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Samagra Vikas

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Samagra Vikas
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Samagra Vikas

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  1. Samagra Vikas Focus area: Education

  2. Why education?(Contd) • In India there are more than 110 crore people but only one third of them are able to read. • According to the education department, 96% of India's children enroll in primary school, but about 40% drop out by the age of 10. • Just over a third of high school students graduate.

  3. Indian Education Census Data 2011

  4. More Facts • Over 35% Indians are Illiterate; • Over 50% Indian women are Illiterate; • Currently 40% of the populace is below the age of 18; • By 2015, 55% will be under 20; • India spends just 3.5% of its GDP for education, way below China’s 8%. • There are about one million schools, most being state-run and sub-standard; • Government schools have very poor infrastructure – even in cities and large Metros.

  5. Karnataka status Within Karnataka, the highest number of drop-outs are in:

  6. Karnataka status(CONTD…) According to the census, 60% of the children who drop out are in the following 10 districts: • Bidar • Bagalkot • Bangalore • Bellary • Bijapur • Gulbarga • Koppal • Raichur • Yadgir • South and Uttara Kannada Yadgir has the highest number of children dropping out (13,258), ahead of Gulbarga (8,733) and Raichur (7,560)

  7. Root Causes • Financial Constraints • Lack of qualified people in their Education System • Insensitive school staff • Difficulties faced by students to pursue higher education • Corruption • Lack of Moral , Ethical Education & Proper Guidance

  8. Proposed Initiatives • Teach Basics of Internetand usage of search engine • Teach Basics of Spoken English & Englishcommunication • Conduct workshops on Social Behaviour and Personality Development • Conduct Career Guidanceworkshops for PU students • Provide Moral & Ethical Education to the youth in schools and colleges. • To conduct Yogabhyas Classes • To provide Environmental Awarenessprograms • To take up Technical/Vocational classes for PU students

  9. Other Potential activities • Organize events to educate “HOW TO USE INTERNET” at Taluk level and Rural areas targeting children, women, farmers, lawyers, doctors, general public and any others. • Organize Workshops, tuitions, seminars etc… • Organize Employment related workshops, counselling, training, coaching etc.

  10. Other Potential activities(CONTD…) • Organise awareness camps about the government facilities available, current development projects and give out information such as whom to meet to obtain these facilities and benefits. • Hold information sessions on government welfare schemes on weekends in the city corporate wards and villages as well

  11. Other Potential activities(CONTD…) • Arrange meetings to increase the awareness of school children regarding: • global warming, environmental protection, organic farming; • computer technology and its impact on society; • ‘How to be successful in life’, ‘How technology has changed the human life is general’, 'What will future technologies look like and will they have any impact on them’.

  12. Why education? • No country can survive if its young lose hope about their future. • According to a study on India's manufacturing exports by McKinsey and the Confederation of Indian Industry, the nation will need 1.5 million trained technicians every year for the next decade -- twice the number it currently produces-- to be able to boost its manufactured exports from $40 billion a year to 300 billion, the amount exported by China.

  13. Other Potential activities(CONTD…) • Organise awareness/educative programs like, environmental pollution levels in lakes of the city (use technology to monitor pollutants entry on a regular basis and update); • Organise better power consumption methods for the apartment dwellers in the city(better use of technology) and awareness sessions on abuse of power and use of alternate energy sources.

  14. Other Potential activities(CONTD…) • Organise blood donation, eye camps and book donation camps in needy schools colleges in rural as well as urban areas. • Organise a link between the corporate helping hands and the orphanages of “Nele” so that orphanages get the benefits. • Organise seminars at ward level involving local public about their problems and their resolutions inviting experts to the locality.

  15. Other Potential activities(CONTD…) • Monitor & create awareness on the amount of pollution present the various slums of the city, using technology. Slum dwellers have no idea or awareness about POLLUTION how it affects their health and that of their children. • Coordinate with the meteorological department and obtain information on a daily basis about pollution levels the pollutants & waste management. Organize awareness campaigns and educate the slum dwellers on the subjects related their problems to make their lives better. • Organize campaigns like ; Save lakes, Save forests.

  16. 1.Organise Public debate on “Communal bill” 2.Organise public debate on “How democratic is Jan Lokpal Bill?” 3.Organise voter id registration camps for those who have come to Bangalore from outside and also for local people. 4.Organise sessions for Registering to Graduate constituencies. SamagraVikasa Trust ( R )

  17. 1:Organise Seminars on “improvements needed in political/administrative/judicial systems of the country” 2.Organise Feedback camps on Government performance and record provide feedback, so that government can work effectively and efficiently 3.promote events which encourage problem solving approach by the citizens, instead of complaining. SamagraVikasa Trust ( R )