern 新近的, 现代的, 新式的

  29. Your out-of-date methods should be given up at once. hands-on The computer course includes plenty of hands-on training. hand on 传递 hand in /out 交上, 交付 / 分发, 施舍 hand over 移交 (adj.)注重实践的

  30. 6. come to life come to a conclusion 作出结论 come to (an) end 结束 come to the point 谈正题 come的几个常见的短语 come to oneself 恢复.苏醒 come to light真相大白 come to 共计,总共 The total population of China comes to 13 billion come across 偶然遇见 come out 出来,出版。 7. in advance In advance of … 在…的前面 advanced 先进的 活跃起来, 苏醒过来 提前,在前面

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