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Mott Community College Workforce & Career Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Mott Community College Workforce & Career Development

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Mott Community College Workforce & Career Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mott Community College Workforce & Career Development. A Model for Funding Robust Best Practice Workforce Programming. Council for Resource Development November 7-12, 2011. PRESENTERS. Robert Matthews Executive Dean of Workforce & Career Development Judith Cawhorn

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Mott Community College Workforce & Career Development

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    1. Mott Community CollegeWorkforce & Career Development A Model for Funding Robust Best Practice Workforce Programming Council for Resource Development November 7-12, 2011

    2. PRESENTERS Robert Matthews Executive Dean of Workforce & Career Development Judith Cawhorn Executive Director of Grant Development Mott Community College Flint, Michigan

    3. Learning Objectives • Understand how various grant funds were used to create the Workforce Education Center at Mott Community College • Develop an understanding of the development process that is needed to engage internal and external stakeholders prior to grant proposal submissions. • Strategize creative ways in which funds can be combined to maximize their effectiveness in sustaining programs.

    4. Mott Community College Profile MCC is Genesee County’s largest single source of higher education, providing educational and job training opportunities to one out of every two households in the community. In 1970 we had nearly 200K residents in the city and 80K GM jobs compared to 110K in the city and 6K GM jobs currently

    5. Mott Community College Offerings • Serve approximately 18,000 students • Credit and non-credit programs • 57 Associate Degree programs • 38 Certificate programs • 9 Alternative training programs • Customized training programs • Career-pathway certificate courses • Serve Genesee, Livingston and Shiawassee County residences

    6. Mott Community CollegeWorkforce Development Sites • Great Lakes Baptist CTC • Disability Network CTC • Hispanic CTC • Owosso Service Center • Student Employment Center Mott Community College

    7. MCC Workforce Programs & Services • Adult Worker Programs • Youth Programs • Academic and Non-Academic Supportive Services • Community Outreach & Technology Centers • Adult Career Pathways • Employer Outreach & Job Placement • Smart Teachers as Role Models (STAR)

    8. Mott Community College Workforce Education Center Located near the heart of downtown Flint • Centralizes all of the college’s workforce development initiatives into one facility • Creates a seamless provision of services as well as operational efficiency • College-based Workforce Education Center • participants receive a wide-range of support services, in addition to the essential skills and job training provided with Federal, State & Local $$$

    9. Engaging Stakeholders • Local Workforce Investment Board • Employers • Local Foundations • Unions • Community & Faith Based Organizations • Other Colleges • K-12 School Districts • Internal Departments

    10. Adult Worker Programs • Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Programs • Adult Worker • Dislocated Worker • Incumbent Worker • Jobs Education & Training (JET) • Vocational Education Training • Subsidized Employment • Earn & Learn • Pathways Out of Poverty • State Energy Sector Partnership • Community Based Jobs Training Program • Smart Teachers As Role Models (STAR)

    11. Youth Programs • WIA Younger & Older Youth • Teens Creating Economic Opportunities (CEO) • Summer Youth Initiative (SYI) • Jobs for American Graduates (JAG) • Youthbuild (YB)

    12. Academic and Non-Academic Supportive Services Provided • Pre-College “Bridging” (ABE, GED, alternate Developmental Ed, Career Counseling) • Academic Support (tuition, books, materials, specialized tutoring) • Case Management / Coaching (examples: attendance monitoring, mentoring, tutoring, peer support groups, financial planning) • College Navigation (information/ counseling, financial aid, registration, act as student advocate) • Non-Academic Supports (transportation, childcare, food and clothing, housing and utilities, health, domestic violence) • Employment Navigation (networking, career advising, job placement/ job leads along education pathway, information and counseling)

    13. Community Outreach & Engagement • Genesee County Tax Coalition • College Positive Communities • Michigan Service Scholars • Michigan College Advising Corps with Flint Community Schools • Americorps College Coaching Corps • Community Technology Centers (CTCs) are: • A partnership with community and faith-based non-profit organizations. • Equipped with state-of-the-art computer technology and internet access. • An access point for community residents to learn and use computer software and programs. • An attempt to bridge the “digital divide” between computer technology and underserved communities. • An access to educational opportunities.

    14. Breaking Through Initiative

    15. MCC’s Career Pathways System 2 3 1

    16. Operation Fast Break (OFB) Workplace Literacy/GED Preparation Michigan National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) Career Resources Lab Career Readiness Skills Lab Basic Skills Advancement Training

    17. Workforce Development Certificate Programs Accelerated Welding Certificate Transportation, Distribution & Logistics (TDL) Commercial Driver License (CDL) Energy Conservation Apprenticeship Readiness (ECAR) Road Construction Apprenticeship Readiness (RCAR) Green Construction Trades (GCON) Certificate Robotics Certificate Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Pharmacy Technician Medical Administrative Specialist Program Medical Assistant BRIDGE Program: CNA to Home Health Aide (HHA) Home Health Aide (HHA) Computer Repair/A+ Certification Bridging Non-credit to Credit Learning

    18. 2011 – 2012 Enrollments in Credit Programs by Career Pathway

    19. Screening for Eligibility-ExamplesPerformed by Intake Staff • No Worker Left Behind (NWLB) • Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) • Workforce Investment Act (WIA) • Adult Workers • Incumbent Workers • Dislocated Workers • Youth / Older Youth • Federal Financial Aid & Loans • Pell (Requires FAFSA)

    20. Comprehensive Intake Profiles(Examples of Qualifying Students for Multiple Funding Streams)

    21. Background Single parent of 2 daughters Lived with elderly parents Unemployed due to shop closing Work experience in family owned business for 10 years Earnings $10/hr HS Diploma and some college No career focus Training Oct 2007 HPMF enrollment Jan 2008 Began Dental Assistant classes Pell Grant Supportive Services for childcare Attended Empowerment Sessions Sept 2009 Started Clinical Training Graduation May 2010 received Associate Science degree Dental Assistant Certification Employment Full time as Dental Assistant earning $17/hr with benefits Student Profile & Supportive Services for Tanya in total of $3,416.04

    22. Healthcare SectorPartnerships • Flint Healthcare Employment Opportunities (FHEO) • Healthcare Professionals for Michigan’s Future (HPMF) – Regional Skills Alliance • Courses To Employment (CTE) • Mid Michigan Path for Training in Health Care (M-PATH)

    23. Flint Healthcare Career Pathways Project Highlights • Student Activity • 55.9% still active • 75% have reached milestones • 30 students earned 15 credits • 29 students earned 30 credits • 18 students waiting to enter clinicaltraining • 18 students in clinical healthcare training • Graduates • Median of 14 months to finish training • 76.5% are in healthcare related positions • $13.00 per hour median income • 48 students worked while in training • 56.3% of the 48 received a promotion, salary increase or changed jobs • Increased median wage from $12.50 to $13.54 while in training

    24. Graduates

    25. On the Job Training New Hire Wage Subsidies Customized Training Incumbent Worker Training Background Checks Matching of Employers Needs with Applicants Abilities Fidelity Bonding Free Drug Screening Employer Outreach/services

    26. Placements

    27. Funding is typically restricted by at least one of the following… • Client characteristics (youth, adult, formerly incarcerated, public assistance receipt) • Geography (political jurisdiction, special neighborhood focus) • Allowable uses (for ABE, for job training, for support services various) • Time period in which it must be spent • Number of people who must be served with funds

    28. Local, State & National Initiatives • Breaking Through Initiative • Courses to Employment • No Worker Left Behind • No Worker Left Behind Adult Learning Demonstration • M-PATH

    29. Recent Features M-Path report must be requested from Prima Civitas Foundation

    30. White House Highlights Dr. Dick Shaink and Mott Community College as “Champions of Change” Mott Community College has been successful at fostering success for graduates in the labor market, even in the economically challenged area of Flint, Michigan. Dr. Shaink and Mott Community College are being recognized by the White House for their emphasis on creating career pathways, and their creation of linkages between workforce training programs and credit bearing classes leading to a portable credential or degree.

    31. Contact Information For additional information, please feel free to contact: Robert Matthews Executive Dean, Workforce & Career Development Mott Community College Workforce Education Center 709 North Saginaw Street Flint, MI 48503 810-232-2511