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Agenda *Vocabulary Quiz *Testimony chart PowerPoint Presentation
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Agenda *Vocabulary Quiz *Testimony chart

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Agenda *Vocabulary Quiz *Testimony chart - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Agenda *Vocabulary Quiz *Testimony chart. Heck Tate—First Witness Town Sheriff . Heck was called to the scene by Bob Ewell the evening of 11.21 in response to a report of rape. Heck found Mayella lying on the floor in the middle of the front room, beaten around the head.

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Agenda *Vocabulary Quiz *Testimony chart

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Presentation Transcript
heck tate first witness town sheriff
Heck Tate—First WitnessTown Sheriff
  • Heck was called to the scene by Bob Ewell the evening of 11.21 in response to a report of rape.
  • Heck found Mayella lying on the floor in the middle of the front room, beaten around the head.
  • Heck helped her up, she washed, and she said she was okay. No doctor was called.
  • Mayella told Heck Tom Robinson had beaten her and taken advantage of her.
  • Mayella’s right eye was blackened, and there were finger marks all of the way around her neck.
bob ewell second witness father of mayella the victim
Bob Ewell—Second WitnessFather of Mayella, the victim
  • Just before sundown, Bob heard Mayella screaming and he ran to the house.
  • He looked through the window and saw Mayella being raped.
  • He indicated he had a clear view of the room, and that the room was disordered, like there had been a fight.
  • He ran to the front door in time to see Tom Robinson run out and away.
  • He did not send for a doctor. Rather, he sent for Heck Tate.
  • He agreed with Heck Tate’s description of Mayella’s injuries.
  • Bob is left handed.
mayella ewell third witness the victim
MayellaEwell—Third WitnessThe Victim
  • Mayella was on the porch at dusk, and she asked Tom to come into the yard to bread an old wardrobe into firewood. Said she’d never asked Tom for help before.
  • She went inside to get a nickel to pay him, and when she turned around he was there.
  • She stated Tom got her around the neck, she fought, but he hit her repeatedly.
  • He threw her on the floor and took advantage of her.
  • She screamed and kick, and the next thing she knew her father was there. She fainted, and then Heck was there to help her up.
  • We learn that she is the oldest of 8 children. Her mother died. She now looks after the household. Her father is a drunkard, the children rarely have enough food, and Mayella hasn’t any friends.
  • She changes her story about how Tom hit her. First she can’t remember, then she can.
tom robinson fourth witness the accused
Tom Robinson—Fourth WitnessThe Accused
  • Tom is 25, married, with three children. He works year round for Link Deas.
  • He once received 30 days in prison for disorderly conduct.
  • He said he was well acquainted with Mayella. He passed her house daily.
  • He stated he’d been on the Ewell property lots of times to help out. He felt sorry for her.
  • On 11.21 Mayella asked him to come into the house to fix a broken hinge. When Tom inspected it, the door seemed fine.
  • The house was too quiet. Mayella told him she’d saved for a year to send all of the children to town for ice cream.
  • Mayella asked Tom to get a box down off a chiffarobe for her. Then, she hugged him around the waist.
  • Startled, Tom jumped down and knocked over the chair. Mayella jumped on him, and kissed the side of his face. He asked her to let him go repeatedly.
  • Bob Ewell appeared at the window during the encounter. He screamed at Mayella and threatened to kill her.
  • Tom ran because he was afraid.