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Overview of System Center Essentials 2010

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Overview of System Center Essentials 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview of System Center Essentials 2010. Stephane Consalvi Server & Tools Business Group Microsoft North Africa, East Med & Pakistan. IT Pressures of midsized businesses. “E-mail is critical for my company, server downtime is bad for business”.

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overview of system center essentials 2010

Overview of System Center Essentials 2010

Stephane Consalvi

Server & Tools Business Group

Microsoft North Africa, East Med & Pakistan

it pressures of midsized businesses
IT Pressures of midsized businesses

“E-mail is critical for my company, server downtime is bad for business”

“Software installation for desktops should be quick and easy –it’s not!”

“Keeping OS and applications updated with the latest patches is time-consuming”

“End-user troubleshooting is manual for us –telephone, e-mail, and remote desktop in Windows XP”

“Our hardware and software inventory is in spreadsheets. It’s hard to pull it all together”

server management suite deliver cost effective agile datacenter services with integrated management
Server Management SuiteDeliver Cost Effective & Agile Datacenter Services with Integrated Management

Simplify with integrated physical, virtual and cloud management

Improve agility by enabling on-premises cloud computing infrastructure

Optimize service delivery across datacenter infrastructure and business critical services

Lower costs through automation

Data Protection & Recovery

Configure & Deploy

IT Service Management

Monitor & Manage Service End to End

Virtualize, Deploy & Manage

IT Process Automation

system center essentials
System Center Essentials

Unified solution for midsize businesses

A unified solution with a single console for managing your physical and virtual servers, desktops, hardware, software, and IT services



Monitoring, troubleshooting and asset tracking to keep your IT environment secure and up-to-date

Proactive Management

Simple execution of complex management tasks like troubleshooting end user issues, monitoring, creating and managing virtual servers, software deployment



system center family of products
System Center Family of Products

IT Specialist

Do It Yourselfer (DIY)*

IT Generalist

User info

Manages server as secondary responsibility

1-2 full time IT Generalists

Manages server as primary but shared responsibility

5-10 full time IT Generalists with some area of focus

Specialists per workload

Home Users

MS Segment


Small Business

Mid Market

Upper Midmarket

Lower Midmarket

Core Midmarket







# of PCs


System Center Products

Workgroup Edition


Unified management experience

  • Virtualization creation & management
  • Simple setup
  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • Update management
  • Software and hardware inventory
  • Software deployment
  • Integrated reporting

Integrated management designed for medium sized companies with up to 50 servers and 500 Clients

key investments for essentials 2010
Key Investments for Essentials 2010
  • Auto-Manage Updates & Deadline
  • Software Distribution Targeting
  • Management Pack Importer for Monitoring
  • Integrated Virtualization Management
  • Dynamic Computer Grouping
  • Server limit increased to 50
  • Quick provisioning of new virtual machines
  • Easy machine conversions from physical-to-virtual
  • Intelligent placement of virtual workloads



Proactive Management



unified console
Unified Console
  • Single view of the IT environment
    • Overviews w/ summaries and health
    • Integrated virtualization that’s simple to use
    • Easy to find workspaces w/ pertinent data
    • In-line tasks, reporting and help
  • New in 2010
    • Overview pages w/ contextual click-thru
    • Streamlined group creation for common attributes
    • Notification Banners for new MP’s
    • Streamlined management tasks
    • Custom views w/ search support
inventory reports
Inventory & Reports
  • Keep track of hardware and software assets
    • 60+ HW & SW inventory attributes
    • HW – WMI properties
    • SW – Add/Remove Programs
    • Inventory is preset and reported every 22 hours
    • Inventoried only if a change in is detected
    • Designed from signed inventory rules CAB file
  • Visibility thru ready-to-use reports
    • Daily Health Report providing quick status
    • 180 reports out of the box
    • New reports available w/ each imported MP
    • Common reports available from each overview page
  • New in 2010
    • Virtualization Candidates
    • Host Virtual Machine Utilization
    • Security & Critical Update Compliance Report
console highlights
Console Highlights
















virtual machine management
Virtual Machine Management
  • Maximize your resources
    • Virtualization management completely incorporated
    • Reduced learning curve with workspace integration
    • Comprehensive monitoring of total physical and virtual server environments (OS, apps and services)
    • Rapid provisioning of new hosts and virtual machines
    • Fast and reliable P2V and V2V conversion
  • Flexibility for your environment
    • Win 2008 Server & Hyper-V for new 64-bit
    • Win 2003 Server & Virtual Server for existing 32-bit
    • Virtualization as a setup component
    • Import of existing virtual servers, including VMWare
virtual machine management1
Virtual Machine Management
  • 2010 Virtualization Features
    • Host Configuration
    • Virtual Machine Creation
    • Copy VM from another server (P2V or V2V)
    • Snapshots of VM’s for quick backups
    • Intelligent Placement
  • Simplicity from the start
    • Pre-configured virtual machine templates
    • Short task based wizards
    • Automated network configuration
    • Enterprise-class functionality for midsized businesses
physical to virtual conversion
Physical-to-Virtual Conversion
  • Intuitive and easy to use
    • Core feature of Essentials, no additional infrastructure or costs per conversion
    • 5 step wizard based experience
    • Automatically retrieves source configuration
    • Configurable storage, memory, CPU, etc.
    • Preserves network settings and MAC addresses
    • Optional source shutdown
  • Intelligent Placement to identify hosts
    • Automatically determines best host for a VM
    • Uses VM properties and host configuration
    • Factors in Memory, Disk size, Network, CPU
    • Recommendations for easy decision
virtualization intelligent placement
Virtualization Intelligent Placement

Host Performance

and Configuration

Physical Disk

and Memory Requirements

Result of

Disk Capacity and Memory Check

Disk Capacity and

Memory Check



Existing Load


CPU, Network,

and Disk Load


Host + VM Load

Capacity Planning



Hosts grouped into:




essentials monitoring
Essentials Monitoring
  • Monitor your IT environment end-to-end
    • Rich knowledge out of the box to help diagnose & fix alerts
    • Simple in-line tasks to click and “fix it now.”
    • Remote control support for managed clients & servers
    • Ability to customize monitoring
    • Network devices with SNMPv1 or v2
    • Notification of problems via email, pager, or SMS
  • 2010 Investments
    • Monitoring import & maintenance via the web
    • Inline Notification Creation
    • Service Level Wizards & Reports
essentials monitoring1
Essentials Monitoring
  • Management Packs
    • Essentials uses same MP’s as Operations Manager
    • Refined for midsized environments to cut noise
    • Add custom monitoring from partners & vendors
    • Microsoft MP’s available for download
    • http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sce/cc462787.aspx
  • Remote Troubleshooting
    • Detailed information on user’s PC configuration
    • Perform remote tasks right from the console
    • Ping, List Processes, IPConfig, etc.
software deployment
Software Deployment
  • Quickly Administer & Distribute Software
    • Deploy software applications for clients & servers
    • Simple 5-step application install wizard
    • Support for MSI and EXE applications
    • Parameters defaulted requiring minimal knowledge to deploy software
    • Deployment status reporting
    • Install now support
    • Easily uninstall applications deployed
  • New in 2010
    • Support for common targeting filters
    • Modify properties of existing packages
    • Localized title/description during package creation
update management
Update Management
  • Easily Configure & Track IT Updates
    • Update management for Microsoft and 3rd parties
    • Multi-member group support for flexible targeting
    • Compliance & status reports across the IT environment
    • “Big Red Button” for installation of pressing updates
    • Built upon WSUS technology
  • New in 2010
    • Auto-manage the software updates needed
    • Auto-approval deadlines- “Set and Forget”
    • Ability to sync with MU multiple times daily
    • Simple view for ‘Needed updates’
installing essentials
Installing Essentials
  • Get up and running quickly!
    • Abstracts the complex process of installing
    • Simple 10-screen setup
    • Interactive prerequisite checker to analyze readiness
    • Contextual help, ToolTips and Validation
    • Installation 64-bit and 32-bit server hardware
    • Flexible SQL Server configurations (remote vs. local)
  • New in 2010
    • Automated Prerequisite Remediation
    • Modular Setup of Components
    • Dynamic updates at install time
    • Core Management Packs Only
    • Migration to Essentials 2010 for VMM WG & Essentials 2007
configuring essentials
Configuring Essentials
  • Simple to configure, guided step-by-step
    • Wizard-driven experience for initial configuration
    • Product configuration
    • Computer and Device Discovery
    • Update Management configuration
  • New in 2010
    • Improved out-of-the-box experience
    • Extended criteria for Scheduled Discovery
    • Policy conflict detection
    • Monitoring Configuration Wizard
    • Recommends monitoring experience
    • Automatically imports and updates mp’s`
system center essentials resources
System Center Essentials Resources

Microsoft System Center Essentials

Homepage: http://www.microsoft.com/sce

Tech Center (for documentation and downloads): http://technet.microsoft.com/sce/default.aspx

Microsoft Virtualization Homepagehttp://www.microsoft.com/virtualization

Microsoft System Center Homepagehttp://www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/

Self Help Resources

TechNet http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sce/selfhelp.mspx

MyITForum: http://myitforum.com/cs2/blogs/gzierdt/default.aspx

Product Blog: http://blogs.technet.com/systemcenteressentials

pricing and licensing for sce 2007
Pricing And Licensing for SCE 2007
  • Retail and Volume Licensing (Open, Select, EA)
    • Base Server: $2000 (ERP), supports 10 Servers/50 Desktops
      • Optional Base Server with SQL Server for $2929
    • Additional Server Management Licenses: [Up to 30 servers]
      • 1 or 5 servers at $100 per server (ERP)
    • Additional Client Management Licenses: [Up to 500 desktops]
      • 5 or 20 clients at $20 per client (ERP)